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  1. Dang Steve, I didn't even see the birthday list bud. Sorry it's late but happy birthday. 

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    2. nugget108


      Yep in the backyard. Hopefully when it cools down we can do a trip with the detectors. Meet up in Winnemucca. 

    3. spa in nv

      spa in nv

      Sounds great!! September/October is usually prime weather out there. 

    4. nugget108
  2. Hey steve where you headed?

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    2. nugget108


      Ok bud let me know. Yeah usually I dont dig reverse signals but I was curious to see what it was down that deep. Glad I kept going. I want to go hit jungo soon before it gets too hot down there.

    3. spa in nv

      spa in nv

      Honestly, I don't know what a reverse signal sounds like.:idunno:

      I've tried to hear the different signals but they all sound the same to me......right now anyway. 

      I will definitely let you know if we go. 

    4. nugget108


      You will get it figured out. Take a Nugget and listen to it then take a half inch bolt and compare the two. The gold (up to a certain size) will give you a high low sound. Weee Oooo. The bolt will give you a low high sound. Oooo Weee. Now if you have a big solid gold nuggets which I haven't found yet haha, it will give a low high sound. But I try to dig everything, never know.

  3. Beautiful stuff Bill,........envious in frozen NNV.
  4. Thanks for the neat story Jim, and thanks for the encouragement. Take care sir, Steve
  5. Hey Jim, How did you do drywashing around six mile canyon? Just curious. You wouldn't recognize it around here because it has grown so much. Just in the twenty years I have been up here it has changed dramatically. Seems like everyone you meet is from some part of California. Thanks for the book info, I will look into getting a copy. Everything I read seems advanced to me right now. There is just so much to learn. Chris' book was tough at times and one I will be referencing often. I have been able to recognize some rock types in the field and have been doing a lot of exploring and researching.
  6. Thanks Jim, I will look for Willies book. I am ready for another read, I just finished Chris Ralphs book "Fists full of Gold". I know you have written some books, Do you have a website or some way to look over the books you have written? I need some more books cuz winter is back here Northern NV. A couple plus feet of new snow in the mountains and more coming. No beepin around here in the near future. Thanks again, you SoCal guys have been very helpful and generous with the info. I grew up in SoCal and when the company I was working for was going to relocate to Carson City, I jumped at the opp
  7. Thanks Jim Straight and micro nugget for the info. Sorry to hear about your mom, Jim. It looks as though my friends wife,Linda, had a blood clot work its way to her brain and caused a stroke, and not a more serious anurism. I think she is getting out of the hospital tomorrow. I will hopefully get down there soon, thinking maybe April. Save some nuggets for me. :grin: Thanks again, Steve
  8. Hey all I really appreciate all the great info, unfortunately it looks like my plans have changed. The wife of one of my friends I was going to meet down there is in the hospital. It appears she has suffered a brain annurism. She is doing ok but our trip has been postponed. The main reason I was going down that way was to visit some old buddies, the prospecting was just a side note. Hopefully we will try again soon. Thanks again, Steve
  9. Hey takos, Let me know how you do around the mines. I will be down there Friday the 18th. Camping South of Randsburg off of Twenty mule team pkwy on the east side of Hwy 395. pm me if you want to hunt.
  10. Thanks bcache, Yes, the back is doing much better. Thanks for asking. Can't do too much lifting but can do some nuggetshooting. I've been out a few times since I broke it and I'm good for a few hours anyway. Still looking for that first nugget. I will check out the Goler gulch area and possibly find the old camp. Thanks for the info. Also heard the El Paso range is good hunting as well, You know anything about that area? I'm looking to go to the spring fling in March, maybe see ya there? Steve
  11. Heading down to Randsburg area over the Presidents Day weekend to camp and meet up with friends from LA. While they are motorcyle riding I thought I would try my luck at a little nuggetshooting. Done some research and I know there is good placers in the area, but don't know any specifics. Any info would be helpful and also if anyone is going to be around there over the holiday, I would love to meet up and hunt. Thanks, Steve
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