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  1. Nice going!! Oh what a feeling.?? Congrats!!!
  2. Amazing find there Andy !! Congrats !!
  3. Dang Steve, I didn't even see the birthday list bud. Sorry it's late but happy birthday. 

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    2. nugget108


      Yep in the backyard. Hopefully when it cools down we can do a trip with the detectors. Meet up in Winnemucca. 

    3. spa in nv

      spa in nv

      Sounds great!! September/October is usually prime weather out there. 

    4. nugget108
  4. No issues on cell phone. Verizon.
  5. Nice! Love the the night photo. Might want to give Mulder and Scully a call about the rock.?
  6. Surf's up for those bad boys. Nice going!
  7. I consider it a privilege to help. America may be one of the richest countries in the world but we are also the most giving. I'll offer my prayers for mom and child as well Ron. God bless you both! Steve
  8. I think it looks great before and after. I'd be stoked. Key words, "your wife likes it". Looks like the same piece to me. No expert though. Steve
  9. You're right Dan, definitely smooths it out. Thanks Yeah, I remember reading that in the manual. Thanks for the reminder. I tried the 6x10 mono on my gold and could definitely hear it. Had it on sensitive and deep. So I thought I would try the 11" mono again with those settings and I could hear the smaller gold,... really faint though. Thanks for all the tips Mike. That's good to know Rod. I'll stay away from the NF's. Thanks, Steve
  10. Ok. I have another smaller mono coil I will try. Thanks again!! Steve
  11. Yeah I put the stock 11" DD on it and what a difference. I could barely hear the nugget I described yesterday and could hear some smaller solid nugs too. Then I switched to sensitive and even better. Learning...... Thanks for the help. Steve
  12. Interesting......I have recently obtained an extreme and have run it over some of the gold I have found and it doesn't even squeak at it. That is with the 11" mono. Now, this is my first PI detector and I have a lot to learn but dang....I thought is would sing a little. I found this gold with the x-terra 70 and I know it is no GB2 but it rang loud and clear for me. So I don't know if it's me, the detector, the coil, or the gold. I have found plenty of trash and lead out in the field with the extreme so it is working. The gold is I guess you would call, sort of a spongy, electrum kind of nugget....mixed with quartz. Maybe its me, I don't know. I haven't tried it with any other coils yet. I would like to hear others comments on this. Thanks for your post "alwaysdirty". Nice gold. Steve
  13. Nice friends you got there. I have a couple like that. Nice gold too! That would be a good ratio in my book.
  14. Prospecting is truly a hobby for me. I may get out 5 or 6 times a year. I have a very busy schedule with work and other obligations. BUT, when I get on the internet, I check emails and NUGGET SHOOTER and maybe a few u-tube vids. That's pretty much it. This is my go to site on the internet. I have gleaned a ton of info off of this website. I thank all those in the know for their insight and knowledge. Like the others, I love this site too and would hate to see it go. I don't post a lot, who wants to see my trash?, but I will try and open up a little and maybe ask a few more questions instead of waiting for someone else to ask. I tend to try and figure things out on my own. Like andyy said, the pictures motivate me. Keep showing your finds. Steve
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