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  1. You might want to stop in and talk to the ranchers there before you start searching their land. Sometimes rural folk don't take kindly to strangers wandering their property without permission. If you find meteorites on private land remember that the meteorite belongs to the landowner not the finder. The area is known as Fair Oaks. Not a bad name for a meteorite. Good luck!
  2. How did you know what I drive Bob? Have you been following me? Did you see my dog? He slowed down (probably due to the heavy load of metal trash) a few days ago and I seem to have lost him. If you see him let me know. I'm pretty sure he's got a few big pallasites with chronduleys and flow stuff - maybe even thumbprints - stuck to his belly. I drive drunk when I'm magnet hunting with the bumperless pinto cause you don't have to worry about tickets an stuff when your off road. Sometimes I forget about him following me when I'm really into the chase. Let me know if you see him - he comes to the name "dog" if you have food and he's hungry.
  3. I second this one. Best book for free prospecting in Colorado. Kevin went above and beyond in his research.
  4. In Maricopa County you can search the public record by putting in the claim name in the "Business Name" search field. That way you get all the recorded claim docs instead of just the one's associated with a persons name. State law requires the County Recorder to index mining claim records by their PLSS designation but Maricopa County doesn't seem to follow that law. Sure would be a lot easier if they included that ability on their search form. It used to be that you could put the TRS in the Business Name field but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Yavapai County Recorder is much better as are the other Counties in Arizona with mining claim records.
  5. I feed my dog rare earth magnets and then make it run after my old car. Dogs are lower to the ground and easier to flip over to check for meteorites than a truck. Cats might work too but they have to be tied to the bumper to get them to follow you. I haven't tried the cat trick yet because I lost my bumper experimenting with cows and magnets.
  6. Old Mine Data Arizona has a fantastic collection of mine data covering more than 21,000 entries documenting Arizona mines. You can more than likely find information on any but the smallest mining operations there. The administration of these files used to be a major function of the Arizona Department of Mines and Minerals (ADMMR). In 2011 the whole mining history of Arizona was defunded, including the ADMMR and the Mining Museum. Most of what was left of the mining records and maps were given to the Arizona Geological Survey's (AZGS) at the University of Arizona, the rest was given away or destroyed. The search engine at AZGS seems to be broken but there is an alternative source for these files at the USGS Science Base Catalogue of the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources mining collection. It's still out there but since the closing of the ADMMR and the passing of the amazing State Geologist Lee Allison in 2016 it's become much more difficult to access.
  7. Neither the BLM nor the County have any duty or authority to prevent overclaims. As Morlock correctly pointed out overclaims are strictly a civil matter. The very first federal mining law in 1865 set that as the basis of all claim location laws. Only the law of possession governs who wins in a dispute between claimants. Barry
  8. The mining law only requires a location notice be described to the nearest quarter Section. That's generally a 160 acre area as Desertpilot pointed out. The BLM only indicates one quarter section on many of their files so the claim could actually be in 1, 2, 3 or 4 quarter sections and as many as four sections and townships. As you now understand the LR2000 is only one of several stops along the way to understanding where any particular claim may actually be located. When the BLM notes a crossover location like these in it's database Land Matters includes the claim in every section that it's been listed. The BLM and Land Matters is only the first step in finding a mining claim location. The County Recorder would be your next stop to track down the claim location. You can get a copy of the original location notice as well as any amendments there. In Arizona most County Recorders provide free online access and download of those locations and amendments. Those are free in Maricopa County. The Land Matters mining claim maps provide a direct link to the County Recorder Search site as well as enough information to fill out the search form there. You will find that some claim locations records, particularly in Arizona, are just indicated on their recorded "map" by an "X" somewhat indicating where they think their claim is located on the map. For many claims that is sufficient under the law. Get what information you can from the location notice and location amendments before you go to the next step. Put boots on the ground and look in the most likely places for claim monuments or stakes. The claim owner is not required to maintain these monuments after they locate but the prospector is still required by law to do their best to discover the location and status of any possible claims before they search for minerals. Sometimes you will find old monuments from closed claims or new monuments for recent claims. Knowing which is which is a matter of doing your research before entering the field to prospect. New claims, in many cases, won't show up in the County Recorder's for as much as 110 days - nearly 4 months. The BLM may be even further behind on showing new claims files in their database. It does seem like a "wild goose chase" but this is the system that's been in place since 1976. For 104 years before 1976 the system was nearly the same but didn't include the BLM. It was just the County Recorder's books and boots to follow. Believe me this system is much better than staring at at a tiny microfiche machine in a dark room at the Recorder's or worse going through the actual book and pages for days. This "wild goose chase" is the same basic system miners have used for thousands of years. It's an essential part of a successful prospectors tool kit. It's just part of the free valuable minerals grant in the United States. Those "free" minerals are a lot of work to find and take home! At Land Matters we try to make all this easier for prospectors. Land Matters was formed to fill the information vacuum created when the government took away the last few tools they provided for public land users to easily determine land status - including mining claims. We also provide a lot of information, research and educational resources regarding public land status, including this information on the Mining Claims maps front page: That's the short version of what I just wrote above. Look around on Land Matters and you will find a lot more information to make your research as painless and quick as possible. Hope that helps. Barry
  9. Take a look on this forum thread for the strewn field. Scroll down to Uncle Ron's post from November 23, 2014. Several resources there to get you started. You can also look over the MetBul map so you can see what the land ownership is there and avoid trespassing. I think the string field is somewhere near the corn palace in South Dakota ... unless they raked it up.
  10. I had two copies but one was destroyed by a prospector friend I lent it to. The copies I have owned are made of inexpensive paper bound with a plastic GBC type coil. They won't survive much handling. Once the bind fails the book pretty much becomes a stack of paper. Stacks of paper don't survive for long in the field. I've seen a few copies over the years put out for sale by local libraries. I wish I had bought them but I can't read two at once and I was , for a long time, convinced that Jim was indestructible. He is missed by many.
  11. That's news to me Bill. Care to share what the problem is? I could probably help clear it up.
  12. I might have your missing coolant Chris. I saw a puddle here yesterday. Do you need any slightly used steering fluid? It seems I've been stockpiling my missing extra on the frame underneath the steering pump. Seems like we both might be having a fun "busy" weekend. It should be nice weather... I'd rather be at the shows in Tucson.
  13. Yeah it hasn't been used much. I know the history on this one. It was purchased from Rob Allison (Rob's Detectors) by a friend of mine. It was his second GPX. The original purchaser had a stroke after using it twice and never managed to get out again. He then sold it to a mutual friend who only used it twice because he prefers his own setup. He needs the money now so this beauty is back on the market. I imagine he would take any reasonable offer. Barry
  14. As long as you continue to feed the bull it will continue to produce bull$#!t . Just a basic law of nature and the internet. Starve the bull (don't react) and it will wander to more productive pastures - no more BS - problem solved If I had to point a finger at the cause it wouldn't be pointed at the bull. Skip does a fine job policing this forum. He can ban every troll that shows up but they will just come back with a new name/same game as long as they have someone to play with. Stop blaming the administration and stop playing with the trolls. Problem solved.
  15. Helping a friend who doesn't have internet. Great deal for a practically unused 5000 GPX. Minelab 5000 GPX metal detector in very good condition. Deluxe padded Minelab control box cover with pouch for Goldscreamer and batteries. Minelab soft case New unused Minelab backpack harness for lithium battery. Koss headphones 11'' Double D Minelab Commander coil 5''x10'' elliptical Coiltech monoloop Two lower shafts for coil mounting Two Minelab lithium ion 7.4v-9.2ah batteries Four Minelab power cords for 7.4-9.2ah bat. Two AC wall type chargers for 7.4-9.2ah bat. Two 12v DC lighter type chargers for 7.4-9.2ah bat. Two Doc's goldscreamers for 7.4 - 7800mah bat. Three sony np-f975 7.4v-7800mah lithium bat. Combination ac/wall-12v lighter type charger for 7.4v - 7800mah bat. Located near Morristown, AZ - Send me a PM and this could be yours. All the above in very good condition. Price $2700 cash or best reasonable offer.
  16. Zeolites are a very large group of minerals that have many different crystal habits and colors. Some are white and some are delicate. Many, but not all, zeolites are formed in low temperature hydrothermal systems including volcanics. If you uncovered one of the white, delicate zeolite minerals with a concrete breaker it would most likely be a powder by the time you saw it. Try a more gentle method and you might end up with a beautiful, delicate and potentially rare zeolite crystal formation. Or it could just be magic fairy dust or a meteorite both of which are pretty common discoveries on this forum.
  17. Merry Christmas to All
  18. No way to compare size but it looks exactly like a Air Force officers hat button. It holds the band strap above the brim. There are two - one on each side.
  19. For as much time as folks spend on the internet I'm really surprised how often they fail to identify an obvious troll. "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain." This person or persons have found an endless source of amusement in the responses on this forum. Essentially Nuggetshooter forum is becoming a known troll cave. If you like this sort of thing then you will be pleased to know that it will continue until the forum collapses from the weight of the absurdity or electricity ceases to flow. Trolls need your feedback and responses to continue their act. Your responses are what they feed on. If you don't like being trolled the solution is simple and thousands of years old. Don't feed the trolls.
  20. Same as before Gary. https://www.findmall.com/ They were down for a while but they are working now.
  21. Here's an interactive 3D map version for those with good bandwidth.
  22. This is right in your mining area Desertpilot USA v Tom Tierney Tom didn't need permission either. It's an important mining case to understand your right to mine no matter what "regulations" the local Forest Service comes up with. If you see Tom give him a big Thank You! for seeing this to the end.
  23. There are no restrictions on gas powered drywashers or recirculating sluices. The management agencies only have the power to prevent "undue or unnecessary" disturbance of surface resources. They do not regulate mining or mining equipment. If you plan on creating a "significant surface resource disturbance" you will need to interface with the surface management agency to coordinate that disturbance.
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