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  1. Several areas in Section 16 are open to location. About half the section is outside of the withdrawn area. It looks like the area you are indicating may be in one of those areas. When you are looking at the Master Title Plat only those areas within the dash dot line are withdrawn. It looks like the withdrawal there is only about 600 feet wide.
  2. That's not the "official" map Chris. The Master Title Plat I linked before is the only "official" map of land status. That's why each MTP has printed on it "This plat is the Bureau's Record of Title". Here's what the Forest Service has to say about the map you linked to: "This information is not accurate for legal boundary or for navigational purposes; it may not meet National Map Accuracy Standards. It is intended for use by the USDA Forest Service for natural resource planning and management. The Forest Service assumes no responsibility for the interpretation or application of this data
  3. It would be wise to determine where the multiple withdrawals there are located before deciding mining claims are improperly located. Always check the Master Title Plat first. You can download and study the MTP (Master Title Plat - the government's official land status record) directly from Land Matters Land Status Maps. http://www.mylandmatters.org/Maps/LandStatus.html Here is the direct link to the General Land Office repository for that particular MTP. https://glorecords.blm.gov/details/lsr/default.aspx?dm_id=29421
  4. Good example! The Rocky Mountain tick is not found in the Rocky Mountains within the United States, it's exclusive to the Northwest.. That's not really important because most people are infected by dog ticks. In fact just about the only area in which Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is rare is the Rocky Mountains. Here's a map of Spotted fever infections in the U.S. in 2014.
  5. How about studying the science? It's disappointing to see this discussion continue to revolve around politics. I doubt political preferences could be demonstrated to have any relationship with virus origination and transmission. The earliest known evidence of SARS-COV2 was found in samples from March 12, 2019 in Barcelona Spain. The earliest known evidence in China was November 17, 2019 just about the same time as the earliest known evidence in Italy. I'm sure those dates will be refined over time, research is ongoing, but this is what scientific investigation has revealed at this point.
  6. If the fine gold is fairly clean mercury is the obvious solution. If the gold is dirty you can try different pre treatments. Nitric acid is usually effective but it depends on what the contaminating mineral is which determines what is most effective.
  7. Seems you like to make up stuff for the drama Bob. I don't see anywhere in this thread where anyone has even suggested the NPS has no authority to enforce regulation. You did manage to get the sausage reference in though!
  8. You are welcome to change your point Bob. Now you get it. I'm glad I helped clarify that for you. The earth's crust discussion must be in another thread?
  9. As I pointed out in my previous post Bob this is a regulation - not a law. To be "illegal" a person would have to violate a law. This is not a law it's an agency management regulation. Violating a regulation or a rule is an "infraction" of the regulation and not a violation of law. In the American system of government (see U.S. Constitution) laws are only passed by a majority of elected representatives. That is an exclusive function of Congress. Regulations on the other hand are created by the executive branch. The executive branch can not create laws. No elected representative ever
  10. There is no law preventing off road travel so technically it's not "illegal". There are NPS agency management regulations in the National Parks that can result in monetary fines if you haven't obtained a permit for driving off road. "36 CFR §4.10 – TRAVEL ON PARK ROADS AND ROUTES (a) Operating a motor vehicle is prohibited except on park roads, parking areas, and on routes and in areas designated for off road travel. (b) Off road travel “routes and areas may only be designated in national recreation areas, national seashores, national lakeshores and preserves”. Death Valley Na
  11. 246 vaccinated residents diagnosed with COVID; 3 dead, Michigan reports. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/04/05/246-vaccinated-residents-diagnosed-covid-3-dead-michigan/7100759002/
  12. All true Luke but the COVID vaccines take weeks to create partial immunity against potential infection or reinfection. None of the COVID vaccines treat existing infections. Rhinovirus has not been proposed as a vaccine against COVID. Comparing the eventual partial immunity of the COVID vaccines to the very real and immediate effect of rhinovirus on existing COVID 19 disease is to compare apples and oranges. The rhinovirus (common cold) infection stops existing COVID 19 infections in their tracks, eliminating the disease and it's effects. It is the only known effective and natural tre
  13. The science says: "And even when Sars-CoV-2 had 24-hours to get started, rhinovirus boots it out. " If you read the article it's clear there is no need to have a common cold infection before infection with SARS-2. In effect the common cold is a cure for SARS-2 infections. How that can be turned into a treatment is pretty obvious. Just share a lolly pop with someone with the common cold - or if you want to be sciencey about it you could inoculate SARS-2 positive individuals with rhinovirus. In effect the study discovered rhinovirus is a preexisting vaccine.
  14. Barite is commonly found in clear crystals just as Selenite is. Selenite is the common name for transparent crystals of Gypsum. Selenite by definition is transparent. The opaque varities of Gypsum are known as Satin Spar in the fibrous form and Alabaster in the massive form. The crystal form shown in the picture doesn't appear to be Barite. These crystals could be one of the many evaporite non-carbonate salt mineral forms, not just limited to Barite or Gypsum. A positive ID is probably going to come down to chemical analysis, XRF, hardness and crystal angle measurement or just studyi
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