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  1. I've learned not to try to bet on human behavior Gary. That being said all the elements are in place for that to happen. Only time will tell.
  2. The new mining year is approaching fast. Claim owners need to have their BLM mining claims case files updated by August 30 this year. If you are paying the maintenance fee you will need to pony up $165 per lode, millsite or tunnel site claim and $165 per every 20 acres of placer claim you intend to hold. If you are claiming the small miners waiver you need to submit a BLM "MAINTENANCE FEE WAIVER CERTIFICATION" form 3830-2 by August 30. There is no fee for submitting the form but you will be obligated to pay $15 per claim and submit a copy of your recorded affidavit of labor or notice of intent to hold by December 30th. Make sure your 3830-2 has an expiration date of January 31st, 2020 or your claims will be declared abandoned - this is the only OMB approved information collection form and the BLM is a stickler about the expiration dates. Sound complicated? Download the free MinerDiggins Annual Mining Claims flowchart from Land Matters and it will be as easy as following the lines.
  3. 1906 Dua Lipa with rhinestone collar.
  4. The odds are high if you have a 1903 A3 it was manufactured by a typewriter company. Typewriter
  5. The 1903 A3 was also manufactured by Remington. Typewriter. Rifle.
  6. The 1903 A3 was manufactured by Smith Corona. Typewriter. Rifle.
  7. The currency of Land Matters claims mapping is listed in the information return for every claim. At present claims information is current as of July 1. On Monday the 15th of July Land Matters claims maps are scheduled to be updated again. Due to some recent personnel changes the BLM National Operations Center has been having difficulty completing their database work for us on time. Whether the BLM has problems and delays or not you can always see how current Land Matters claims information is just by clicking on any claim with the "i" tool selected. I couldn't say about the Diggings. They usually update on the first of each month and a quick look at their site shows the information is current to the last day of June, essentially the same as Land Matters. I don't know if The Diggings update twice monthly like Land Matters. Claims updates from the BLM are only available twice a month, no mapping system can be more current than that. As Desertpilot pointed out Land Matters provides live links to the BLM Serial Register Page for each claim. If there is a recent change in a claims status in the BLM case file you will see that change on the Serial Register Page first. Neither Land Matters, The Diggings nor the LR2000 provide enough information to know the current status of claims on the ground. They are just the first step to complete the required due diligence before prospecting. For full due diligence you also need to download and study the Master Title Plat, check for new locations recorded at the county and put boots on the ground to check for new monuments or stakes. Only then can you prospect with confidence that the ground is open and unclaimed.
  8. If you read part one of the link I provided above to Saturday's Federal Register notice you will see exactly why the BLM increased the fees.
  9. Looks like I need to put on my educator hat. Arizona State Trust Lands have never been public land. See: Arizona Enabling Act Section 25. Arizona State Constitution Article 10 Section 1. That is truly funny. Many many people have spent time and money on worthless mining claims in Arizona and elsewhere. Past or current mining claims should never be seen as an indication of a paying deposit or even the existence of mineralization. Very few mining claims ever even pay enough to earn gas money or their annual fees. Mining claims are located for many different reasons and many different minerals. For instance mining claims could be located for sand or gravel before July 1955. Sand and gravel etc. claims made before then are still valid today as long as the required annual record and filing has been made. Yeah - sand claims, imagine that. Arizona State is barred by Federal and State law from locating mining claims. See: 1872 General Mining Act Section 1 Arizona Enabling Act Section 20
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