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  1. The Pebble mine deposit is a lot bigger than the Russian deposit. 57 billion lb copper, 70 million oz gold, 3.4 billion lb molybdenum and 344 million oz silver. Only Indonesia's Grasberg mine deposit is bigger than Pebble.
  2. Your pictures are "evidence" of Goethite. https://www.mindat.org/gm/2048?page=49 It's not up to readers here to prove you wrong. Your evidence, when subjected to experience and logic, amounts to some cherry picked assumptions about your specimen that you would like us to accept as a valid theory. How about you clearly state your postulation as such and encourage others to consider all possibilities? Or you can stick to your "theory" (almost fact in your mind?) and skip the whole postulation and scientific method thing. The choice, as always, is yours.
  3. Thanks Adam. I knew it couldn't be my eyes deceiving me. Most rock pics don't tell the whole story but this material is so common and familiar to me it seemed obvious. I suspected a little leg pulling was occurring? Sometimes the obvious answer is overlooked. Occam's Razor and all that. (Occam's Razor: "We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances." Issac Newton or more simply: "when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better." or i
  4. Pershing County does have online recordings. There is no direct link, you have to navigate the Recorders site and learn a slightly different search system. It's slow but they do provide the public records online.
  5. Dave I'm just down the road from you and I see plenty. I caught these two one night last week just strolling by me on my concrete porch while I was stargazing. The quarter is what I catch them with. It's a 2009 Guam "State" quarter. Confuses the H out of them. It's still confusing me. The other one looking on is Amy. She's shy and unlike the other scorpions doesn't go down for quarters. Leigh and I used to manage a working ranch in the Dragoon mountains. The little bark scorpions were thick there. Every morning we'd dump the water supplies for all the critters and refill them with fr
  6. https://www.coloradoindependent.com/2016/02/24/colorado-outlaws-rain-barrels-can-the-ban-be-lifted/ https://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/natural-resources/rainwater-collection-colorado-6-707/
  7. Pebble Mines is an American company incorporated in Alaska. They, and their United States subsidiary corporations own the Pebble mine project. They pay taxes in the United States and are subject to Alaska State and United States laws. The Pebble Mines corporation is wholly owned and funded by Northern Dynasty Minerals Limited incorporated in Canada. The Northern Dynasty Minerals Limited company stock is more than 80% owned by United States citizens and corporations who pay United States taxes. If you want to stop foreign funding of U.S. mines you would need to change the U.S. laws an
  8. Those aren't documents Mitchel. They are required action code titles in the BLM mining claim case file system. Most of those action codes only require a submission or completion date be added by the BLM State office to the Serial Register Page for the case file. The documents that initiate those codes are the Mining Claim Location Notice and the Quitclaim/Transfer of Interest. Both those documents are recorded in the County in which the claim is located. Some County Recorders do have online access to copies of those public records. Most Arizona and Nevada County Public Records are av
  9. I agree Slim. It would be cool to load up my battery trays with Lithium. They are lighter, lower maintenance and last a lot longer but at current prices unobtainum for me.
  10. Piedmont stock dropped more than 24% since the Tesla announcement. The Piedmont agreement with Tesla commits all their Lithium estimated resources. Too bad Piedmont doesn't have a mine or a processing plant. All signs point to no chance for Tesla to mine lithium ore for at least another 2 - 8 years. If I were a betting man I'd wager Tesla won't even exist when one of these American companies finally does produce their first ton of lithium carbonate. So far Panasonic produces all of Tesla's batteries but they have announced potential deals with other suppliers. Maybe Tesla will turn a
  11. I think you mean claystone Slim. Claystone is a rock very similar to shale except it breaks into blocks rather than sheets. 10,000 acres of claims would be practically every claystone lithium claim in Nevada. At present no company is actually mining claystone for Lithium but several are getting closer to funding startup plants. Lithium Americas, Cypress and American Lithium being the biggest claim holders in Nevada claystone lithium deposits. All but one of those projects are many years away from any chance of beginning mining. The biggest drawback to mining claystone for lithium is
  12. When a claim is transferred (sold or given) from one owner to another it does not change from one type of claim to another. Neither a transfer of interest nor a claim amendment can change the type of claim from lode to placer. I seriously doubt the Nevada BLM would or could allow the type of mining claim to change from lode to placer. Read the regulations they are quite clear on these points, there is no gray area. The new owners may have relinquished the lode claims and relocated the approximate area as new placer claims but there is no process that could change an existing lode claim in
  13. There are no circumstances where a placer claim can legally be located over a valid lode claim. IF a placer claim owner discovers a valid lode on their valid placer claim they MAY locate a lode claim for that deposit but the lode is not "over" the existing placer it replaces the placer claim within it's boundaries. The placer claim is reduced by the same number of acres that the lode claim encompasses. These location laws don't seem to make sense unless you realize that the federal government charges twice as much for a lode claim patent as they do for a placer patent. This is about
  14. I see the resemblance. I can see why you thought they were the same. Even so raptors are not dinosaurs. A raptor is a modern bird of prey. The dinosaur "Raptor" is a non-scientific, term made up for the Jurassic Park movie franchise. The name "raptor" was derived from shortening the genus name Velociraptor, while the dinosaurs portrayed in the movie were actually modeled after Deinonychus and what is now named the Utahraptor. (thanks go to Michael Trcic)
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