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  1. That would be a CLOSED BLM case file = No Claim. There is no such thing as an inactive claim. As Bob wrote - open ground - if not already claimed or withdrawn.
  2. Whut da heck is an "inactive" mining claim?
  3. That would be wrong. Federal lands transfer to states/municipalities in several ways but that's not one of them.
  4. Nothing has changed there Electrician. That land (nearly 10,000 acres) was patented to the State in 1981 as an indemnity selection. The patent was based on land that was granted to the State of Arizona in 1914 but the State didn't select the land until 1981. You can see the patent HERE. Next time you think the sky is falling or someone is stealing land check out the Arizona Land Status map. I got all the details and links to that patent in a matter of seconds using the map.
  5. Your math is correct Luke if you don't account for the natural swell or bulking in the volume of material when it is excavated. 10 cubic yards in the ground will measure anywhere from 13 - 20 cubic yards when it's excavated. I'm sure you've excavated holes and refilled them enough to understand the principle of swell in action. I added 20% swell which is probably an underestimate when dealing with freshly excavated desert soils. Even basic sand swells that much or more when it's dug up. Since mineral deposits are calculated in the ground the swell factor is applied after the mineral
  6. There are 202 gallons in a cubic yard. That comes out to a little more than 50 full 5 gallon buckets. The way most people (wisely) fill their buckets generally works out to between 60 and 70 buckets per cubic yard. Big difference in the bottom line from 35 buckets.
  7. Heads up. if you have research to do involving the BLM LR2000 you will need to do that before Thursday of this week. The BLM is saying they are going to close down the mining claims portion of the LR2000 this coming Thursday the 21st. The MLRS replacement for the LR2000 mining claims reporting system is supposed to go live on Monday the 25th on another website. The mining claims payment portal was closed down last Friday the 15th. You can't make a mining claim payment for 10 days until the 25th. If you mail in a payment it won't be processed until the 25th. Land Matters has adju
  8. We sponsor the whole MRDS database directly on the Land Matters servers. Nothing is missing from there. If you are trying to view the whole MRDS in Google Earth you can expect it to fail. The USGS discourages attempts to display the whole MRDS with Google and suggests you download and use only smaller areas. https://mrdata.usgs.gov/mrds/help.html That's one possibility. The other is that you suckered for the "new" MRDS map on the USGS website. The "New" map only shows selected features. Not sure who selected them but it's obviously not what you are looking for.
  9. It's not the map, scale or anything to do with lat/long problems it's the MRDS data the mine map is created from. In our experience the MRDS is off by at least a quarter mile in about 70% of the displayed mines. Not in any particular direction just very inaccurate locations. The MRDS is made up from two very old paper datasets. The MAS and the MLS. There are about 20% - 30% duplicates in any given area because both MAS and MILS locations were created for each mine feature. With a large overlap in the two old paper datasets it's common to have the same mine displayed twice in two different
  10. Yep. Except Obama held up funding for the mining fast track permitting and applied the allocated funds to wind and solar project fast track permits. The committee was finally allowed to do the mining portion of fast track under Trump.
  11. You would have to contact Reuters news service for an answer to that question Bob. You are right it doesn't have anything to do with Presidential actions or the end of his term. Everything is Trumps fault according to the press. The fact he had nothing to do with this is a minor detail that doesn't deserve reporting. Here are the actual culprits: Congress. They passed the law to fast track permitting. Obama signed the law. These agencies did their job as directed by Congress to complete the fast track permitting process: Permitting Council Executive Director; 13 Federal agency c
  12. There are about a dozen new rules, decisions, environmental study decisions and regulations published every working day Luke. That's a lot of new stuff. If you like new stuff there is plenty being invented on a daily basis. More regulations are created every year than the average person could read and understand during the same time period. This has been going on at this pace since the early 70's. Your government hard at work.
  13. This isn't a decree, order or pardon. It's not even a Presidential action, it's unified executive agency rule making. That's why it's subtitled "A Rule by "the Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council". It's part of a much longer term effort by Congress to reduce permitting burdens within the Federal bureaucracy. If you want to know more about why a President can't just decree changes read the link in my previous post 5 U.S. Code § 553. Rule making. Congress put hobbles on that mule 75 years ago.
  14. Only as it relates to military action or foreign affairs. Everything else is bound up in specific procedures mandated by the APA (Administrative Procedures Act). It's been that way since 1946.
  15. It's an ongoing process Luke. Despite TV drama to the contrary making these changes requires publishing the plan and allowing time for public input before making a final decision. Presidents don't just make decrees there is a due process laid out by Congress that has to be followed before executive action can take place. From the Federal Register Notice here is part of the people and timeline involved. As you can see everyone gets a say before these changes are made. Even the regular old working guy has a right to make a comment or raise legal or procedural objections during and a
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