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  1. I walked out of the Walmart where I work, lit up a cigarette, and in front and to the right of me, I watched a fireball travel from my left( S) to the right(NNW) .. It finally extingueshed at approx 35 to 38 degrees above the horizon above the AM-PM sign near the I-40 freeway. It looked from here to be coming down at close to a 40 degree angle... From where I stood, it looked to be heading towards landfall close to the Rainbow Basin area or Ft. Irwin here in California.. Anyone else see it from other area's so we can try to get a fix??
  2. My wife bought me a Bounty Hunter from Bass Pro this last spring. I know if I really want to find anything good out there I need to get better equipment, but, If properly set, can it be used for nugget shooting? I have a neice and nephew in Mariposa County and they say there's plenty to be found there still with the right equipment on their property or in/near the river and streams and I really want to try my luck my next visit.. Can someone give me a few scraps of info about tuning it?? Thanks.... Mike
  3. The first one I found(and tried to post pics of) looks almost the same as the pic you posted, same brownish rusty color with small indentations, but on a smaller scale. My son's gf has a better camera than mine and said she would take a few pics for me... The one with the whitish crust on one side may just be from it lying on Coyote lake for so long. Out of the 9 found, they all have the same general coloring except for two, ones darker and heavier, the other has that strange white stuff on one side.. Been talking to some people from the local rock hound club here, they are going to have a look at them for me...
  4. I made so post on your rock on both your threads! Guido

  5. Can fusion crust be differant colors ? As in a whitish, brown or black??
  6. Just got off the phone with the Barstow CHP office, they said that the BLM does have control over most of the desert around Barstow, including Coyote Lake. They also said its not off limits, but a sticker is needed for all OHV/ATV vehicles... On another note, from what the BLM office here told me, meteorites here fall under the "antiquities law" and should not be taken.... Hmmmmmmm
  7. Was wondering if you were from the desert area.. Barstow here..

  8. Anyone out there ever try the Coolgarde area outside of Barstow? I always see people out there drywashing on weekends when I head out there for a drive.
  9. Any out there from Socal? I'm new to this and would be interested in getting together to search Lurcerne Valley lakebeds, Danby near Ludlow, or any other spots you might know about... Hit me up. I'm off work Thursdays and Fridays....
  10. Yucca Valley ? Barstow here, If thats the lakebed I think it is, I found mine on the other side of the hill north of there... Would be interested in getting with you and looking for more at both sites...

  11. didn't work. I put them magnifier right against the lense, then too the pics... Any idea's what I did wrong ??
  12. Ok, here they are again. Hopefully the magnifier worked...lol
  13. Hmmmm.... I just happen to have one of them folding magnifiers. Never knew why I bought years ago....Just put it in front of the camera lens? Sounds too easy....hahaha..I'll try it in the morning before I go to work and try to get the pics posted post haste...
  14. I know hunting is allowed, and there is an active mining operation the other side of the mountain, and it also part of the OHV area so people can go into the area, but I had thought I had read someplace on another website that meteorites found on BLM area's were off limits and they could not be taken. Of course I read this AFTER I found the 2 rocks.. I'll have to go to the office on Barstow road and have a chat with them..
  15. Here's a second rock I found, not as a attracked to magnets that I have, but it does hold on til you turn it. Not as heavy as the first.. Found them both within I'd say 1/8th of a mile from each other on a hillside.
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