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  1. I made so post on your rock on both your threads! Guido

  2. Was wondering if you were from the desert area.. Barstow here..

  3. Yucca Valley ? Barstow here, If thats the lakebed I think it is, I found mine on the other side of the hill north of there... Would be interested in getting with you and looking for more at both sites...

  4. Dannysbro

    New from Barstow Ca.

    I usually just like to hunt birds and pick up neat looking rocks and I was out doing that last January during Chuckar season here near Ord Mtn. Ca. I thought I had found a fossil tooth or fang and tossed it and some quartz into the back of my explorer and promptly forgot about them until a few weeks ago. I happened to catch "meteorite men" on tv and lo and behold, I remembered that tooth in truck that looked just like what some of the smaller meteorites did on their show. I ran out right away and rummage thru the back and there it was. A little over 1 inch long, maybe 1/2 thick, by 1/4 wide. It looked right,a brown rustish color, was a little heavier than a normal rock that size from around here, and dang if it didn't simply cling to the magnet I passed over it that I took off the refridgerator.... I checked other websites and I really do think I have something here. The wife sure hopes so, she says its something we can do together on our one mutual day off.. I do have a question about where I found it though, Is it true that if the land is controled my BLM, we can't touch what we find ? I know there are some very old unused/unworked claims around that area, say 15-25 years at least and I really should try to find those owners, but how about BLM? I read a discussion at a differant website where they were were kinda sorta saying that.. Any kind of info to help me get started would be great like, any info on finds in the Socal desert or laws that MUST be obeyed. Oh, I always have filled my holes when just out finding rocks and have 2 cheap detectors for just playing around with nugget hunting near Mariposa Ca. Thanks to whoever started this site, just from reading I have gotten useful info... Dannysbro