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  1. I got the chance to run up to Gold Basin this morning. I ran into Bunk, Frank C, and others. Good getting to meet them. They were having a bit of luck and gave me some hints and pointers to help me find my first (not yet though). A lot of earth has been moved by the recent storms, main roads are graded, some secondary roads still have some damage. Should be a great get together for all that can make it claytargethntr
  2. The main issue with a locker up front is it kills the turn radius. I have ARB airlockers front and rear on my truck and sometimes when the front is engaged, wheels turned and the truck continues straight ahead. Being unlocked and only lock when needed has been great. Lockers in the rear are a real treat on icy roads too. Just a heads up Claytargethntr
  3. Thanks for you help Bill, It was a pleasure chatting with you. Understanding the hows and whys are very beneficial to me, and it cleared up a lot of questions I had. Thanks again Claytargethntr
  4. I'm in Hibbing, heart of the iron range during the fire season.. My buddies place is north east of here in Canada. Really looking forward to seeing this place. Sounds pretty cool and is for sale. His uncle mined it for years, not sure how successful but sounds like he made a living of it. claytargethntr
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a little explanation and guidance on my new gpx 4500. Yes I did purchase it from a local minelab dealer. Anyway last time I was home I took it out for the first time in Gold basin. Found broken screen in a drywasher pile, half a bullet, and a penny in the middle of nowhere.... Anyway I am up in MN with my job right now and brought the detector with me to toy with and to go to a friends old family hard rock gold mine in Canada. Today I took the detector out in the grass behind our shop at work to play with it. I took some lead shot (2 bbs (7.5's) in one and 3 b
  6. Thank you for the explanation Bill and nvchris. This is defiantly helpful in understanding coils and their pros and cons. As for one coil, probably unrealistic but gives me an idea to your go to coil and why. What you have had work work for you. Thanks again claytargethntr
  7. I will admit I am very much a newbe with this gpx 4500 and with gold detecting. I know I will find this very helpful and I am sure other folks getting started will find this discussion helpful as well. Here are a few coil questions I have, this will mainly be in relation to AZ hunting, but all suggestions are welcome. How good is the 11 DD coil that came with the detector for this area? If you only could have one coil for AZ what would it be and why? When do you recommend using a mono? Using a DD? What are the benefits/limitations of a mono? a DD? Are there benefits to the minelab coils? Coi
  8. An update to my flight with my detector. I packed the battery, brain, and all cords in my carry on backpack wrapped and protected, packed the coil and the two piece shaft in a well protected checked bag, along with pin pointer,digger and some other personal stuff.. All survived. As for the carry on stuff and TSA. I just sent the backpack through the xray. They took a double take, then sent it on through. I figured if they ask me to remove and turn on I better have the cord, but this trip they did not. Is there any issue with turning on the detector with no coil attached? Thanks for all
  9. I too am using ear buds, after reading about using them with a 1/4 in adapter from a ML relic site. I velcro strapped them up the back strap on my 4500 harness and up over my shoulders, nothing to catch on and pull out of ear or battery. And I found it very handy to be able to use only one ear bud allowing me to hear other dessert sounds. Now I am new to this detector but found they sound the same as my over the ear type. For the ML explorer they recommended getting ear buds with volume control but I found it not needed for the 4500. my two cents claytargethntr
  10. Thanks for the info. I will look at the airline. I will only be flying within the USA, Up to MN then drive up on my next days off. Thanks again Claytargethntr
  11. Hello all, I may have the chance to take my new metal detector to a friends old family place in Canada, on it is an old hard rock gold mine. It was a small operation and they crushed the rock on location. NEVER seen a metal detector.... I really hope this all comes together. Anyway How many have flown with their detectors. Can I take it as carry on? My airline buddy says no problem, but never know with TSA??? It is a gpx 4500. Thinking of putting it back in its original box and taking it that way. any who have experiance it would be helpful. Would really hate to get to the TSA secu
  12. Thanks I got a chance to look at your website, I think that is what I am looking for. Claytargethntr
  13. Thank you for the ideas and offers. I dont live too far from gold basin (Kingman). If we get off work in time I will try to make the meet and greet the end of Oct. Any recommended books or dvds that members have found worthwhile. claytargethntr
  14. Hello all, First off I wanted to say lots of interesting reading on here. Anyway I live in NW AZ most of the year, but my job takes me away during the summer months (back and forth on days off), anyway I joined the MPA last year, and prior to that I do have some experience with a ML explorer II relic/coin/beach trolling. I just purchased a ML GPX 4500 and have about a month before returning home and having a chance to get it out and start using it. I have been trying to find either books or internet sites to help minimize the learning curve once home. The GPX is not with me here, but would
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