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  1. Thanks a lot Jim for your help. I found some sites with old mines info, but i need more knowledge, i want to learn more and more ,i´m sooo thirsty in knowledge. I hope this will be my new lifestyle. Garimpo did advice me to buy a book (Fists Full Of Gold), but will the indicators in USA be the same in Sudan, maybe Chris can answer me? Thanks to you all. Nubian
  2. I will tomorrow take the last decision, i´m trying to find out which one is best for me, i´m negotiating with a dealer, he gave a price of 4000usd on gpx4500(new). I´m thinking on if i put 2500 extra to buy gpx5000 how it will gain me extra, some advice please. If i understand things right, 5000 will find smaller nuggets than 4500, but i´m interested and will work for bigger nuggets, so 4500 will do good for me, do you agree with me on this point??? About coils, 11" mono+dd that is delivered with the package, plus 18mono and 2(mono+dd) mother ship. What do you think? Nubian
  3. Hello All gold hunters. I have read in some forums that large coils will not detect small nuggets, they have something (minimum and maximum) depending on coil size :shrug: !!! My question is: what is a small nuggets in coil world? Do i have to sweap 2-3 time with a smaller coil when a i grind the area, and how much smaller so i will not leave any nugget ? Please advice me, i can´t sleep well anymore :eee: when thinking about all gold out there. Nubian with gold fever.
  4. Hi, will this kind of coil work with Gpx4500 and in sudan condition? in some areas the ground is flat and have no obstacles.
  5. Sudan digs for gold as prices rise At least one-quarter of Sudan could be rich territory for gold mining, making it a hot-spot for foreign companies exploring there. In recent years, individual mining has reached unprecedented proportions and figures indicate that at least 50,000 people are believed to be working in Sudan's northern desert. The Sudanese government has tried to discourage gold mining in the past because of the deadly risks involved. However, it has proved a lifeline for thousands of people as the price of gold has soared. Al Jazeera's Mohamed Vall reports:
  6. http://library.wur.nl/WebQuery/isric/19911 Garimpo,can you get some good info from this map, any place that look intersting? i noticed a lot of AU in the northen-east area near egypt border. in another map i saw that the same area had shear zones and old goldmines.
  7. Garimpo i really enjoy to talk to you, thank you very much for all advice No, in this moment in sweden, preparing for sudan trip. the International airport is in khartoum. yesteday i talked to the same guy who fond 400gr ,he told me that his relatives got 4kg and 50gram from some stone material(crushing??)(quartz??), yes he will be with me on the trip and show me the place, i will take some picture of the hole and environment around and post in this forum, maybe you or someone else can give me some good advices then. another friend in khartoum told me that they fond gold in this area ( al-b
  8. here some very interesting stuff i fond today on net, about how nuggets form . article: http://www.csiro.au/news/GoldNuggets.html for audio: http://www.csiro.au/news/GoldNuggets.html so if my friend down there fond 400grams, it should be near a very very big primary source(maybe deep in the ground), or what do you say?
  9. Sudan gold miners vie with archaeologists for desert riches http://www.mysinchew.com/node/43898
  10. a swedish guy who resent come from sudan: gabgaba wadi (dry river bed???) in sudan:
  11. i live in sweden summer time, and in egypt/sudan in the winter. i know the people (nubian-desert area) very good, they are the most hostility/kind people i ever lived with. the locals over there detect with out permit, they dont need it, i will join them in the trips. i will buy 4500 with 18" mono coil + a 4wd car(pajero diesel) o they will work. we will split the gold that we find like this: 1/3 to workers, 1/3 for owner of detector, and 1/3 for owner of the car, that will be 2/3 to me. terrain: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xejgi5_sudans-desert-hiding-fortune-for-go_news i have not been
  12. [quote ...if I was ten years younger I would be telling you these things in person!!! , Thanks a lot for your advice. i will be with some friends, far(300-500 km) from home in the desert, these guys don't have any experience in gold or in detectors, that´s why i try to do a lot of research. they have found gold in some areas, one guy that i got to know in Khartoum, fond 400grams i one hole, should i stay in the same place or look for a new one? i have some articles that talk about gold mineralization and shear zone, how can that information gain me in reality/field? Nubian gold seeker
  13. Thanks Steve, but skip this. iam for nugget hunting, i dont care about political, governments, USA-Sudan-problems, all that is crap for me. Please give good advice i prospecting or leave me alone. have a good time. Nubian gold seeker.
  14. Hi! I'm on my way to northern Sudan to detect gold. The place is the arabian-nubien shield. I don't have that much experience and appreciate all help and information of detecting gold and where it is to be found. My friends down there have found gold in "wadis/ valley/dry riverbed", but I'm thinking of going to the northern parts next to the Egyptian border, the area is covered with hills, lot of wadis and (alluvial fan???). Where are the most likely place to find the big nuggets (elluvial-eluvial) in these areas. Is there any method to locate eluvials nuggets near the goldmines in these place
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