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  1. Thank you all for taking a look and giving me straight, useful and polite answers. Your time is much appreciated. I am more determined than ever to find a meteorite. I feel my chances are slim as I live on an island of 30 square miles which is also one of the most densely populated places on the planet (65,726 total - 2,182 people per Square Mile) but there is always a chance I could find something. The only large areas of open public land are the coastline and beaches. I do not know if beaches are a good place to find meteorites. I thought I had found one as a child on the beach but it turned out to be a rusty cannon ball from the 800 year old castle that defends the main harbour. I now know that meteorites are not usually spherical like that. Once again, thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Folks, I found this rock yesterday on path that contained many small granite and flint type stones as it stood out from everything else there. I picked it up and it was heavier than the other stones of similar size. When I got to my van I took a magnet from my tool box and it stuck strongly to the stone. I researched meteorites last night and found this place and thought I would ask the learned and more experienced people here if I have a meteorite or just a piece of earth rock, maybe some type of iron ore. It passes many of the basic tests for meteorites I found out about last evening. The stone has many small black flecks throughout it. These flecks stick to a magnet after I knocked a few off with the tip of a small screwdriver onto a sheet of paper. Here are a couple of pictures I took under different lighting conditions. Any opinions on this rock would be gratefully received, even if you can tell me I'm an idiot for thinking this piece of rock could be a meteorite! Thanks, Stig
  3. Hi Everybody. I am from Guernsey in the Channel Islands and have just found this place after recently becoming interested in meteorites. I have always had an interest in all things space related, especially manned space flight. It totally fascinates me. After staring at the sky on clear nights for as long as I can remember and spotting "shooting stars" I have recently become interested in finding meteorites. Today I think I have found a possible candidate. I know it's really unlikely I have the real thing but I think it passes many of the basic first tests although there is no fusion crust. I am totally new here and to the subject in general but was wondering if it may be OK to post some pictures of it (hosted on photobucket) along with what I know about it? I don't want to annoy the regulars here as I am sure many people like me come along posting pictures of ordinary earth rocks and I bet it gets a little tiring for you guys! Regards, Stig
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