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  1. I'm almost inclined to think it could be actinolite.
  2. Sold,...thanks Frank C. !!!!
  3. Health issues and an upcoming move to North Carolina leaves me with no option but to sell my "Old Yeller"" puffer drywasher made by Frank C. Still works fine, riffle cloth worn but usable. $50.00 (that's right) and you pick up in Henderson, NV.
  4. Rob's Forum is back up and running!!! Randy
  5. Hey Frank, you lasted longer than I thought before you bit!! Hope the snow didn't stick around too long today!!! Randy
  6. Hey Frank, I'm glad that 3500 has worked so well for you! You've definitely proven your skill in learning it and the coils you put over the ground. Hope the new year proves to be just as rewarding. I'll stop by and sey hey sometime! Recovering from knee surgery and physical therapy. Thanks for sharing your successful hunt!!
  7. I have one of Frank's Ol' Yellers. It is solid, well built, portable, and can move a lot of material. I have no problem recommending it to anyone thinking about a puffer. Randy
  8. Hey Frank, Does this mean you'll be discounting your Ol' Yellers for a while???????????? teeheeteehee
  9. Hey Frank, Thanks for sharing how you found that beauty!! Congratulations. It really shows how your persistence finally paid off!! Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Glad that 3500 has worked out so well in the right hands!!!!
  10. Frank, All I gotta say is God owes you a big fat nugget,....thanks for describing so eloquently how you hung in there!!!! Just remember, good things come to those who wait!!!!!! I really get a feeling your time is near!!! Randy
  11. Went to the wildco website,...the cloth you want is nitex (not nytex). Just did a quick search. Thanks Bedrock Bob.
  12. Hey Frank,...just busy working unfortunately. PS: Found a small battery for that machine. Hasn't been charged in a while and don't know if it will. I'll bring it with me next time I'm down your way and drop it off.
  13. Glad to hear that 3500 is working out so well for you!
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