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  1. Dolan- We are hunting 100 year old tailing piles from 3 floating dredges.The piles were originally 50 - 80 feet tall. The dredgers weren't very good with their trash,when they finished a can or tool it went out the back into the piles.They had 3/4 minus screens, so the nuggets that were larger than that also went out the back. When I found an area that was fairly clean I brought the GPX5000 back and hunted the area. Last year I found a 3/4 oz. nugget with it. This year I dug a hole 4 feet deep and found the old cutting edge from their dragline bucket, a 300 lb piece of rusted steel that sounded sweet. This summer, in the 5 weeks that they allow detectors on the mine, 318 nuggets weighing 74.5 oz. were found. Each week there were several people that went home without any Gold. I'm amazed at the number of people that would pay that kind of money ($3000) and not be prepared. Some had never used their detector and others would only detect a few hours and quit for the day. I detected every minute I wasn't eating or sleeping, we got up at 5 am and were in bed by 10 or 11 pm. ( it's still light at 11 pm ) Dave
  2. My first of 2 weeks at Ganes Creek this year.I ended the week with 16 nuggets totaling 1.75 oz. Had a pretty rainy week with lots of mud. The largest nugget was 17 DWT. The large shiny one below it, is a wafer thin 4.5 DWT. Most were found with the MXT with a 12"SEF Butterfly coil.A few were found with the GMT. I took the GPX 5000, but the trashy ground kept it in the cabin. Dave
  3. Dave- Are you running a 5000? 12 x 15 DD or Mono? Settings? Dave
  4. Ganes creek is SOLD OUT for 2012 with 8-10 people waiting for each of the 2 weeks left. They don't know if they will even be available for 2013. The plane with the 10 people who I will be hunting with this week will be here within the hour. We have an orientation ,lunch and then head for the first push. They have an OLD short school bus that they shuttle us to and from the daily pushes in. There are 2 pushes a day. More later. Dave
  5. Week 3 just ended for some very happy prospectors. We had fairly good weather in the 40''s in the morning and up to mid 60's. Several 1+ oz nuggets on the first couple days. We ended the week with 75 nuggets totaling 11.95 oz. I ended the week with 15 nuggets with a total weight of 1.94 oz. my largest was .88 oz. I'll be here for week 4 , which starts tommorrow morning when the next 10 people show up for 6 days of metal detecting 12-14 hours a day. Dave
  6. Just heard that a 3.5 oz solid nugget was found today, several other small ones also. Dave
  7. Ron- So sorry to hear about your dog.I also live in rattlesnake country,outside of Mesa Az. We took our dogs to a company in Cave Creek Az and had them "snakeproofed". They have a really good track record of getting the dogs to stay clear of the snakes. Their phone # is 480-595-6700 or www.snakeproofing.com. This is the school the law enforcement and working dogs go through.Hope she just ends up with a sore nose.Dave
  8. Doug - Thanks for posting the great pictures. I head up there in 5 days. Looks like you had great weather,hope there are a few sunny days left. I'm ready to go now. Dave
  9. Allen, Thanks for posting. Those of us that are waiting for our week to arrive really appreciate the updates. It was tough last year, we only got a few details when Doug would post the weeks stats. I will spend some time in the greenhouse ,sending out juicy details of my week. So..... which guy will end up with it? Dave R. or Gary?? What an AWESOME specimen, Congrats. Dave
  10. Uncle Ron- Moore Creek was discontinued last year. Ganes Creek is the only game left, and this will probably be the last year, as Doug is selling it. Hopefully someone will set up another pay-to-mine operation. Dave
  11. Oredigger-Thanks for posting the picture I wasn't able to get it on the post. Gotta work on that. Dave
  12. Just got word that a solid 7 oz nugget was found yesterday on the first full day of detecting at Ganes Creek- Week 1.Go to Clark/Wiltz mining to see photo. Dave
  13. Frank- I seem to get the same battery time on my 18" round or my 8" round.Dave
  14. I'm with you Glenn,This will be the last weekend out in Stanton washes, it will 100+ next weekend. I'll hunt in the higher elevations til fall. Congrats getting it over a nugget.I found one 2 weeks ago in that area that was caked with calichi, it cleaned up nice.Dave
  15. Bill , Please call my cell if you have one.I leave in 3 weeks for Ganes Creek and would like to have a manual I can read that doesn't have K9 tooth marks on almost every page. Thanks - Dave
  16. While out detecting yesterday, I started getting bumped by a couple bees. I could see there were hundreds of them up ahead of me in the wash, flying in and out from under a large flat rock. I quietly backed up and climbed the hill to get around the hive. I was alone, probably 1/2 mile from my quad and 5 more miles of VERY bad 3 MPH road to get to my RV. There are no buildings or places to take cover up in this area.------ What are the rest of you doing to protect yourself if you were exposed to this bad situation? These bees will attach for no reason, going for your eyes, ears, nose , and mouth, stinging you through your clothes in places you wouldn't think they could put a stinger. Dave
  17. K9- I wouldn't trade my GPX 5000 for anything.It is the most AWESOME detector I've ever owned. The Minelab 8" round mono is my bread and butter coil.I can almost always find a nugget with that coil. The 11" round that comes with it works well also.Thanks to everyone that helped me find a replacement manual. Dave
  18. I left my well used GPX 5000 manual laying on the seat of my quad while I was unpacking from a trip to Stanton, my new puppy thought it smelled good and ATE IT. I called Minelab today and tried to purchase a new one and was informed they don't sell replacement manuals. They said " it's online so you can print it". Thats fine if you have a place in your backpack for a 3 ring notebook.I don't have that kind of room. So I'm looking for a dealer or individual that has one they want to sell. I use that thing every time I go out. I had 16 months of notes, GPS locations and coil settings written down, I salvaged most of them thanks to scotch tape.Now I need a manual to put them back in. Please call my cell 602-617-6487 Dave
  19. Thanks Ron, so would it take 144 virgins to do a 1 oz? Dave
  20. Thanks for the info I'll go get one.I had a nugget cleaned at a jeweler, it was a cup full of liquid with a bunch of very tiny little rods and used magnets to have the rods move around the nugget. It cleaned up the caleche problem real well, and shined the gold. Dave
  21. RON-I have an extra set of ramps, I'll trade for some maps, if interested call me you have my info. Just ordered maps from you.David Lamb
  22. Ron- It's first hand knowledge like this that shaves years off our research. Anything that gives me a clue that I need to spend more time in an area is PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing. Dave
  23. What does Gem Oro do for the nugget, and where do I get it? Dave
  24. It's hard to see that yellow metal in the dark, even with a light. :cool:
  25. Ron- It's nice to see someone finding a pocket. Congrats !! Dave
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