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  1. The 7000 is working it's magic. Very nice !!
  2. This was just under 1 ounce, notice the bent over piece,it had a piece of gravel tucked inside.
  3. Does anyone remember a few months ago, Bill offered to teach a class on the GPX5000 (to all of us ,even if we didn't buy from him) and not enough people signed up. What was that all about ????? He had to cancel it -not enough people. If we're lucky enough to get the offer again I hope it's a class full -wanting to learn from a PRO. Bill ,that was an awesome post, reminding us what we need to remember while we're out in the washes. Dave
  4. Really nice find.Thats what I love about this sport.You never know whats going to come out of the hole in the scoop. Dave
  5. It's in pretty good shape, was it in salt water or fresh? I found a number of coins on a San diego beach that were so corroded i couldn't even tell what they were.
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