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  1. Thanks for the compliments on the read my friends. I enjoy writing the articles but this one was really just to share a find a friend made. Finds like that don't come along often and most here on the forums can appreciate them for their uniqueness and work involved. Klunker- I'm serious about keeping confidential what friends reveal to me. However, I may be more inclined to talk with you if a generous donation is made to the Mike Greyshock empty wallet relief fund ;) Matt- I see them at most of the Raleys in our neck of the woods and I know borders and books carries them too. We'll have to hu
  2. Gus Peppley (Gus in Idaho) has a new website up and running www.naturalgoldtrader.com . He's started a business selling gold and his website has some great specimens and nuggets for sale. I could spend hours perusing the pictures. Gus is a good friend of mine so perhaps I'm biased, but I'm sure anyone who knows him or has done business with him would back me up on saying he's a great guy who I'd trust any day with buying gold from. Gus knows gold too. He's one of the best detectorists I've ever met. Having people like Gus in the business helps us all out. Mike Greyshock
  3. Words change meaning sometimes. Gay use to be happy and I've read in history books that money use to mean gold. I guess it changed to mean paper somewhere along the way. Speci is the new Chispa. Which I believe Chispa was an old Mexican miners term. All the old publications I've ever read refer to our Chispas or specis as rich ore or simply gold and quartz containing... Never have read about a Chispa or speci.
  4. I'm sure you're gold fever is running strong after that find. But going to Kristalle will kick it up an extra notch. Incredible gold there. Wayne and Donna are fun people to talk with and may show off some crystalline gold that blows the mind. Wayne has dealt in the finest gold and mineral specimens in the world. The 156 oz mojave nugget, large leaf gold from the red ledge mine and he has most of the gold from the eagles nest mine. Enjoy!! Enjoy
  5. Before acid bathing it I would be sure to get an SG test and possibly an x-Ray. It's a beautiful specimen and may be best as it is. Fantastic find!! I won't say once in a lifetime. There's more out there. ----Mike
  6. I should probably be clearer in my review of its finding small nuggets. It doesn't seem capable of finding smaller nuggets than a 5000 but is very close to the 5000 in this ability. It lacks in the depth comparison to the 5000 but not so much so that a $3600 price difference is probably worth it to the average once a month prospector. Most of us who frequent the forums are more avid prospectors and are probably better off with the best possible. An inch is a mile in this hobby/profession. I use a Gold Bug 2 with a 6" coil for the really small bits of gold. Between the 5000 and GB2 I feel I ha
  7. I posted my review on my own site www.goldsearchandrescue.com I envy you dredging. Wish I could do it in my home state.
  8. Here's the picture from pulse mates photobucket.
  9. I hear you Jason. I hold no loyalty to any of the brands. My loyalty belongs to whoever makes the best machine. As I wrote in my review of the ATX I thinks it's a really good machine and will find a lot of gold for many people. But other than being able to use it in water and perhaps thick brush I can't see using it rather than my GPX. For new ones it's a great buy because it's very capable and you can spend the difference between the GPX on almost 3 ounces of gold. Few detectorist will ever find 3 ounces. As for myself, I detect to make a living and have to buy the best no matter the cost. T
  10. Definitely like their prices. Hopefully the coils perform as well as the other manufacturers. The more options and competitors the better. I also like to see some different designs. Bill - I believe PM's website shows a 6" coil for the GB 2. I'm in need of a new coil for mine. Do you have any? - Mike Greyshock
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