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  1. Yes there all personal finds I have hundreds of points from California .
  2. Unless they contain Gold . Here's a little Quartz / Crystal artifacts .
  3. That was just half a pan of dirt the drainage has produced some nice gold in the past for us.
  4. First Gold of the year the family has been waiting for rain to fill the seasonal creeks around the homestead so we can sluice but its not happening. So my son brought a bucket of dirt up to the house to pan. Here's a few specs out of his first pan. Now we can wait for the dirt to dry so we can drywash I glad i don't depend on this to feed the family. Keep it as a hobby and have fun.
  5. Have you tried phosphoric it cleans all iron oxides off and leaves the quartz and gold just turn the hose on it to neutralize used to clean and prep metal before painting I have used it on pocket gold just let it soak in a glass jar for a few days and rinse . You can buy it by the gallon from Home depot in the paint department .
  6. A penny for your thoughts But like I told you that nugget was sold and the New owner asked me to post the photo for others to enjoy. And sorry guys but a lot of you have been driving over this nugget for years.
  7. Nice find looks like artifact Jack turned you on to a good spot.
  8. That's not randy's nugget the owner asked me to post the photo's and ask the Question.
  9. Are you still following Randy around.
  10. No they did a specific gravity test I think and they were sure theres more Gold inside about 3/4 of a OZ or more. Skip
  11. I'm not sure how long a couple of days I think my friend might take it a little farther its Quartz.
  12. I wonder how many of us drove over this one ? Found in the EL Paso Mts near randsburg ca on a dirt road with a metal detector 1 1/2 Oz's wish it was mine.
  13. My friend found this with a GMT only had a small amount of gold showing until the acid bath. A couple of pics from today
  14. Here's a little piece from Garden valley ca after acid clean up about 9 DWT Found by my mining partner. The area this was found in has been pounded lately but there's still a few pieces coming off the hill.I don't have a before pic but this was mostly Quartz with a little gold showing. This was found with a minelab 3500.
  15. I thought you guys might enjoy these From the columbia river basin oregon/ washington area most of these points are under 1" inch This was a e-bay buy.
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