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  1. I've been told that Jimmy Sierra Normandi's 2002 book "Understanding White's DFX" was the first to deal with this topic.
  2. I've been informed that the White's DFX can balance one frequency to salt and the other to black sand. (Jeff Foster's book, p. 45, which I haven't seen.)Does this work very well and is it an exception to the general rule that VLF's can NOT balance out both ferrous and saltwater at once? I would think that the frequency balanced to salt water wouldn't work very well in hot black sand!
  3. Thanks! 1. So motion is required when in "zero mode", even with DISC=0. 2. The field tester who wrote to "think of the relic mode on White's MXT as an all metal mode with discrimination" was incorrect.
  4. Is there any actual technical difference between a discrimination mode set to zero and a "true" all metal mode? Garrett has a zero mode on some detectors. Someone said this includes a preset ground balance, but I'm not sure about that! But with or without Garrett, I still have the same question. Is there much difference in performance between all metal and a DISC mode set to zero?
  5. After talking to Customer Service, the post above is the result of bad information! The waterproof At Pro will run at 15 Khz, but will not use the Scorpion Groundhog circuit. The Scorpion will stay in production and is apparently NOT being updated! Also, in addition to the lack of a threshold, the AT Pro will NOT have a true all metal mode, but it will have a "zero" mode. I wonder if it will be any good for prospecting?
  6. The Garret AT PRO, an update of the Scorpion Gold Stinger which is long overdue, is waterproof. It is silent search, with no threshold like the original Scorpion. They are working on balancing it to salt water. Apparently there was a problem. Unlike the MXT, it has no salt switch. It is priced lower, however at $699.00. Will such silent search machines find small gold in the 1 to 10 grain range? How about low grade quartz specimens? It still runs at 15 Khz. Will weak signals from deep and small nuggets be ignored with silent search? It has accept/reject notching and might be a good all around machine. BUT HOW WILL IT DO FOR PROSPECTING?
  7. Goldshooter.com and Goldshooter@usa.com. Claims in Columbia Arizona, Earl C. Baker in Mesa, Az. Only 50 active members at one time and price based on your intended placer mining operation. (14 of 30 days on claims) You reach the Columbia area in the SW Bradshaws from Lake Pleasant. Next to Tip Top district to the West. High Clearance vehicles only! Don't know of anyone who is actually a member!
  8. The Safari can find small lead shot and plated bb's. I wonder if the 100 Khz frequency is a harmonic, which would be weaker than a regular frequency? The White's TDI sounds great, #8 birdshot, but there is one drawback, the lack of a rechargeable battery option. How do you recharge in the field? A solar panel? Concerning the ground balance, I understand the Safari selects the frequencies least affected by ground minerals. Since Beer Beeper on AZO has found 1 gram, or 15.432 grains with fbs & bbs, I still wonder if a small 5"DD coil would work for small gold, maybe down to 5 grains, on the Safari?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. So even though the Safari runs up to 100 Khz, higher than a goldbug II, it's not sensitive enough for small gold below one gram! Would a small DD coil make much difference? Is there a SMALL DD coil for the X-70 or 705 at 17.5 Khz, which would help it handle the hot ground? The goldbugpro claims it can handle hot ground with a small 5" DD coil. Since Andy Sabisch only tried high tones with the Safari, I'd still like to see him try low tones in hot ground in the mountains! Also, can a White's TDI get small gold, from 1 to 10 grains? Dave Johnson says big nuggets are rare and we need to find 1 to 10 grain targets. Of course he's working on the goldbugpro. White's says it could claim 17 frequencies for the Spectra V3, instead of 3, if they counted harmonics. 17 is the number Minelab claims for bbs detectors. Does Minelab count harmonics for the 17 and 28 frequency detectors (bbs and fbs)??! Thanks again, everybody!
  10. Digger Bob hit a dime at 20" with a white's tdi and at 18'' with a garret infinium pi. Has he tried the white's spectra v3 or the minelab safari for gold prospecting? Since the safari runs up to 100Khz, couldn't you put on a small DD coil and get small gold? If the new goldbugpro handles hot ground with a small 5''DD coil, can't other VLF's do the same thing? In lost treasure magazine, Andy Sabisch found the safari handled "wet salt-laden sand with ease." It found targets to 8" deep. The only question seems to be whether it can find small enough gold?
  11. Is the Minelab Safari better for gold nuggets than single frequency vlf's, like the MXT or the X-Terra 70? Does it handle hot ground better than single frequency dewitectors? As well as a PI? Will the Safari find small gold? HOw small? It WILL find gold nuggets. Did they speed up the sweep speed enough from the Quatro? Will the Safari go deeper than other Vlf's? As deep as a PI, with same size coils? HOw does the Safari compare to White's Spectra V3, another multi-frequency detector?
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