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    Dredging,detecting,scuba diving,kayaking,history,getn'n'trouble

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  1. I heard you was already old as dirt?? Hope you had a great time-John
  2. Leaverite as in leave it right where you found it.John Use a knife to id-it it cracks,crumbles or gores crunch usually not gold as it is soft as a general rule .
  3. Mr. No Shoulders are a nasty breed to be sure of any ilk. Bless snake shot shells as kept me from being bitten more than once, that and being a fast draw in a unmobile position. Take care out there-John
  4. Don't matter no more as wind blows electricity shut off-rains hard off she goes and by god 4 days for the last snowfall. Kalif home to limited electrification ....and ignorance-John
  5. WOW where do you get change like that anymore. Some lil'ol' knucklehead inta his Poppas collection I'll bet- John
  6. I'll have a bowl please but hold the milk please, nice chunks for sure-John
  7. Ifn' a tree falls way out in the forest does anyone hear it?John
  8. I detected that park back in the early 80s and fishing wasn't all that bad back then either. Worked right down at road at Hamilton for years. John
  9. I sat on the last one of the CENSORED nasty critters I saw. NO FUN in a bathtub of ice and tequila for pain-John
  10. My gold lives in dark cold safe deposit boxes and that gold would be nice and safe with them also. Nice nuggets-John
  11. dirty dogs-pray they get caught-my deepest condolences as have been there before myself also-John
  12. Only 24 hours in a days and your but 1 good man-always the best to you and yours-John
  13. those who are perfect.....do nothing....John
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