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  1. Hoser John

    Took a Fall

    My worst nightmare, Neighbor fell on his stairs a month ago,3rd op friday with more pins,plates etc as leg is 100% severed mess. YUCK-John
  2. Hoser John

    Sharing Finds

    2 kilos amazing-tons a au 2 u 2-John
  3. Hoser John

    Collecting Insects on Claims

    I had billions of ladybug colonies but with 0 forest not burned will be interesting to see what happens next spring???John
  4. Hoser John

    Tick Diseases Getting Worse

    wonderful-just wonderful. They better like burned forest as toast is all we have left here-John
  5. I use the lemon/eucalyptis oil spray-forgot the name but rated #1 by consumers-no DEET for this old man and no problems as organics work fine.John
  6. Hoser John

    Full time prospecting?

    No fires no where in california right now as they are enforcing all fines/penalities and jail time too. Whole state is trying to burn this year. John
  7. Hoser John

    Mineshaft Rescue

    You never can be too safe down a shaft. Almost died once myself in 6 mile canyon nevada. Praying the rope will hold is a horrible feeling and finally getting out was the best feeling of my life-Never been down a vertical shaft since.John
  8. Hoser John

    Lay Offs at Tesoro in Prescott!!!!!

    Rusty rocked, most helpful person ever-sad news for a once great company. John
  9. Hoser John

    Gilaoro ???

    Great folks for sure-John
  10. Color,layout and configuration. I had one for years but after 8' hole to find a old wire wheel kinda just sold as that killed the shine. John
  11. Hoser John

    Sharing Finds

    PYROS have burned shasta,trinity and many other calif counties to death this year. Sic animals-John
  12. Isn't that a old school fisher gemini 2? John
  13. Hoser John

    Sluicing Question for CA

    Saw ticket for sluicebox for stream degeradation and introduction of a foreign material. Some FW are just insane here in French Gulch a few months back-now under fire/burning. Ask a dumb question first is my only take as some enforcement can't read. John
  14. Hoser John


    sounds like heaven to me as we choke along-John