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  1. dirty dogs-pray they get caught-my deepest condolences as have been there before myself also-John
  2. Only 24 hours in a days and your but 1 good man-always the best to you and yours-John
  3. those who are perfect.....do nothing....John
  4. Nice to hear from ya again-geat luck to ya and respect in Serbia-John
  5. 3x looking for #4,a rich widow now with a nice house/rv/and boat on a private lake. Married for guilt,lust and love ----none worked. Back to on topic as skull is just cool as can be-John
  6. Sure beats me for sure. Love them nuggets-John
  7. Sorry I missed the day but best sentiments just the same-lots of luck and hope you have a great year-John
  8. My worst nightmare, Neighbor fell on his stairs a month ago,3rd op friday with more pins,plates etc as leg is 100% severed mess. YUCK-John
  9. 2 kilos amazing-tons a au 2 u 2-John
  10. I had billions of ladybug colonies but with 0 forest not burned will be interesting to see what happens next spring???John
  11. wonderful-just wonderful. They better like burned forest as toast is all we have left here-John
  12. I use the lemon/eucalyptis oil spray-forgot the name but rated #1 by consumers-no DEET for this old man and no problems as organics work fine.John
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