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  1. Thanks for responding everyone. Sorry for not getting back sooner but had a little accident at the Tucson Airport, after going thru security I didn't realize I had not zipped my laptop case all-the-way. When I bent over to pick up my shoes out of the little bin my laptop slid out and hit the floor on its top right corner. It would not power on again for the rest of my trip. When I got it home and dug into it I found a scrunched battery connector. After getting a replacement and soldering it in it finally powered up. BUT....it looked like the hard drive was mechanically damaged. Oh well, time
  2. I have been checking out flint knapping videos on youtube and some videos mention dacite is knappable. So I googled dacite in Arizona and came up with these clifts I guess it's by Gold Canyon as Dave mentioned. I'm wondering if this is a Native American cultural site or can I collect some of this rock to try knapping it? Google maps show a road and parking by the site but also some buildings, see the following location on google earth: 33deg23min43.10sec N 111deg21min11.24sec W I might just have to ride up there (85 miles) as soon as it cools down a bit!!!!
  3. Does anyone know about this area off of RT60 outside Apache Junction? Is collecting allowed? Thanks -bill
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