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  1. While there are a few things I don't like in this state, I still enjoy the experience. Living full time in a diesel motorhome, which doesn't need to be smog tested, has it's challenges and challenges the logic of smog tests, but I'll take what I can get. This has been the best year we have had in RE, yet the motorhome is a sign of the times we have seen in RE. It took me 2 years to get my car registered in this state, because it was a special construction I had to be at the DMV the first day of the year to get one of 500 slots for the year. Something no other state does, yet I found Iowa's requirement to have a bumper on it equally frustrating. There are many experiences I have had here and people I've met that have enriched my life. There was a head on accident I could of done without. I think I am ready for Nevada's experiences now.
  2. Ditto, The most controversial part of my past was made up of very religious and very nerve wracking anti-religious work with victims. I'd rather not see it around, nor would I care to comment on the experiences I saw or heard about.
  3. "I have no status"

  4. Was just looking over the Searchlight area wondering the same thing on the way to Tipton. We are looking to relocate and after looking in the Henderson/Boulder area, thinking we need to look into the Pahrump area. We are needing horse acres and would consider a horse community with a central arena area. Three reasons for looking at southern Nevada for us, looking to start a few LLC's, liking the camping/prospecting possiblities of the tri-state area, and we want to be someplace to center our travels from.
  5. You are one step ahead of me, since at this point, I'm just thinking about. good luck I see Iphone has a metal detector app now.
  6. I have wondered about the Tdi also. Will it work with the blanket coil from SSP?
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