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  1. I know moderation can be a problem on chats because they are real time. As I am a moderator on a chat which involves many that have psychological problems (dealing with child abuse & DID/MPD/trauma), I get around that by mostly banning or some deleting. Hopefully a site like this wouldn't have the degree of mental problems. To have options that are not ever used is like not having that method of correction. Until they know there are repercussions to actions I don't believe behavior modification is possible. One thing good about chats is that they build stronger communities when everybody is on the same goal. Another is they auto delete over a period of time. P.S. Was just talking with the mrs's this morning about our arguements and how the make our relationship real as long as there is full acceptance between us. I would expect any strong relationship to have arguements. Just my opinions.
  2. two wheel drive, licenseable, 65mph top speed, My link
  3. or a chatango.com window on the first page for real time communication http://chatango.com/My link
  4. Just a simple question for you all. Is this nugget shooting your hobby or your work? If it was your work, what would you do to make it profitable? If it isn't your work, why not?
  5. Nice to see we can talk cars here too. Here is another show and tell but I sold it to a guy that was replacing his track vette. I'm hoping once I get moved to start shooting around NV. Hopefully I will be able to visit AZ and CA some. Caterham Ultralight http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2684/0/62/1301752565/n1301752565_30080924_1975117.jpg
  6. All mine and appraised at $36k. Got a new frame, 350 chevy, 700r4 tranny, high speed Ford rear and leather interior. Bench seat still bounces like rabbit. Back seat is fairly bouncy also. lol I'll sell it someday. I always do.
  7. Can we have a place for old members to say hello? That in itself would welcome new members more by knowing who they are yacking with. I feel so exposed telling everybody what color undershorts I wear and not knowing anybody else.
  8. Twitter got sort of messed up with SQL this weekend, but it looks like it is sorted out now.
  9. looks like your fillings should be loose. I got a FJ, but it really isn't tested yet if you know what I mean.Here is a pick for show and tell, 1936 Ford
  10. Oh come on, tell us something we don't know.
  11. Since nobody ever tells very much in this intros, I will follow the norm. I was born at a young age to parents in the land of Iowa back in 1952. That is were it began. After the Navy and Army I moved around with my work which after I left my work I moved around some more looking for work. Having decided work was to much work, I started to move around more for the fun of it. I have only used a detector once. I worked at a camp in southern Iowa that newspapers from 100 yrs ago reported had a Spanish fort overlooking the river. Old burial chamber and stories about the place, so I thought I could find something, but I didn't. The place still amazed me that the Spanish was up that far before the English ever settled Jamestown, VA. After bouncing around the midwest doing most "anything" from electronics to sheetrock, I moved from a cabin on the MissRiverIA to MontereyCA and now work in real estate. Now I just hang around message boards telling stories, wishing to move to Nevada(Pahrump?), and thinking about walking around with a coil on a stick, (unless I can ride around) Oh, I did have a head on collision in a car last year, but enough personal stuff.
  12. Eh? Who are you? Ok, my favorite color is green, what is yours?
  13. If you connect with the "Nye County Gold Seekers" club, you might be able to find out more. I just found their site on the web myself.
  14. I will likely laugh within 24 hours. Just a warning. :-)
  15. This is only something I have researched after seeing it on another board. After doing so, I found there to be different accounts than the one stated and with all accounts they contain various grades of validity. Now I am not wanting wanting to present one view as fact and another fiction, but as others that are interested in this subject, as much as I am at least, it is an interesting study with much written on the topic. There are some books that are published on this very topic. http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/signers/ http://www.snopes.com/history/american/pricepaid.asp http://www.erumors.net/rumors/p/patriots.htm http://www.newjerseynewsroom.com/style/the-only-signer-of-the-declaration-of-independence-who-recanted-was-from-new-jersey Many things about this document are worthy of research.
  16. Makes sense to me. Now what about religious posts?
  17. So picturesque, you can almost feel the headless horseman remove your unneeded body parts.
  18. A motorhome on BLM land is much cheaper than a sailboat and a lot closer to the lode. IJS
  19. Just a FYI: The google adword -pay per click- for mesothelioma was $70 to $80 at one time. I suspect it is still high with personal injury lawyers paying for the ads. I suppose around San Diego and Bethlehem being the most common. Internet marketers making money for little work with hundreds of sites.
  20. I'd be happy to have something else as a state rock. Serpentine gets to be a real bad word here when property reports in real estate show it at a home site or construction site. Complicates any future construction. Then the "popcorn" ceilings and the old Army bases that are closed partially due to the buildings having asbestos is another problem.
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