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  1. I keep coming back to this story, as well as others. I use to be around a lot of therapeutic cult deprogramming and other abuse related stuff. Now days I'm only a researcher and a moderator in a forum on the topic. It is so very common for officials to be involved in this stuff also. Thanks for a public posting of your take on this one.
  2. Not sure if this fits here, but "The greasiest wheel is the least likely to squeek." If this doesn't make any sense, see my post referring to the best chardonnay.
  3. new is ancient and ancient is new. I all know is guess work can be fun when it envolves government grants. So, back then California was in the USSR, right? Note: J Lohr makes some of the best Chardonnay. Smooth creamy melolactic fermentation. I believe from Paso Robles.
  4. Jobs that handle money in unprotected areas around unscrupulous people are a ticket for disaster. Some jobs aren't worth it. Glad you didn't get the job.
  5. Intro gone? Well, some say we are a secretive bunch, at least until they buy into the idea. Sure, more detector forums, and pictures. Yeah pictures.
  6. Ok, I've got a fresh mind this morning. Is there anything that you could say about living in Pahrump that would inform someone possibly looking to live there? Arial maps make it look like there are many developments that have stalled out.
  7. I would say something but I am way beyond coherent thought in regards to Pahs rump.
  8. welcome to this community, I'm just here for the information which I hope to use someday, so when it comes to rocks I'm uninformed. but if it is about cars, guns, and music I'm all ears. Like your area.
  9. Reminds me I need to get up that way to the Top Of The Line Farms. For fall colors, I always think of the Mississippi River around Iowa to Wisconsin. My mind goes back to a houseboat watching barges come and go.
  10. correct, just as long as they work off the same voltage and have the right polarity.
  11. Interesting how it looks like it "grew" that way. From the top or the bottom.
  12. Go away, I already have a vacume cleaner

  13. I appreciate you all's encouragement. I'll just leave a little bit in my "about me" I am sure my stuff doesn't fit here, yet it was my experience(one that wakes me up from time to time) It is "like" if you had talked to and knew a victim of David Parker Ray and got much of the inside story from a witness. Hard to talk about stuff, which really brings a party down. Capt
  14. Don't think I'm good enough of a writer to express my experiences in a way that would be accepted around here as general entertainment. I seem to have a lot, just don't think the stories are something anybody would really want to hear.
  15. Seems all humans need a PR dept to manage what is said. but what the hay, I've got something for the 2 legged varmits. oops!! lol
  16. Good you didn't get a flat, a boot, or something more morbid.
  17. And a Federal judge throws out the court case to return Geronimo's bones. ???????
  18. Looks like a vaquaro spur. Most are pretty wicked.
  19. My link Where Dams Once Stood, Prospectors Spur Anger By FELICITY BARRINGER Published: September 3, 2010 Share CloseLinkedinDiggMixxMySpaceYahoo! BuzzPermalink GOLD HILL, Ore. — When four dams on the Rogue River here were scheduled for removal, environmentalists predicted many benefits: more salmon and steelhead swimming upriver to spawn; more gravel carried downriver to replenish the riverbed; more rafters bobbing along 57 miles of newly opened water. Leah Nash for The New York Times With the removal of the Gold Ray Dam on the Rogue River in Oregon, salmon and steelhead will have better acce
  20. thinkin stinkin tinkers are good. I are one myself. On the way to a better mouse trap we landed on the moon.
  21. No not at all, yet there are many reasons for gold prices to be where they are at. Rather than the easy way, I would choose to think of it as the most effective way, otherwise there wouldn't be companies in the business and yet some of their tailings are reported to be of benefit to sort through. So I'm thinking of the various methods and what are the most productive with consideration to time and money spent. I like to ask questions that might challenge conventional wisdom, while learning about methods and monetary risk.
  22. That's a topic in itself. Not that I really care so much globally, but there is a lot of meaning, since the US dollar isn't tied to the yellow metal anymore.
  23. I could see how full timed RVing, if roughing it part time, workamping, and prospecting could generate enough to keep a family going, with other streams of income coming in. I find it interesting with the price of gold what it is now that it isn't more than a possiblity to make a living. I guess at one time to make it profitable companies turned to hydraulics to wash away rock layers, increasing the area that was worked at one time. Are there ways to simplify working the hill that are less time consuming that pick and shovel methods? Separation seems to be the hold back in working dirt. Or ma
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