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    Horses, Relocating in the Las Vegas area, Investing, Music looping, and some other stuff.

About Me

Past Navy and Army service. Spent my time in communications(I remember meeting John Walker and Jerry Whitworth) and small arms repair(rifle team).

Worked anything from electronics to sheetrock. Schooled in electronics, programming, and even been around some cult,government,medical deprogramming.

Spent time some time in Chile and some of the riots in Santiago against Pinochet.

Real estate takes most my time right now. Looking to relocate in the southern Nevada area to have access to AZ, CA, and NV. Looking for horse property. Not a prospector at this time, but a future interest in it.

I've got a past, but the more time away from it, the less I talk about it.

"Take care, beware of thoughts that linger"

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