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  1. Adam,Years ago we could stop and dig small amounts of common opal in a road cut by Ocotillo. I bet you have driven by it many times. I recently stopped and could not even tell which vein it came from. Ed
  2. Chris, On the San Diego craiglist there are two gold bug detectors. Both are asking 400.00. Is the gold bug and the GB2 the same? From the picture they look the same. Ed
  3. Regular use of fish fertilzer works great. Good for the plants, good for the soil. Once it builds up in the soil the gophers will not dig. Blasting them out of the ground looks like way more fun. Ed
  4. Looks like you had a great outing. We just spent several days in the No Cal. Beautiful country but the desert sure looks inviting. Hope you guys make it to gold basin, hope we do to. Ed
  5. I agree with Ron, I gave up on it last season. Tried to watch it just to see what they found but the acting was hard to take. We are obviously not the target audience. Ed
  6. I have a friend who spent years mining in Mexico. He worked both for large mining cos. and on his own. Mostly placer gold and large areas of untouched land to mine. He definately has stories and is a wealth of information on all aspects of mining. Sure would be interesting to go but not in these times. Ed
  7. Tom, thank you for the pictures. As usual you make me jealous and envious but I sure enjoy looking at others success. Good luck and happy hunting, Ed
  8. Adam, I do not know but thank you for posting the question. I was recently wondering about her. I bet she joined a club and is buisy prospecting. Ed
  9. Yes, good luck and enjoy the peace and quiet. We just came back. The heat made it uncomfortable to drywash and detect. Got to enjoy the desert all to our selves and find a little gold. Now back to the reality of sounds of traffic and sirens. Ed
  10. Tom, that was great! I am still laughing. My understanding of austrailian is better than I thought. I think he even said something about buying petrol. Thank you, Ed
  11. Happy Birthday! Claudia's was yesterday and mine is soon. We do not look forward to them anymore either. Hope you have a great day and get to do something fun. Ed
  12. I recently decided to learn to fly rc helicopters. Do not want to admit how much has been invested to date but it is fun learning. All hobbies get real expensive real fast. Ed
  13. Wife and I will be there. What can we bring to add to the food cart? Ed
  14. Has anyone tried this??? I saw that same thing several months ago and tore open an old lantern battery I had and that was not what I found. Ed
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