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  1. I agree that it does not work for everyone. I am one who it does not work for so it is hard to believe. I did an experiment locating a known waterline with two other people. I laid out a course to go over a water line known to me only. With two of us it did not work but with the third person, my aunt, it worked every time she crossed the water line. On another occasion a friend had a well driller drilling dry holes on his ranch. The pro missed twice. Another friend offered to douse a site for him. The friend doused three spots, one of which was only about 50' from one of the dry holes. All t
  2. Adam,Years ago we could stop and dig small amounts of common opal in a road cut by Ocotillo. I bet you have driven by it many times. I recently stopped and could not even tell which vein it came from. Ed
  3. Sawmill, many of our club members use small electric or gas jackhammers to do the same job as with a pick. They are not busting rocks just breaking up the same material we use picks on. Some of them also use small rotortillers to further break up hard clay or caliche. I have not been able to find the rules for casual mining or prospecting. If this is in violation of a law or regs. we need to know. Thank you, Ed
  4. Karl, The Meadview RV park has "cozy cabins" available. They are very cozy but have a small fridge and microwave. Ed
  5. Chris, On the San Diego craiglist there are two gold bug detectors. Both are asking 400.00. Is the gold bug and the GB2 the same? From the picture they look the same. Ed
  6. Regular use of fish fertilzer works great. Good for the plants, good for the soil. Once it builds up in the soil the gophers will not dig. Blasting them out of the ground looks like way more fun. Ed
  7. I did forget to mention the meteor sightings. I saw more on friday night than I have ever seen. Mitchel, thank you for your help also. When experiance is shared it is very helpful to us newbies. Ed
  8. We came home yesterday because of the weather report. Had a great time and had great company. Had the pleasure of meeting Twink, Don, Willie,Jim & Wendy and see Mitchel with his goose egg, wow. Sorry to have missed Dolan Dave. Twink was very helpful and proved that there are still good finds to be made. Jim & Wendy were also very helpful and knowledgable about Franconia. We got skunked so we will be going back again so, Mitchel, Franconia would be good for us for a future outing. Thank you to all for a wonderful outing. Ed and Claudia
  9. Rarity, First of all, calm down. I laughed at your excitement because I get the same feeling when hearing about an event close to me. I just read an article that gave possible locations to search. If you have not seen it yet it may help you. Good luck, Ed WWW.azstarnet.com
  10. Adam is right on. I recently put new cloth on one of my drywashers. I asked the local "experts" went to the yardage shop, bought two good looking yards of different material and went to work. Both samples leaked lots of fine dust into the box. Despite further recommendations from the "experts" I went on ebay and ordered the "secret " cloth. Kind of pricey but I am happy to say it works great and for some reason does not allow that fine dust to filter through. There are several plans for drywashers on line. Steve Radding sells plans or a book on building mining equip. I recently saw one of h
  11. We are not going to make gold basin so we will hopefully make this one. Ed
  12. Actually, all you need to watch is the last 15 min. That is when they show the gold if they found any and you avoid all the "yuck". Ed
  13. I agree, it is actually watchable! I hope they dont start over dramatizing for ratings. Ed
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