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    Prospecting, dirt roads, sunsets and sunrises. And looking after Shep .....

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  1. You bet Tom. I'd love to have your company and guidance. Patrick
  2. The weather is heating up, so I'm looking for some new detecting and sluicing areas where it's cooler. Arizona, Nevada, Utah, or New Mexico. Many Thanks, Patrick.
  3. Beautiful gold Luke. Reflects your hard work.
  4. I didn't know they were still in existence.
  5. Johnny Eagle is out of ICU. Moving to recovery room tomorrow. Jane thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Will update as I receive news.
  6. Johnny Eagle is just too weak for surgery, so he will remain in a neck brace for life. So very sad for such a wonderful man. .
  7. Does it have water year round? Any other spots I could use my 25 year old sluice box that has never been wet?
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