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  1. Patrick in Havasu

    LSD Outing Completed

    Hello everyone . I got home safely and am feeling much better. Leg is still stiff and sore, but circulation seems Ok now . Thank you for all the well wishes. Patrick
  2. Patrick in Havasu

    LSD Outing Completed

    I apologize for forgetting to leave the cake.
  3. Patrick in Havasu

    Happy Birthday fishing8046

    Let me add my best wishes
  4. Patrick in Havasu


    Will it "out rugged " my Suburban?
  5. Patrick in Havasu


    I'll be using Mine Cache. Hopefully that will keep me out of trouble.
  6. Patrick in Havasu


    Thanks everyone. I appreciate it. Patrick
  7. Patrick in Havasu


    Then I may, or may not hunt for them.
  8. Patrick in Havasu


    OUCH.......I'm a cholla magnet. Thanks Slim
  9. Patrick in Havasu


    I'm thinking of running down to Salome for a few days. It appears there are many old, and current claims in the area? Any suggestions for camping areas? Patrick
  10. Patrick in Havasu

    It's Official............

    I just received my instructions from Shep: "Be at the "Village" near Quartzsite on Thursday, the first of Nov." We will stay there until the next Wednesday, and then head for Bills outing at LSD. Come by and see us if you feel like it. If you need directions, just holler. Patrick
  11. Patrick in Havasu


    Thanks Dave. I didn't think to do that.
  12. Patrick in Havasu


    I've used Buck's pick with the long handle for years, and have loved it. At my age the long handle is just the right length to use it as a walking stick/cane. But every year, it all gets tougher on me, so I have used nothing but the Gold Monster lately. I asked him if he could make me one of his smaller pick heads utilizing the long handle of the larger pick, and he came through perfectly. It's still the perfect length for a walking stick, and can still beat the hell out of stuff without the "weight"! Thank you Bunk. You have added a lot of hunting time to this old body.......... Patrick (Couldn't figure out how to show photo's. New camera)
  13. Patrick in Havasu

    New Plans

    Well now I have "Newer" plans. It seems I need ANOTHER new transmission. This will delay me until next Monday, or Tuesday, or ?? Shep should be there tomorrow. Meadview RV Park is at 28100 Pearce Ferry Rd. Just past it is a dirt road on the left with a small "GSSN" sign. Turn left and go up hill till you find someone in the group parked off to the side of the road. Nice view from there. I'll get there a soon as I can.
  14. Patrick in Havasu

    Working on the YOTO

    Old and Wise One. He wouldn't be welcome in any camp if he left you home Patrick
  15. Patrick in Havasu

    Prospecting Rig Help

    Jeff, ParadiseAu, has/had one . Hope this helps.