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  1. Mike, Tom, Fred, Mitchel, Etc, I wasn't totally clear in my post...I slept inside my Subaru Forester, which is large enough to be comfortable, and I normally don't have a temperature problem...BUT I forgot about the nights being so cold this time of year (stupid, I know), and totally forgot to take my sleeping bags. DUH! Getting old, really old, sucks! I have a 4 inch foam mattress which is super comfortable, and I do have a small propane stove for coffee and pan broiling meat, just forgot the sleeping bags. And I use a wool watch cap for my head. Now if I just had a brain in my head... Karl
  2. Went to GB Friday and planned to stay til today. However...when I woke up early Saturday and saw by my thermometer that it was 51 degrees, and my teeth were literally chattering, I said "not another night of this". I sleep in my SUV, which normally is fine, but not at 51 degrees. Ran my car heater for early breakfast, but you can't run it at night...or kiss your butt goodby. Need a trailer, but that's not gonna happen.
  3. Mitchel...as long as I can stay healthy and active, I'll be hunting space rocks. Stumbling across a 4 1/2 billion year-old rock, holding it in my hand, is one of the big thrills of my long life. You'd have to be brain-dead to not get excited over that. Karl
  4. I know Mike, and have met him several times on group hunts, and like him. As a somewhat new hunter, I had a number of questions about hunts and meteorites which Mike was happy to answer and spend a little time with me. He's a really good guy and I hope we are on many hunts together in the future.
  5. I've been wanting to go to GB for some time, but discouraged because of temperatures in high 90's and low 100's. I'm now targeting the week of August 25, assuming everything falls into place. I'll camp out of my SUV for 2 or 3 nights. Would like some company if anyone's interested. We can coordinate later. Karl
  6. I'll be going back to GB in the future, but not alone, as I recently did. First, boring, second probably not safe.
  7. I live in a desert area, Palm Springs, so high 90's was balmy for me.
  8. Spent today and yesterday at GB. Was determined to make a find...but not to happen. Weather was great, high 90's, with a 10-15 mile breeze. Perfect. I'll be back!!
  9. Just got back from a couple of days at GB with Saginaw. He got his dowsing rods out to show me how they work, and I'll admit it boggled my mind. He talked to them and I swear they could hear. Amazing. We had our trip cut way short because of the wind, especially gusts so strong they'd almost knock you off your feet. Have to find some reliable way to get a wind forecast for there. Meadview and Willow Beach forecasts gave no indication. Very long drive for naught.
  10. Mike...is this the "slide" area where you and I. And some others met several years ago? Karl
  11. Fred, You gave me this same excellent advice a few years ago, and since then I've made several finds, which I had not been doing previously. Thanks very much for that. Hope we can hunt together again soon. Karl
  12. Like Mike, I too would love it if your find turned out to be from a strewn field in southern CA. Please give us more info. Thanks. Karl
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