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  1. Terry Scott

    Minelab GPZ 7000 for sale $5,800 O.B.O.

    Sure thanks
  2. Terry Scott

    Minelab GPZ 7000 for sale $5,800 O.B.O.

    Price reduced now 5800.
  3. Selling a Minelab GPZ 7000, used but not abused. Works perfectly, comes with original box, harness , headphones, doc’s cover etc. Also includes a hard shell carrying case. 6,200...EDIT..., price reduced to $5,800 OBO cash only. Can deliver within couple hours of Vegas. 702-250-0257
  4. Jayray awesome job, you always kill it, sounds like a fun hunt, congrats!! You make me want to get out and find something!!
  5. Terry Scott

    Between my boot tip and coil!

    Nice job Sonny!! Looks like your on the gold.
  6. Terry Scott

    5.70 g Nugget

    Nice job Sonny, your on the gold!!
  7. Terry Scott

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Really? Why post this nonsense, nobody cares .
  8. Terry Scott

    Storm Gold...

    Nice job on the photos! Way to go!
  9. Terry Scott

    Gotta love those bees!

    Nice job Sonny!
  10. Terry Scott

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    With the onset of triple digit heat here in Las Vegas, I was a little skeptical when my hunting buddy Sonny Clary called and invited me on a prospecting trip. Sonny had researched a new area that looked promising for both meteorites and gold. I’m always up for exploring the Nevada desert and Sonny’s instinct is usually spot on, so off we went. Upon arrival at the hunting area I saw some signs of dry washing and started metal detecting some small tailing piles. After a short time I got a nice solid signal at the base of a small pile of discarded dirt. I scraped off the first couple inches of dirt and immediately saw a yellow gleam in the hole. I knew immediately it was going to be good and started video recording. I picked up the nugget and knew it was the largest I’ve ever found. (52.7 grams). The heat cut our hunt short, so the long wait until cooler weather begins!
  11. Terry Scott

    Lorian swamp basin.

    Mike, you've been so patient, kudo's to you , in spite of repeated explanations they are convinced it's the real thing, how delusional. I wish it was that easy we would all be picking up meteorites all over the place.
  12. Terry Scott

    Strewnfield question

    If don't know if Marc Fries or Rob Matson are members here but they are the masters of strewn field dynamics. The computations involved are way above my understanding . They factor in many different aspects like angles, acoustics, altitude, speed of entry, eye witness accounts, video and still images, Doppler radar, dark flight, etc.