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  1. What is the source of the meteor story? Did you speak with someone at the state geology office, or a college geology dept. ? Just a thought, but if the metallic flakes are metal, they should conduct electricity. If there are any flakes with enough surface area for 2 probes not in contact with each other, test for conductivity with a meter. Although magnetite is magnetic, I don't think it is conductive.
  2. The big crystal sure looks like milky quartz stained with iron oxides. That is very definitely a gold indicator. If there's a lot more where that came from, I'd get the metal detector out & check the area. Gold is commonly found along with quartz, and often with pyrite or other sulfides. Near the surface these alter, the quartz is corroded (crumbly, 'rotten'). But native gold is not affected, so it eventually falls out of its qtz host and gets washed away. Can then be traced back to it's source. Hope I'm not repeating what everybody already knows. See Bohmker's book on pocket gold
  3. I ditto BedrockBob. What color are the spots that are catching the light in these views? Micas would be thin plates that you could peel off with a fingernail or point of a small knife. Black mica is biotite. Native copper is soft (look this up and find softest object that can scratch it) and malleable (can be pounded thin), also can be bent. Are there really silvery deposits? Could be an optical illusion. Was this found in an area with a lot of granite? ..or pegmatite (same minerals as granite plus others, all in larger size than most granites)? Pegmatites are neat areas to find cryst
  4. What exactly is the "diamond tester"? A piece of corundum (Moh's hardness 9) should NOT be able to scratch your rock if it's diamond. Try to scratch the white(esp. grayish white) areas & the pink areas separately. I'm thinking it looks an awful lot like pink granite (or a relative), where pink = K-spar (eg. orthoclase) & grayish white = quartz. In what kind of overall geology was the creek found?
  5. I've been trying to find plans & schematics for nugget shooting (PI) detectors, but having no luck. Anyone know where these might be found?
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