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  1. Found this right in the middle of a gold camp. Picked it up with the Deus while relic hunting Cool little heart specimen weighing in at 1.9 grams
  2. Yeah I can relate and I know people will assume a lot of things. No problem I assume as well, but I assume that if someone else sees me in my very visible spots, they will hunt my spots!! I would rather someone see my flashlight than a detector in my hand! it's not like we are hiding with video lights and all. ;)
  3. My buddy found this is a gold rush site. He walked up with it and when I flipped it over I saw the metal that was on the back. Like it was a cuff-link or a tie tack or some other jewelry item. Anyone have any thoughts on what it might have been used for? I know it is a long shot but just has my curiosity going! Regardless, it is a awesome nugget!! Here is a link to the video if anyone is interested in seeing a cool relic hunt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t6uMo7BhkU
  4. Not sure I get what you mean?? Are you implying we don't find what is posted? Just clarifying so I understand and I'm not misinterpreting your reply.
  5. Got these before Christmas and just never got them posted. Hope a flashback post is allowed! This was a nice night 6.6 dwt, 2.2 dwt & 14 grns 2nd pic is the 6.6 dwt
  6. Relichunter2 -- very cool piece!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Sweet gold!! Congrats on a great hunt!
  8. This one recently popped out and I quickly noticed the odd striations (leaf pattern) on the one side (18 grains) I am assuming this is simply the "mold" of the host rock that it was in. Thought it looked like a leaf of some sort. Sorry camera doesn't take the best super macro shots.
  9. Bob-- i think it is just bad lighting on the first pic!! LOL
  10. Thought the top one kind of resembled a bear!! Maybe I am just seeing things!! 2nd pic is a nice one : 8.3 dwt
  11. I see what you are talking about but think it is an illusion. And if it wasn't, each hole was scanned several times before and after so if by chance it was a coin, It is no longer there!! But I watched the video of the dig and my pin pointer would have hit it if it was a coin as I swing over that area during the dig. But great eye as it certainly does look like a coin hiding there!! Kind of like wheres Waldo? or in this case wheres Barber? LOL
  12. Yeah sometime you never know what is going to come out!!
  13. Sometimes a video is all you need. I know this video may seem long and many of you will not want to watch a 16 minute video. But this is one you WILL want to watch. (Sorry, it is not all gold nuggets but hopefully you will forgive me) You can move this topic if you like. No pictures yet as part of the fun is the excitement of each find. Watch in full screen for the full effect! Enjoy!! I know I sure did!!
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