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  1. Another nugget my buddy found and gifted to me. When he found it, we joked that it looked like a dog and then of course we called it a GOLDen Retriever nugget. Two days later he gives it to me in remembrance of my Goldie, Shannon, that we had to put down a couple months back. I really like this nugget so I made a nice frame for it!!
  2. My buddy Mark recently found this one. I labeled it the Dachshund Nugget for obvious reasons.
  3. The first time I ever went nugget hunting I found a small 12 grain nugget with a Lobo ST. I thought I was a nugget finding machine, so I went back the next day and after 6 hours and a ton of lead I switched spots. Lets just say that one little nugget was the key to me finding my best find ever. Thanks for looking Ron Swenson Ron (CA)
  4. Thanks! A few reasons actually and not for what most people think. I have a day job :( It's been above 100 degrees during the day. Too many landmarks in a daytime video. Gold hunters around here are pretty smart and can tell a location by landmarks in the background of a video Site can be seen from the freeway/highway/street/road/path/hiking trail, so I really don't want a detectorist to see us and end up at our site. Plus we like night hunting. I find I am more focused at night --with the occasional rattler to keep you on your toes!!
  5. Same general area but not the same patch area. Within a mile. Tough to top that. Part two has some more gold from that night and I got a nice one but after Mark's they all look small!!
  6. My Buddy Mark scores a huge nugget with a CTX !!
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