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    Do not believe all you hear on this forum. I have found several meteorites laying in washes. The specimems may have fallen off the edges or been thrown there by prospectors. But I still have found at least 3. Your specimen looks good but need better pics.


  2. I had a short in the old SD 2100 quick fix with a little solder. And out for a couple of hours here at home to test. This made my day. all three pickers and a Chinese coin. within 50 yards or less. Great Day
  3. It was from Eldorado county in northern California....Using an SD2100, ........And yea, I hear you on the better picks ill try to post again tommorow Thanks for the reply
  4. I found this in the creek, Its very heavy,It stuck to my magnet and it sang like a nugget.I have not had a hot rock give this kind of tone before. How do I Tell if this is a meteorite......Thanks for any help
  5. I found this it the creek....It sang like a nugget Its very heavy and it stuck to my magnet Anybody know how to I.D. a meteorite. Thanx
  6. The coin is dated 1845 ?...Its kinda funny that we have found a few small pieces lately, But the area from the river and any of the tributary drainages are so filled with junk (seems there was alot of ground sluicing) that you can go for days and weeks with nothing but nails and bullets and get a little discouraged and then find somthing like that..... like it had been lost there yesterday.....I just keep swinging and digging and every once in a while somthing pops up that takes my breath away....Just have to hope its not a rattle snake in this country.....thanx to you guys for all the input
  7. I found this on the s fork of the American River below our home. Down about 6"-8" inches in granite bed rock crack that ran parallel to river full of fine silt and clay.
  8. There's no mint mark the edges and back side are just as clean right off the press.
  9. look what the old man found. playing with the sd 2100 down the hill. A $5 dollar gold piece
  10. Hello all, I have A SD2100 and Im pretty new to detecting.........For some reason i had in my head that gold would give off a unique tone compared to The 10,000 sqaure nails and the 5000 bullets Ive dug....Found some gold and nothing special about the tone, So I was wondering if you guys felt that an Amp/Signal enhacer would be a worthy investment for the SD. Ive noticed that some times the tone on the gold Is very slight(for the most part) and mabye you guys would have some thoughts or advice...Thanx
  11. Hi I'm hangtown's Dad. I just dropped him and his brother at one of there spots. All that mining gear hanging off there packs Ill pick them up down stream in a couple of days. The good old days.
  12. I was reading this thread and it brought back memories of a dry washing trip to the randsburg ca with a friend with a old becks? dry washer lots of dust but that old machine worked great and we found gold. I recently bought a Becks dry washer at a yard sale for $80 bucks It looks like its hasn't been used much if at all. I might give it a try here in Kelsey plenty of bone dry ravines.
  13. Bought a sluice.......found crumbs........Bought a highbanker..... more crumbs.......Bought a used SD2100 for 40.00 at a yard sale..........And WOO-HOO.
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