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  1. Had fun at the Tombstone gem show, here are some things I picked up (got some sweet deals)
  2. Here are the interesting ones, this one rock has a bunch of weird green crevices in it, the other it just weird too...
  3. Sorry about being MIA, had an upper respiratory infection this week (horrible)... Anyways, being the adventurous gal I am, I decided to brave the mountains again not being 100% and feel like hell again, oh well. Anyways, here's some pictures of some of my finds....
  4. I can't remember the EXACT but I know the general area I was when I found it so I circled that area with orange.
  5. Thanks so much for the help guys! I plan on being a rock hound for the time I am out here, which is till October! I'm probally going to the mule mountains this weekend to look for Turquoise and/or small gold. Here are some more pictures and as I attempt to do tests, I will post the results. Tried a variety of lighting for the pictures.
  6. Hey guys! New to the forums and rock hounding in general, I just moved to Arizona and went hiking in the Pinaleno Mountains today (big mistake to do when it's 105 out, but I drank water like no tommorow), and I found a rock that caught my eye. It didn't set off my metal detector but it's very magnetic... attached is a photo if anyone can help me ID this, that'd be great
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