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  1. Hey Tom, long time no see. Glad you're still finding nuggies -- nice ones!
  2. "Castle Fire", Carefree Highway, Morristown https://forums.radioreference.com/arizona-incidents-breaking-news/352443-castle-fire-carefree-highway-morristown.html Circle City-Morristown FD has a brush fire, named the "Castle Fire", along Carefree Highway between mileposts 2 and 4. Carefree Highway is shut down between Grand Ave (US 60) and at least milepost 7 in both directions. Circle City-Morristown FD: 158.7525 Phoenix Regional FDC A-6: 154.310 BLM Phoenix: 172.525 AZ F&FM ch 1: 151.400 (Wickenburg FD may be on scene as well.) DPS Metro West: 460.300 ADOT A
  3. Update on the "Castle" fire: It appears to be contained. It is 12 acres so far. Chrisski, you'll probably be okay.
  4. Hi all, Just watching the news -- a new wildfire looks like it's right at Morristown. Bill?? Jean
  5. Holy canoli! Forget Oroville, we're going to have floods of prospectors in central AZ! Nice job. Jean
  6. Shay, sorry I missed you. Nice rock finds -- I concur with Morlock about chrysocolla and galena. The middle one looks like jasper in the back and agatized something in the front. I'm happy your family got you back. Aren't those two big nuggies in that rock wall? Jean
  7. Is that a hobbit house? Nice beeps, Adam. I missed you at the outing. Jean
  8. Jen, thanks for posting this. I just watched it and will watch it again and again, as Mike suggests. It made me realize how little I know my detectors. The info from Bill and Kevin is precious, and Kevin's oral renditions of an improper and properly-tuned threshold are worth, well, more than bunches of words. Can't wait to get out again armed with this info. Jean
  9. Mitchel, where've you been my entire life?! I'm not under the impression that anyone here has a special patch that keeps giving ... it seems eveyone is constantly exploring new terrain and finding new patches. John, Relichunter, Bob, I hear what you are saying. Maybe I'll rejoin one of the clubs. I have belonged to both Roadrunner and GPAA. They are large clubs and mostly I met other newbies. Luke pm'd me with some useful tips, and the Toms have been very helpful, as you all have. I learn so much on these boards, and need more hours in the field. I'm not giving up! Jean
  10. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Nice to know that not everyone pops a nugget their first year, or two, or three ....
  11. Got out for a few precious hours today. Brought my GMT with the intention of focusing on the black sands tracking feature. Came home with buckets full of back sand, which panned out to a few measly specks of gold. Dug about 20 targets -- the usual, tiny bits of foil and shot. One day this thing will get over a nugget! Jean
  12. Hey Ron, Sorry to hear about your rib and 14 months of pain ... YOUCH! I hope you get healed and out again soon. You and others have contributed so much to this forum, that even if no one ever posted anything again, the wealth of information here is astounding, and I'm constantly re-reading the old threads. As much as I love to hear from Bill, he seems to be having fun with more than nuggets, so hats off to him, and I'm content to wait for him to chirp up again on the forum. Okay, I posted. Jean
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