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  1. Cool, Beau. very cool. I did some work with Country Coach on some of their more high-end machines in the early 2000's. Got to understand all the electronic whiz-bang I can't afford I just might have to see if you'll be at one of the Phoenix shows and come down to meet ya. I know I can't afford one and my wife doesn't see the tax shelter it can be (even though she is an accountant)
  2. Jim, just got back around to reading through this thread. I'm saddened to hear of your best friend passing on. It's an inevitable action we all will partake of at some point. I always tell folks to keep the good memories and times that make you smile and laugh close and to relive them when you can. Those are what will see us through. If I read right, her services were this past weekend and I'm sure that's still on your mind. As I'm certain is was an honest remembrance of the life you two built and enjoyed. It's uplifting to see you're getting after it. Gotta stay active in both body and mind.
  3. Thanks, Flak. When Frank and I go out, it's always some sort of adventure
  4. Frank, SGTFDA, and I get out in the fields together a good bit. I'd call what we do scouting more than prospecting. That's because you're expected to work at finding locatable minerals when prospecting, and rarely do we find any. This story is about one of those scouting trips. We were in the Bulldog Wash area northeast of Apache Junction, AZ, near Superstition Mountain. Frank had gotten the gate code and we were looking for somewhere closer to find some gold... or anything else we found interesting. By interesting, I don't know if what happened qualifies. We did find a desert tortoise i
  5. Merry Christmas

  6. placer is gold that is no longer in situ in the ore body. They can get pounded round and flat from movement and getting squished over time (we're talking a long time and considerable actions of gathering). Those that are not as rounded could have been out just as long, but may not have moved as much or found a food hiding place relatively quick and didn't get hammered on so much. placer is a type of deposition outside the ore body, not a type of gold. All the nuggets, flakes, and flour gold we're normally finding are placer. Unless those flakes and flour are the result of crushing ore and pann
  7. That's why you don't land. Two options- Locate w/GPS and figure a way in Get the chopper way low and drop gear and self out. Then either hike out or have chopper come back and do a hover-boarding (not like Back To The Future, though ) if'n you and the pilot have the stones. The drive to the top of Rich Hill is almost like a highway. A careful driver in a two wheel drive pickup could make it up. I have even seen a Subaru up there
  8. Are you calling me fat? LOL I certainly agree. I do have one with a pilot's license and his own, paid for, single engine plane. Costs about $100/hr to fly, though. I've talked to him about going up. I would video the whole thing and marry up to GPS later. Just don't have several hundred to spend on it.
  9. Yeah, there are also swaths, albeit small, of land on top of Rich Hill that are open. The program for that area shows those, too. Just be sure to have a marked up map and decent GPS in hand in case someone stops ya. Certainly worth the money for the possibility to get into areas you thought were all claimed up or private land. They do all the research and provide images of the official docs so you don't have to hunt them down. Awesome setup.
  10. The Footprints map CDs are a great tool.
  11. So, what are the chances they are going to come back after you, or invalidate/claim abandoned? We all know they'll gladly take the money and run, govt being the biggest scam artists around and all Serious question.
  12. Um, uh, ah, um, um, um... someone get him a script and membership in Toast Masters! Wow. I know his heart means well, but, uh um, that's uh, painful to watch
  13. Beepin around

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      Hey, Glen. Glad to have you as a friend, Your one or just a few . Thanks Gary

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      Samr to you, buddy! Hope the Holidays are good to you.

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