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  1. I've not been on much lately. Just sent Ant Man a request for address after the attempt debacle that was getting it to Brazil.
  2. Thanks. Agreed that it's frustrating as all get out, but it isn't a judgement against mining
  3. Dang, Shep. Here's to a quick and uneventful surgery followed by a shirt and full recovery. Just make sure they don't start putting animal parts in you. Unless they give you the ability sniff out gold :^)
  4. What of the later update about the parties having to appear for conversations toward compromise or whatnot (I can't recall the exact verbiage right now)?
  5. The guy on the left is Brad Jones of GPAA. He appears to be holding Will's two-pounder. Will's story is a very interesting one (well worth tye read) and the worlds of gold prospecting and carousel horse carving will never be the same. As I heard it, a neighbor all but took care of him and was left a good portion of Nugget Man's estate.
  6. Well, I git myself a nice little prize psckage from Australia the other day. I limed, commented, and shared a Coiltek post on Facebook. Lo and behold, I won! What'd I get? An 18x12 coil, control box cover, t-shirt, hat, and stubby holder (aka beer koozie)! Yer dang right I'm excited! Can't wait to get ta swingin that bad boy around and pimp my box with a new cover. Those Aussies sure are serious about keeping a drink cold. That koozie has twice the insulation of our US models! The shirt is one size too small, but I'll still wear it, as it will frame my gut that much more nicely And now I have a Coiltek hat without sweat rings to wear to those more formal occasions.
  7. Was out there and had a blast, as always. Was an epic week of racing this year. Just gets bigger and better every year. Congrats on getting back after it with such a bum luck bushwhacking. 5th out of 25 starters. For all of you, here's how tough this race is: 154 Ultra 4 cars started Friday's main race. 32 finished. That number is up from last year's 29 finishers. These are truly the toughest one day races in the world.
  8. Crap! It came back to me from trying to send to Don and I forgot about it. I still have it. I'll figure out where it was to go after Don and get it in the mail Monday or Tuesday.
  9. My thoughts on the Commiefornia exodus... why give up? What we really need is for a few million intelligent, rational, logical people to move IN to that state and take it back from all the kooks and wierdos. Then, they can all just suck it or move out to places they can live their hippy lives while we responsibly recreate, casually prospect, and build wealth from our toils.
  10. I have piles of stacks of stuff my wife calls junk, and then moves. I spend half my morning frustrated and trying to figure out where my stuff went that I had stacked in a pile to use today. SGTFDA, this is really what the "Laurel Effect" is. My wife moved my stuff and I can't find it. Me being male, I refuse to ask directions.
  11. It already has some good pinstriping on it. I normally tell folks to roll up their window because I can't be bothered with missing limbs on the trail :^) Plans: build a rack inside to better hold gear, selectable lockers front and rear, stronger axle shafts. The tires are 35x12.50 BFG Mud Terrain KM2, and are about as big as you want to go on that front axle.
  12. It's the annual new years at Stanton. You have to be GPAA and pay the fee, or be LDMA.
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