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  1. I never thought about the glass in the moisture I added the glass to it But the quality is superb and it's a great display for my stone.
  2. I really want to thank Eric Bowker of Erock Studios for the Beautiful display that he made for me. The Quality is top notch. Thanks again Eric your the bomb. If you need A display for your special stone I highly recommend him. Bryan
  3. Yep that's the way it works but it was good to be out there.
  4. Trip report Holbrook Arizona July 16th 17th and 18th. Well made another trip to Holbrook this year and spent three days getting some good exercise and a suntan. Spent the first day on the southside searching the The western end of the strewn field. Got pretty hot that day and called off my search at about 2 PM after needing to find some shade also met up with Jason on the southside who's good talking with him. On day two I searched the northside from the railroad crossing past the scrape area to the west. Had to bail a little earlier that day at 1 o'clock due to storm clouds and rain. On
  5. Well the way it looks it's just gonna be me the antelopes the cows and some space rocks. Wish I would've known the date you guys were going I scheduled this is vacation in January so I'm locked in If the roads washed out I'll probably have it fixed by the time you get there good luck and I'll try to save some for you. Bryan
  6. Heading out to Hollbrook on the 15th for some hunting. In the field on the 16th 17th and 18th hope to see some of you there. Bryan
  7. Very nice. I will be heading up there on the 15th of July for a three day hunt if anyone is interested in joining. Bryan
  8. Yes it did but not so thick that I could not ride over it. But there was mud flying everywhere just did not want to stop cuz it was filling up fast
  9. Wet day on a dry lake Decided to take a hunting trip had Wet day on a dry lake Decided to take a hunting trip had been watching the weather and this looked like a dry spell enough to hunt. Got to the dry lake on Saturday night weather was perfect warm clear the stars were just beaming. Got up Sunday morning loaded up the mule and headed out onto a beautiful Drylake the surface was perfect I road about 3 1/2 miles in the center of this very very large lake at that point I started my hunt. There had been some scattered clouds but nothing that looks threatening but just after I started my hu
  10. Thanks Mike I'm real happy with it. It was great meeting up with all you. The wife is interested in going next year.
  11. I wish I would have found more but I did walk away with a 3.8 g individual and she's a little beauty. And Ben Angie enjoyed meeting you very much. She even said she wanted to come back for next year's hunt. Bryan
  12. Mike give me a call on Friday night so we can hook up 951-294-0450
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