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  1. Wonder if it will leave any small particles for us to find?
  2. Great work, thanks for the updated map. Very helpful and informative. I agree that the folks who did the work need to be recognized. Too often they are unknown, unsung heroes. Are the green stars representing very large finds, or what?
  3. Deb, neither the Holbrook nor Franconia fields are completely picked over, but they do take hours of effort to find meteorites, just like anywhere else. Get a good magnet stick and keep a sharp eye and you can find them. In addition to the BLM maps already mentioned, I suggest you check out the Meteoritical Bulletin, the MetBul, here: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php , and do a search for meteorites in Arizona, there are many. The Metbul gives locations for each, in degrees of lat/long, that you can put into your GPS to make finding easier. Take these locations with a grain of salt,
  4. What tripe! Liberals using the liberal Democrat mandated sequestration as an excuse to close the forest and other "public lands" to the public who own it. Those people have no shame, nor moral integrity. They say "close the government" like it's a bad thing.
  5. When I was working I participated in a major case that culminated in multiple raids on various locations. At one location an ATF Agent seized a crossbow and bolts and arrested the resident at that house for being a felon in possession of a FIREARM. I really enjoyed listening to the AUSA explain the law to him.
  6. My favorite is a copy of the Marble's Woodcraft, made by Buck for Cabela's. Looks like this:
  7. I'm a wheelgun fan, often carry either a Ruger Single Six w/mag cylinder, or a GP100 3" in .357 mag. depending on where I am and what I'm doing. Sometimes I carry a Glock .40. Normally out in the boonies I have either a rifle or shotgun, but usually carry a handgun, too.
  8. Thanks, it's really pretty here. We enjoy living here, gets a little cold sometimes. We sure do miss Colorado, though.
  9. Hard to say from the photos. the 3rd, 6th and 7th photos look like there's quartz in it. If so, it's certainly not a 'rite. You'll need to take it to some one knowledgable and have it looked at in person to be sure.
  10. We love Las Vegas. Se stop there every trip from home to the Denver area to visit our kids, and back. Several really good restaurants there. Great hunting around there, too. great little town.
  11. Thanks for this, Uncle Ron, I'll send a note to our "elected representatives" also.
  12. Not meteorite, looks like RR slag. Sorry. Keep looking, though, they're out there.
  13. Beautiful pics of a very nice rare stone. Thanks for sharing them. Congratulations on having such a nice piece.
  14. Merry Christmas to all and to all a very good meteorite hunt.
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