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  1. Glad to hear it made it to you....Sorry I couldn't find the video.....Merry Christmas to you and your family..
  2. Send me a message with your address I'll look for the video and send it to you...
  3. I have a video for the xt 17000 around here somewhere and also a coil for the 17000 that doesnt hook up to my xt 18000 if you want the video let me know and I'll send it to you..If you want the coil make me an offer..I have no use for it...I believe it a 10" dd.
  4. All the pieces shown the clear and the blue with the red came from little joes opal mine outside of Gerlach nv.
  5. ...I used super macro on the camera that may be the problem,,
  6. Well my photobucket was messing up with the downloads..so posting to here...the opal is smaller than I remember,and didnt have good lighting inside or out but heres a try
  7. I had put this on quite a while back for ID...I still think it is a limb cast and possibly could hold some opal in it...The owner of the stone threw it in a tumbler with a bunch of misc. rocks and what he was left with was some mossy opalite, The tumbler and other rocks destroyed about 3/4s of the stone...so until I get some to cut and polish who knows what it may have turned out to be.....My mother has some fire opal from Gerlach (black rock dessert) given to her in the 70's from the mine owner I'll get some pictures today and post them tonight...
  8. Okay was going to start a topic on this and hope you don't mind me asking here..We've had a few flash floods from the few microbursts here that have come thru and was planning on hitting those canyons that have washed out,,Some have left 4ft deep 4-6ft wide ditches, then spread out as the terrain leveled out..My Question is once the flood starts spreading out leaving a V shape and the water seems to slow down that would be the place to start and work my way down the flood plain (I guess thats what it's called) am I thinking right?? I was told there were a couple older guys in one canyon scooping up spots where they saw black sand and putting it in 5 gallon buckets..My area is Hawthorne Nv. and as some of you may know does not hold alot of big gold, but I have seen some nice nuggets from the area..The area the washes have occurred from is known as Walker lane I believe..But is Granite mainly with uplifts and dikes inbetween I'm not a geologist but am still trying to learn. Anyway before I get anymore off track, Am I thinking right starting from the top and working my way down??? sorry just needing advise..
  9. What # are you heybeerman..I'll be at the Hawthorne checkpoint..
  10. Ended up empty handed wound up having some cable issues will try and fix and hit it another day..
  11. Thank you Mike I had the frequencys backwards was thinking the 6.4 was for the smaller stuff,Your post made me go back on the net and reread the owners manual on this detector. I didn't make it out yesterday too many grandkids running around to watch,plus the sky was pretty dark in that direction.So heading out in a few to try again. thank you for your response.
  12. I also forgot to ask,I have an xt18000 what would be the best freq to run this in for this creek..which has small gold 60,20, or 6.4 The 6.4 is what seems to run the best without a bunch of chatter....
  13. Ok made my way back up to Bodie creek to do some metal detecting,,Should have brought a darn machete with me. I started lower in the creek than where I usually go and thought I'd work my way up..Sorry to say no nuggets, but I'm not finished yet Going back today and try again..I did find a small waterfall that may hold some flakes,now I just have to pan out the 5 gallon bucket I filled and brought home..Heres a few pics of where I was.. There was quite a bit of quartz in the wash,,and alot of overburden where flash floods have washed material down.. My links to Photobucket are not working for some reason
  14. oops second pic is the horse trail
  15. Well I and 2 of my grandsons thought we would beat the heat last weekend and do some panning and play in the water..When we got there the stream was dry. In the 20 odd years I've lived here I have never seen this little creek dry..Well we dug some samples, we couldn't stay too long just to darn hot for the boys,Brought our samples back and did get some gold out of them,pretty small stuff no nuggets this time,I have found small nuggets about the size of a pea out of this creek before,,another creek that runs into Bodie creek out of Aurora was bone dry as well and it holds small flake gold...So heading up this weekend by myself to do some metal detecting to see if I can get a couple nuggets..Heres just a couple pics to show you what it looks like in the creek now.. The third pic is the old horse trail coming out of Aurora thinking on detecting along that as well...
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