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  1. I am not saying that a goldbug pro is a gb 2 but I did see them show up with 2 vials that had a lot of small pieces of gold and he wa using a grarret machine and she was using a modified gb pro... So the question is still who is upgrading them if anybody here knows and whats it cost...
  2. I hear that they have an upgrade but I haven't hear who is doing it. Wondering if anybody knows the who and how to contact them...
  3. How does that work in places where the property owner has NO mineral rights ??
  4. You can do a search on dry ice. Which is just carbon dioxide. As it sublimates it will just displace the oxygen in the tunnel and kill the moles or gophers. They suggest you put it into every tunnel opening you can find and then pack or cover the opening with dirt to help hold the carbon dioxide in. It is belived that carbon dixoide is what killed every first born in the time of the Pharo/ and Moses in the bible. Because it was a popular habit that the lowest bed went to the eldest child. But You will not be usung enough to have any real impact on your. family If your just packing it into some mole/goper holes. Co2 is heavy and tends to stay low....
  5. hey frank how about including a coin in the photo for perspective. Nice finds either way.
  6. Just wondering what the smallest sizedtargets you have found with your minelab. which machine and which coil..? I often see people use the term small bits and wonder why nobody seem to use grains. After all there are 28 grams to an ounce. 488 grains to an ounce so 1 gram would be about 17 grains.
  7. i am bit concerned that the spot I am in a tight and a small coil might just fit better between the rocks and stuff.... Is all. Frank...
  8. Hello Frank, I gave a wave to you when i passed your house on the way to Paratroopers today. Hope ya fell better soon...
  9. Hello Jim, Jim Gilmore here aka ebon...we talked at the hunt at the outpost. AVTHS should be having a gettogether on the avt claim onthe south side of the jill from Randsberg..Not sure if your up to coming there. If you would like to arramgements could be made....somehow I'm sure....My small trailer always has room....
  10. I've just gotten a used sd2200d and want to get the smallest coil. I'm wondering what you all use and like and why as small coils go. This is for a sd 2200d. So please keep any responses relative to the minelab pi family....
  11. I believe that He is referring to the lower pole section. Often there is a plastic section put into the lower section. But most detectors now have the whole lower section as plastic.
  12. Are there any books written, about using any of the minelab detectors.
  13. I might find a piece that small but no way can i measure it. my scale only goes to .05 of a gram
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