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  1. Hello Jim, Jim Gilmore here aka ebon...we talked at the hunt at the outpost. AVTHS should be having a gettogether on the avt claim onthe south side of the jill from Randsberg..Not sure if your up to coming there. If you would like to arramgements could be made....somehow I'm sure....My small trailer always has room....
  2. I believe that He is referring to the lower pole section. Often there is a plastic section put into the lower section. But most detectors now have the whole lower section as plastic.
  3. Hello, Jim was so nice to see and talk with you today....
  4. why do you need a pump ?? get 2 or three pumps that will pump somewhatless....
  5. Maybe one like these ?? http://www.reisbord.com/goldcalfractionals.htm
  6. With that much gold in the sluice I'd think he had to be loosing some as it ran right out...
  7. Hey,Frank. Had I realized that You had done this I would have liked to see it first hand. Weight of the unit limits the time I can hunt drastically.
  8. Unfortunatly the detector is in the rv 2500 miles from me and nyc is not very detector friendly. I know the thought is good. As things are going i'm planning on bailing from here August. I cannot even get my brother to plan a consistant single day of the week so I can try joining a bowling league. When I mention this to others I get told that I need to join an alzheimers support group. wondering how I would even do that. I pretty fed up.
  9. I got about 3 grains..for my days I got out. Not bad because I really only had 2 partial days when I drywwashed. Hoping that by next august I'll either be able to fix the rv or totally replace it with a pickup and trailer.
  10. I've never meant to be political.... Just concerned about what effects the price of gold and if we can still look for it.
  11. Must be different people in the blm and different thought from office to office. I find it strange when some say Their land reffering to the thoughts of the BLM I have been told first hand by blm officers near jawbone canyon, in CA . First hand say to me it was MY land after all.
  12. Using a drywasher is easy....I always get color... Now turning color into lbs of gold thats a different story. I can unequivically say there is over $32,000 of gold in the current pile of Dirt I work...Problem is that the pile will take 20 years to process for me.
  13. I said my post might be political.... just was wondering if anybody else heard that they want to add a 1% tax to every bank transaction. Is there some place to put this kind of question ?
  14. I think the question is not can you make a living as a prospector. You can undoubtable make a living. The real queston is what are you willing to live with out ? There are americans whom live in homes earning less than $5000 a year. I doubt that they are living what most americans will call the american dream.
  15. I dry wash. I'm disabled retired. For me I'd like it too be my work, but finding $2 a day is pretty poor wages. To make it profitable I have to get my rv fixed or find a new rv or trailer. Spending $25 on a tank of gas I nned to be able to spend 14 days at a time digging and then go back to town. I did go out 2 days this trip. Put about 1/16 into a 2 dwt bottle. Figure if I filled the bottle thats about 1/12 of an ounce Simple math says 1200 divided by 1/12 =$100//16 * .8= roughly $6 in gold. I assumed the gold to be roughly ,8 pure. Now granted being I had to drive to the location. Set up , a
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