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  1. I went prospecting starting on 7/12/2014. I went to the club claim I find most bigger gold at. It took 3 days to find the first picker using my Diablo umax. I found a second one the following day. I found no other but on sunday the 20th, day 9 of my trip. I ran to town to purchase additional supplied and 100 ft length of 12 gauge electrical extension. I set up an electric leaf blower and my gold exorcist to see how i would do with that. The first day I ran about 6 buckets of dirt that had first been shoveled through a 1/4 screen that sits on a 5 gallon pail but works like the grizzly on top
  2. I am not saying that a goldbug pro is a gb 2 but I did see them show up with 2 vials that had a lot of small pieces of gold and he wa using a grarret machine and she was using a modified gb pro... So the question is still who is upgrading them if anybody here knows and whats it cost...
  3. I hear that they have an upgrade but I haven't hear who is doing it. Wondering if anybody knows the who and how to contact them...
  4. Basically, the copper is not magnet but the movement of the magnet past the copper atoms of the copper tube create a current and that creates a field,and all fields are magnetic.... SO here is the question...If blowing air creates static electricty. Thdn there would have to be a field someplace. And the gold ppassing through the field then should be getting a currect of some amout. And the particle of gold would then have to have some magnetic property at that point. Just ike the copper tube. It does NOT matter if the magnet moves or the tube move. And It does Not matter if the field /magnet
  5. So seeing that video. I present the question, that if a current of some kind can pass through gold it then will display some magnet properties ?
  6. Ok, guys I ave a first question the we shall explore the original statment here..... IS copper magnet ????
  7. How does that work in places where the property owner has NO mineral rights ??
  8. You can do a search on dry ice. Which is just carbon dioxide. As it sublimates it will just displace the oxygen in the tunnel and kill the moles or gophers. They suggest you put it into every tunnel opening you can find and then pack or cover the opening with dirt to help hold the carbon dioxide in. It is belived that carbon dixoide is what killed every first born in the time of the Pharo/ and Moses in the bible. Because it was a popular habit that the lowest bed went to the eldest child. But You will not be usung enough to have any real impact on your. family If your just packing it into some
  9. for the guys whom use leaf blowers on their dry washers. What do you do to make it stay in one place. Not sure if I am going to try mounting it to a bucket or plastic tun top , or mount it on a stand made from pvc.
  10. Went sopping and got carb cleaner and brought back my tools from the trailer to work on the weed eater.... It is now running ok. I took the carb apart and cleaned it and then made adjustments to the high and low needles...
  11. Bolder dash.. I'm confused by the statement your posting ??? Is the fact that I am posting somethinng that I am doing Upsetting You. I am only stating that for $200 I get to try out a tool that some love and others do not. Whats funny is that the guy I was talking to today in the mining shop said the location I hunt id played out... Theres no gold there... He did have very nice pieces he recover that he had on display at he shop . Buy it was all much larger that the normal finds I have... But for me I'm happy making some number of grains a day....I said grains not grams.... The photo above was
  12. I wonder if anybody else runs their dry washer by running a set number of buckets and seeing how much they get in an area ? Or a set time and comparing the results to determine where to work it ?
  13. The other day I got a lead on a gold exorcist. Now I know there is a lot of pro and con on this machine... But here is the plan.... My club has 2 gold claims...1 is a bit better in hat there is a lot more visible gold there. I have over the last few months been posting photos from the finds there. But that claim suffers from being further away from the main road. And while you do not need a 4 wheel drive. It is now neccessarily an easy location to get to or is the digging easy. The second location has a lot of very fine gold ,is east to get to and is quite a bit closer to the main road. I have
  14. The biggest problem is that The ole yeller I have tends to run too slow. Unless I am incorrect in that overloading the riffels is bad... I have a second drwasher that I made aa long time ago but I need to replace the bellow cloth. Biggest problem is that trying to get a machine to properly load and run with out needing constant adjustment. They tend to either have the dirt load too fast and just block all the riffels and then you dont see any puffing... or the feed blocks and they run bare.... I try to only run under 1/4 inch usually. BUt my club has 2 claims....and the second claim you can ba
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