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  1. Check the dry lakes that allow public access in the area.
  2. Speck. My problem is I start picking up nice rocks too. Randy
  3. Contact Bob Verish. bolidechaser@yahoo.com http://bolidechaser.tripod.com/ Randy CA
  4. This is about home defense without firearms http://www.deathvalleymag.com/2010/05/04/urban-survival-home-defense-without-firearms/#more-3583 R
  5. An cowboy friend told me about him and his friend out exploring. They stopped to take a break, Lon sat on a rock along the trail and his buddy moved up above him, slightly hidden. A guy came along with a gun and tried to rob Lon, Dave stopped it. They made the guy strip naked, and took all of his clothes with them. It was spring and there was still a lot of snow! Then they hiked out and called the forest service and told them to be on the lookout for a naked man walking around in the snow! (Hoser reminds me of Lon) R CA
  6. There is some good advice in the previous posts. Find something you are comfortable with. I like light colors that blend in. I don't want to be a neon orange target! Make sure you get 100% cotton for the summer. I bought a shirt that protects you from UV and was supposed to cool and provide sun (UV) protection, it looked great, had netting under the arms and lots of vents. Besides being expensive, it was hot! Went back to linen (100% cotton) long sleeve shirts, Kohl's has clearance racks and sometimes you can find them for $5-10, Factory2U and Ross's are good too. I bought a UV protection sh
  7. I have seen the area of a friend of mine's claims listed on ebay by someone else. She talked to the Forest Service and they said to haul off any claim marker of his that you see, they are trash. This has been going on for years. However, I have never seen one of his claim markers, what I heard was he only files after someone "buys". Randy
  8. Yours looks much better than a piece I found in California, after looking on minddat.org, I see I need to go back and find the vein! Look at this photo from Australia, does it match yours? It is from Dead Horse Bay, Yorke Peninsula, S Australia http://www.mindat.org/photo-220714.html http://www.mindat.org/photosearch.php?frm_id=mls&cform_is_valid=1&minname=chrysoprase&cf_mls_page=1&region=australia&text=&otype=0&stype=0&phototype=M&mtype=0&sort=&submit_mls=Search&pid= mindat.org homepage for mineral searches is: http://www.mindat.org/in
  9. Here is what I did to drastically improve my fine gold recovery. Screen using 30 mesh, 80 mesh and 100. Then use a magnet to pull out the magnetic black sand out of each one. If you do it dry, go slow and drop the magnetics in a clean pan and pick back up a couple of times. Pan the +30, it is big enough to pan easily. Wet your concentrates before you put them in the Blue Bowel. Drop them in by the tablespoon just above the water stream. Run the -30 , +80 by itself. Then run the -80, +100 then the -100. The first time I did it I couldn't believe the amount of -100 gold! Also put a few drops o
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