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  1. Just for members only....I'm now selling "Gold Credits" Just send a check and you'll have gold credited to you, just like carbon. Thanks for the idea Al....
  2. I've not been in the searchlight area too often, however any type of research I've done indicates that if you can find "free gold" it's too fine to make the weekend prospecting worth the while. I heard of some nuggets coming from the area, however those tails are few and far between. I am by no means an expert on that area and I'm curious to see what the guy's who really know their stuff have to say about the area.
  3. The good news is that the high dollar Mine Labs can be a write off....now that's what I call STIMULUS!
  4. Do desert nuggets "start out" big and get smaller the farther they get down the wash Or do they slam together and gain size over time? My guess is they start large and ware down as time goes by, however someone told me that in stream placers they can actually get bigger from slamming together in the current.
  5. Great Idea, Be nice to meet the people behind the knowledge. Don't get many opportunities to get a group like that together too often.
  6. An old man in Wickenburg once told me the the Dutchman worked at the big mine in town (the Vulture I think)and was in the habit of high grading ore from that mine and claiming that it came from the now legendary "Dutchman". Don't know if it's true...could be a legend about a legend.
  7. I live in Southern Neveda, no stranger to the heat. I'd like to travel somewhere cooler for the summer months. Any clubs that have claims or areas that would be worthwhile for dry washing or detecting. something within a days drive would be perfect, I still have to work, so I need to do the weekend thing. THANKS!
  8. I'm looking for suggestions to make some classifiers, up to 100 mesh. Where do I get the mesh? I need to make panning and Blue Bowling easier. From what I've read. there are some sharp "idea guys" in this forum, Lot's of experience...Thanks!
  9. Ok, I keep reading about the problems posed by the "two legged" variety, my question is, how do you deal with that situation? I've been out for twelve years a little bird hunting and a little prospecting never even seen a thug, always figured they were too lazy to go all that way for a victim. My fear has always been those Meth guys who hide in remote areas, how do we handle this type of confrontation even with a gun...by the way I ALWAYS have my 357 with me, maybe that's why I've never been bothered...
  10. I've got Bush Guards on my truck...I wonder what they're going to do about that...
  11. Thanks for the info, I sent a request to Jim for a copy....
  12. The book sounds like what I'm looking for....is there an outfit that supports your efforts so I can throw a little business their way, Thanks
  13. I really appreciate your responses will share future success, I have used my detector and the "Roto Pan" but the dry washer is a new angle. The "boss" is more generous with time now that the kids are raised. Thanks!
  14. I just went out and ran a used dry washer I picked a couple of years ago. Anybody have some tips that would shorten the "learning curve" How often to you stop and clean up? what amount of dirt can this handle, it's an older Keene with a motor/blower set up. Thanks !
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