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  1. Hey Bill the title of the post was "PI Detector noises what do they tell you????" It appeared in the Nugget Shooter Forum and I think it was a "sticky" or "pinned" at the very begining. I think it disappeared when the forum was updated. Took me a while to find a copy of it that I made. Hope this helps.

    Reg. Thank you again for all the help that you have been, and continue to be to guys like me that have a TDI.

    John McCann

  2. I have experience in prospecting and mining gold (panning, sluicing, sniping, dredging, dry-washing, metal-detecting) in California, Northeastern Nevada, Alaska and points in-between...and a little website dedicated to miners and detectorists called GorpStew.com. These days most of my nugget hunting is done with my Minelab detectors (Eureka Gold and GPX-4000). I'm 64 and love to camp, hike, and nugget hunt even the most isolated and rugged of terrains. I recently moved to Carson City, NV, where I don't know anyone interested in prospecting, and I know nothing specific about the area's prospecing potential, beyond what I read in the library. If there's anyone (male or female) with knowledge of the area whom is interested in getting together for a little bleeping (weather permitting), please get in touch. Either post here telling me how to contact you or send me a PM through the forum. (I posted this same thread in the "Gold Nugget Shooting Forum.")

    Happy Holidays,


    Hi Jason. You might have great luck if you contact Daryl and Jennifer Nelson at the Reno Prospectors Supply in Reno, NV. They have been there for years and know lots of folks. They are also active prospectors themselves. Happy hunting. John

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