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  1. Hey Bill the title of the post was "PI Detector noises what do they tell you????" It appeared in the Nugget Shooter Forum and I think it was a "sticky" or "pinned" at the very begining. I think it disappeared when the forum was updated. Took me a while to find a copy of it that I made. Hope this helps. Reg. Thank you again for all the help that you have been, and continue to be to guys like me that have a TDI. John McCann
  2. I'll see you there. GPAA volunteer and clean up crew on Sunday as usual. RiverJohn - Walker, CA
  3. Done for me for the next year to come. Thank you Bill for keeping all the "old posts". Today, this very day, I received my "new" GPX4000. For me, this forum and those "old" posts are incredible. Thanks you guys. John
  4. Try the Jimmy Sierra web site. He has a posted explaination there in one of his GMT questions. I have a GMT and love it, but I have never used that feature. Good luck, the GMT is a great machine. John
  5. Hi Jason. You might have great luck if you contact Daryl and Jennifer Nelson at the Reno Prospectors Supply in Reno, NV. They have been there for years and know lots of folks. They are also active prospectors themselves. Happy hunting. John
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