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  1. Bill, You sure have great outings & it was great meeting the forum members ( & nubies) face to face. Since I moved to the Colorado Mts. a couple of years back haven't gone to any outings here or back there in AZ. You-all have a great time & find some GOLD! wonderer
  2. Unc Ron,

    Sent a message answering your questions about the Polaris ATV in a PM, included is my # 480-717-1484... Call anytime...Steven Lane

  3. Yo Steve...I've been really busy but I am now definitely interested in your ATV...Does it have a starter on it or is it only hand crank? ..Would you bring it up for a test ride even if I don't absolutely promise to buy it? (if I don't I'll give you a good pointy finger at LSD)...It does have reverse on it, right? ..Seems interesting ..Cheers, Unc

  4. Fantastic collection John B..............I think were all eatting or heart out, not just the Studmuffin. wonderer
  5. Well thats a good way to get aclamated to the heat for sure............................ Good luck in the gold fields. wonderer
  6. SGTFDA, Looks good + you can add a gun holster for quick access (for slithering things and two legged ones) to. wonderer
  7. SGTFDA, After reading some of the comments.........Remember that pirates used to kill the people who barried the treasure, leaving their bones to protect it. Better be sure theres no treasure down below the bones. <_< wonderer
  8. SGTFDA, Must Be a cop thing, digging up human bones in your new back yard. :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: wonderer
  9. SGTFDA, Glad you and Bill got out to the gold fields....congratulations. And your right Bill is a class act.........A few years back he cut an gave me for my Dad a meteorite, because my Dad was interested in metal detecting for them. wonderer
  10. Bill I understand. ................Am just looking for areas closer to home to go out and run around on my ATV and look for places to swing my metal detecter legally once anwhile. Closer than the Rich Hill area. Thanks for the reply.............wonderer
  11. Bill, Is there a set of backroads or trails to LSD from your place for a ATV (not licanced for the road like a car) or do you have to pull your trailer over there and download at the LSD area ? I had dropped by many times (in the past) to ask but could never catch you at your shop or by phone. wonderer
  12. Good to have you back Bill.....will be good to see you out in the field again. wonderer
  13. SGTFDA, Uncle Ron still kicks a*s with his older machine (Baboo)......I'm sure your modified machine will do well here in AZ, or is that SW Pennsylvania as you still have listed as your area on your avitar . Good luck..............wonderer
  14. Jim, Big brother is watching........... :hahaha: ..............Maybe you need to put a sign on top of your RV.......you know a fikil finger of fate or something...... wonderer
  15. John B., John I'm suprised that the wacko enviromentalist & or tree huggers are'nt up in arms about the bird kill (buzzards) from said wind mills. This is something they were pushing in the past against wind farms until the Obomanation started pushing wind farms, solar & nuclear power plants.... :hmmmmm: Could be worse........They could just put in solar farm..........Bet that would make a fun metal detecting enviroment, dodgeing metal support frames.... :whaaaa: ... :zapped: wonderer
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