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  1. Bill, You sure have great outings & it was great meeting the forum members ( & nubies) face to face. Since I moved to the Colorado Mts. a couple of years back haven't gone to any outings here or back there in AZ. You-all have a great time & find some GOLD! wonderer
  2. Thanks for the great outing & awesume brisket Bill. Was great to reconnect with some old 24K members - Bunk & Uncle Ron. Some gold was found, congratulations to all that did. It's been years since I've gone to an outing & it was fun to catch up with the local gold news. wonderer
  3. Thanks Au Seeker, That will work fine. wonderer
  4. Bill, Will show up Saturday afternoon with a side dish.......... Hope you got the package sent to the Nugget Shooter PO Box. (do you need a spare stove? Send me a PM if you do.) Is their a map to where your camping/hanging out ?.......... Got a State Land Permit just incase (don't know the area well enough) wonderer.
  5. Very nice wire gold Bill, if anybody can find the main patch it'll be you. Good Hunting...................wonderer
  6. Uncle Ron, Just concider it a sacrifice to the Gold Gods . They require payments peridolicly . Do you still drive that 3 wheeler or did you up-grade to a 4 ? wonderer
  7. GeoJack, A person I know in Colorado found a small cache of coins by using the metal detector to scan the log walls & fireplace for hidden areas. With no banks cache valubles from the bad guys was a everyday practice. Good Luck..........Remember loose lips & such. wonderer
  8. Run accross this & thought a few of you might enjoy the story. Mods, if this is in the wrong section, please move or remove it, thanks. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/weird/Ancient-Meteorites-Showered-Earth-With-Gold-Study-129520233.html wonderer
  9. Bob I thought the new digital hearing aids could be programed to amplifie only the section of the audio spectrum you needed to amplifie, unlike the old style antilog ones ? Great idea on wearing earplugs before detecting to enhance your hearing. wonderer
  10. Gramps43, The machine you listed is a coin hunter metal detector.....small coil detects shallow smaller targets better & large coils detect larger targets deeper but misses small targets. No responces to your question is because it is'nt a machine used in prospecting. You will with that machine find more gold and silver at the park or school yard than out prospecting, where the soil conditions can be highly mineralized & a coin metal detector struggles with those conditions. Can you get lucky, yes. wonderer
  11. garimpo, Thats quite a unique nugget, thanks for posting it. wonderer
  12. Unc, After reading all the posts I've changed my opinion, Bedrock Bob (post #8) has probley the best solution. It's aboveboard & honest, giving the lad a fair view of the hobby or pastime. The real benifit is haveing quality time with him & teaching him real world values. Not the lies tought in schools. Thank You Bedrock Bob for that insitefull post. wonderer
  13. What do you expect the tree hugging Kalifornians are moving here in droves. :hahaha: Looks like the county is trying to find ways make money in charging fees. . . .Park fees, HOV fees, State Land Permits, tickets & fines......ect, ect, ect. As for China & other nations that hold our debt, if the dollar goes south, they'll go the the world court & the court will award big chunks of land and mineral rights from the USA in composation for the money owed. And the criminals who caused this will skate free. :zip-lip: wonderer
  14. I voted for salting one Uncle Ron, I'd say later in the hunt after he had dug quite a bit of trash. Also because the GMT doe'nt go as deep as your PI units, or are you going to let him swing the hollowed Green "Baboo" SD2100 ? wonderer
  15. SGTFDA, I hope you followed the proper protocol that before the police arrived you had fresh hot coffee & Krispy Cream donuts ready. What was the outcome of that leg bone ? wonderer
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