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  1. Bill, You sure have great outings & it was great meeting the forum members ( & nubies) face to face. Since I moved to the Colorado Mts. a couple of years back haven't gone to any outings here or back there in AZ. You-all have a great time & find some GOLD! wonderer
  2. Thanks for the great outing & awesume brisket Bill. Was great to reconnect with some old 24K members - Bunk & Uncle Ron. Some gold was found, congratulations to all that did. It's been years since I've gone to an outing & it was fun to catch up with the local gold news. wonderer
  3. Thanks Au Seeker, That will work fine. wonderer
  4. Bill, Will show up Saturday afternoon with a side dish.......... Hope you got the package sent to the Nugget Shooter PO Box. (do you need a spare stove? Send me a PM if you do.) Is their a map to where your camping/hanging out ?.......... Got a State Land Permit just incase (don't know the area well enough) wonderer.
  5. Very nice wire gold Bill, if anybody can find the main patch it'll be you. Good Hunting...................wonderer
  6. Uncle Ron, Just concider it a sacrifice to the Gold Gods . They require payments peridolicly . Do you still drive that 3 wheeler or did you up-grade to a 4 ? wonderer
  7. DS, Something even more scarier is that countries that have our debt could go to world court & be awarded US public lands as reinversment for said debt. To do with as they please. & Americans will be screwed out of their public lands by currupt politicians & bankers greed. I see a very organized attack to, on all fronts to curtail use of public lands. I went to a meeting in Morristown a few years back over access to the Table Mesa area as I owned a ATV at the time. Very few attended ( I guess people were to busy watching sports to be bothered). The differant groups (ATVers, miners, 4-wheelers, ect.) represented are very disorganized & had differant agendas. Until all affected parties get their collective heads out of their a**es & get organized, were scr*wed ! Greece is being dissmembered as we speak.......Look at that as handwriteing on the wall.....Sooner or later it will be our turn. wonderer
  8. Good post Bill about sealing the coil cover on with shoe Goop + its easy removal.............Polyurithane window/door UV resistance caulk takes 3 days to dry & is a b**ch to take off ! The other great thing (about goop) is being able to reseal the tube for the next project to. I've had bed liner sprayed on the truck bed, I found it hard, brittle (over time), lacked good adhishan. With wear an tear loading ATVing chunks are missing. Would'nt use it on my coil bottoms as scuff cover. For coil bottom/cover repairs I like to use PC-7 non-metalic 2 part epoxy because it is slicker, sticks better & you can build up worn sections better as needed & THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON IS IT WAS pointed out by some renouned gold prospecters on this forum and others !!!! & thats good enough for me..........................wonderer
  9. Rimshot, Slag is the leftover byproduct from alot of processes, not just gold processing. If slag was worth something Leadville, CO would be rich. wonderer
  10. AdamD777, Most bags of dirt are salted. I have a place down the street that sells gold (differant sizes (flour gold & pickers) to people who put the bags together to sell to people. Every so often they throw a larger nugget in. As stated some people will sell their gold concentrates they picked up prospecting or dredgeing, they usally make more money thatway than selling to a gold refiner. Its a good way to get color (stay legal) & practice your panning technique......Or show the kids how its done........you won't get rich, they do. wonderer
  11. Avatar, Might work unless its a green mohove, then Avatar better be quick. :hahaha: & have snake guards/boots/chaps + a gun with snake shot ! wonderer
  12. GeoJack, A person I know in Colorado found a small cache of coins by using the metal detector to scan the log walls & fireplace for hidden areas. With no banks cache valubles from the bad guys was a everyday practice. Good Luck..........Remember loose lips & such. wonderer
  13. Was in the local book store and ran accross the October ICMJ magazine with Chris Ralph's write-up on Prospecting Australia---Part 1 - Geology of the Western Australia Gold Fields. Just a heads up to those that enjoy reading & following these things. I did'nt see this posted anywhere yet. wonderer
  14. Run accross this & thought a few of you might enjoy the story. Mods, if this is in the wrong section, please move or remove it, thanks. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/weird/Ancient-Meteorites-Showered-Earth-With-Gold-Study-129520233.html wonderer
  15. Bob I thought the new digital hearing aids could be programed to amplifie only the section of the audio spectrum you needed to amplifie, unlike the old style antilog ones ? Great idea on wearing earplugs before detecting to enhance your hearing. wonderer
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