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  1. Some things just seem to slip into the woodwork don't they.. RJ
  2. Hey Bedrock Bob Really good to see you back online,that was a cool article you wrote.. Rodd
  3. ← Compromise. . .Has Sierra Bullets stopped or slowed production? → Is the Government buying all the Sierra bullets so that there are none left for customers?Posted on May 23, 2013 by Sierra Bullets We asked Sierra Bullets Vice-President of Sales, Matt Reams, “Is the Government buying all the Sierra bullets so that there are none left for customers?” The Short Answer: Absolutely not. We have been asked this millions of times this year due to the internet rumor mill being in high gear again, as it was back in 2009. The Long Answer: Government sales are a very small part of what we do. We are
  4. Yo all Is there a strain that only affects corupt goverment officials.. Rodd
  5. Very cool Bigrex The picture that isn't So why would the picture be that low on the rock seems strange the artist mudt have been very short or maby the ground level was mutvh lower when it was put there... Any ideas Rodd
  6. Whoaaaaaaaaaa! Are there three ways? Your way My way The right way Instructions are allways good,ask a Newby what a Squib or a hang fire is and what to do We have a cazillion auto and truck drivers that all passed a written and practical,so how many of them actually drive safely...? Training is good it saves lives only if the training is put to use and adhered to. Guns are A KILLING MACHINE any other use is a benefit..
  7. Huh Looks like she just escaped from a holacost camp darn. All these so called gun haters including the wannabe President. who would the first people be that they hide behind every day Secret Service,Police anybody that has guns to protect them they hide behind,also the anti gun public do the same Rj
  8. Give yourself a friend Buy a gun I love my gun The .460 XVR (top) is shown with a S&W Model 620 .357 Magnum revolver for comparison. It is my best friend Unlike some people I can trust my gun Top one is mine A lil big for pocket but good for nasty bears while Beepin.. Rodd
  9. Yea so what do you beleive?????? FEMA to confiscate food from local farms in emergencies? http://www.naturalnews.com/ Since our nation's founding the federal government has, in times of emergency, claimed extra-constitutional powers and authority. Under the guise of acting in the public's best interests, Washington has taken away privacy rights, free speech, and habeas corpus, among others. There's no reason to think it wouldn't happen again. With that in mind, would it surprise you to find out that if disaster strikes in your part of the country, the federal government is pre
  10. What's the connection between gun control... a recent executive order... and the coming food crisis? Fellow patriot, There's a reason why the US government is so eager to disarm the American people. It's got little to do with crime rates or mass murders... but everything to do with the very reason the 2nd Amendment was created for: to protect the people from a tyrannical government. Because when a major disaster hits the USA, a recent executive order allows FEMA to confiscate your food stockpile... and just like in the old USSR, to give it to the government-dependent masses. That's right: if
  11. Homefire,,Homefire,,Homefire::: That's cool I wasn't trying to convince anybody that our gun controll was cool It is a through and through piece of crap,,part of the point was that it was ok with the law for me to own all these guns and shoot them,but all of a sudden after me owning fiarms for 60 some years I have to get a license before I can buy any new or used fiarms.. RJ
  12. And what exactly does stay the L out of my country mean??????????????
  13. The following is what got canada on the map gunwise. 9.The École Polytechnique Massacre 15 killed 14 injured | Marc Lépine | the worst school massacre in Canada’s history. December 6, 1989 : Twenty-five-year-old Marc Lepine killed 14 women and wounded a further 13 people at the École Polytechnique at the University of Montreal in the worst school massacre in Canada’s history. He then took his own life. In a letter he left behind, he indicated a hate for feminists as a motive for the shooting. It remains to this day the worst massacre in Canadian history. This was what made the govt.decide t
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