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  1. From a friend: I found several Minelab GPX 4800's on amazon, new, listed for $4095 which I think is about $6-800 less than the retail price I've been seeing. I also found the SDC 2300 that was a demo used for one day for $3500. Both are at reasonable prices. Did u read anything about the depth limitations for the SDC 2300. I guess that's my reservation with it. Sounds like small pieces of surface gold are what this is for, but we'll never get rich picking up flakes of gold. Do you think the 4800 is as well suited for the AZ soil as the SDC 2300 is? I've read the forums, passed them along to him; however the question remains, which one? And why? I understand the concepts of smaller pieces at somewhat shallower depths vs larger and deeper. For prospecting (to begin with) the Black Canyon City/Morristown areas, combining with Lil' Yeller drywasher, your choice? Which would be easier to learn? And use? My Gold Bug Pro has found exactly zero gold in those places, and that is not for lack of trying. There have been plenty of bird shot, metal shavings, etc. found, just no gold. Would a P.I. be better? Thank you.
  2. We went this year and it was terrific. What they mean about different sites is that there are quite a few places, shops and so on, that have their own "shows" throughout the month, at least that's what we understood. The T G&M show is at the convention center, is quite spread out and very well attended. The prices are as impressive as the displays. We had a very nice time in Tucson and will be back to visit- if you haven't seen it, be sure to make some time for the Desert Museum, they have some incredible specimens https://www.desertmuseum.org/ and a whole lot more to see. As a prospector, I got more out of the Museum, which is really a zoo/museum, because of the displays, habitats and info- don't get me wrong, the gem show was impressive, but it can really be done in a day. We're going back to the museum to spend more time. Book early(ish) the gem show is internationally popular.
  3. http://www.kellycodetectors.com/excelerator/EXcelleratorMain.html John- where is the coil for the Gold Bug Pro? Thanks.
  4. FUNDS! From your lips to God's ears... May you and all who search be blessed with a very successful season.
  5. Looking at the Bradshaw Mountains folio, Arizona 1905 http://repository.tamu.edu/handle/1969.1/2956 Using picture from lowest left corner- All things being equal, where would you go to prospect? Igneous rocks (all Tertiary): Trachydolerite Basalt Andesite Volcanic agglomerate Rhyolite tuff Rhyolite-porphyry Probably Algonkian: Acid dikes Basic dikes Quartz-diorite Monzonite-porphyry Diorite Bradshaw granite Crooks complex (irregular bands of diorite, granite, aplite and Schist, some breccia) – Metamorphic Yavapai schist- Algonkian Alluvium- Quatenary I've been going out to the GPAA claims on the western part of Soap Creek area and wonder if it is the right place. Thank you.
  6. Hi Uncle Ron, Just saw this- very glad to hear you are recovering well. I'm a Cardiac and Pediatric RN. The earlier diet advice is right on, also, take the low salt diet with a grain of salt, moderation in everything, you know. If you are ever looking for a recommendation for great cardiologists, let me know. Nurses really do know the best doctors. We are praying for your speedy and complete recovery.
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