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  1. Will see if anyone is interested. I ordered a 12 x 15 dd coil to go deeper and cover more area. See what it does. Hoping for some deeper coins. These areas here have been over worked. The only place you might get anything is in the water. You never get everything. But I'm not even getting one old coin a week these days and can't find new area.. Plus driving 40 plus miles to hunt coins and getting nothing all week. Kind of not worth it. Sure their might be a area here or their. But I've used maps, Hit all trails and any woods I can get into. NOTHING. But come summer at the beach. It might wo
  2. Have for sale a really nice Minelab GPX 5000 with very little use on it for sale. This detector is in Super nice shape and works perfect. Its for sale for $2,500 Everything with detector is also in real nice shape. 11" DD & 11 Mono, charger, Harness, 1 reg size battery and 1 small battery, Cords like new, Bungy, Manual, Doc's set up cards. Have paperwork from when Minelab tighten lose nut with lock tight and went thru detector. Might be interested in a trade for a NICE CTX 30/30 with two coils. The Big RED 12 X 24 Coiltex coil in first picture is my friends coil with only a few hours
  3. I have been reading coil reviews. Really can't find what I'm looking for on different coils reviews. Don't always believe what I read. Looking for a light big DD coil to use all the time for deep coins. Not much to chose from for size. But their all these makes and difference special coils. With what's out their. I'm thinking about the Coiltex 11X 17 DD for my everyday coil. But I read about these X coils or EVO coils and anti Coils. Which one would be the best for Salt water beaches and mild to low mineralized ground for my GPX 5000. I'm just learning this machine. Can't afford to make mista
  4. Ya Jeff, Like that hat!!! Looks shady. HA HA I've had slowed down on research. I go or don't. Any people who wants to go or is going their on vacation. Now knows the area better. The first thing I heard on my reply post was. SWIFT RIVER. Everyone who hunts gold knows this name. Its a long river and the word is you can find some nuggets their along with a lot of flakes. Its a really big good area to start at. That said. Everyone knows this. Any parking spots to get at these areas has been picked hard already. All I wanted to do was be in the woods alone and take a cheep vacation. If I fin
  5. Some of my coins. Have some coins that start around late 1600's' and up.
  6. YA But I'll still take them. Just waiting for my new 5000 to arrive this week. I'm hoping to hit some spot I've been hitting for years. Got a 1808 Marton today. Hard getting anything over this foot high scrub brush thats everywhere.
  7. Your right. Their are a lot of ways on cleaning coins. I'm guessing its up to the owner and what he wants to do. But the best way is to leave it alone if its worth anything. If you clean it and have plans of keeping it for yourself. Then thats you're call. But you never know if someday you might want to sell it. Things could change later on. I even heard sonic machines can hurt your coins. Who would even think that? I just thought this was a quick way easy way to clean silver. Seem this forum is a different than other forums I've been on. For the most part. The older pro's are on the gold fo
  8. I have a Nox 800 also. Was going to say a couple of things. The Nox is a good spot on detector with ID numbers. So trust what it tells you. Most everything I find that is old is made very well with detail spent on the making of a item. If you find any Quality Jewellery. It will have some kind of markings on it. I've found older rings that had [Sterling] written inside the ring. The item could have a number like 924- or 24 K on newer items. Better made items will be stamped with some kind of mark. Like it will have a {cross - lion etc } or something on it along these lines for a makers mark. Y
  9. In Nooooooooooo hurry and putting the word out! I have the stock DD. Looking for a great deal on used DD coils for my 5000. Would like one really small DD and another DD for a everyday use. One that covers some ground.
  10. I'm looking into it. Swift river seems everyone knows of. These are the outline of towns in this gold area that I wanted to go to. I'm not driving 10 hours to get to a spot where the gas station is 200 miles away. I don't know anything about gold. I started researching how it was made and information fell into my lap with my research. If a geologist asked why no one is hunting these spots. Then people listen and found 2 placer strikes the next year. Then their must be area their to work. The state parks seem fair and are free if not using dredge equiment. Then you need a permit. Its a lot o
  11. Funny thing is I don't think I'll get skunked if I go. I think theirs plenty of gold in these areas. Its outside these areas where its been spotty for years. Everyone just follows the leader or reads where to start or where to go in books or on the computer. These are the areas gold was made at 10,000 years ago. Then flowed down rivers. Between having all the right rocks that are in gold bearing areas and knowing location of fault line, seeing geology maps of rocks in this gold area, Air views of Glacial retreat lines and the rivers starting points in the mountains. I know the locations wh
  12. ALMOST VIRGIN GOLD AREA FOUND LAST YEAR IN MAINE_ N.H. AREA! Old coins is first on my list. and Rings are a close second. Anything after that just makes for a better day. FOUND VIRGIN GOLD AREA WITH 100's of miles to search Rocks- fault lines and Glacial retreat areas. I started researching gold 3 years ago. I found the area where it was made 10,000 years ago. Being old at 67 and not having a wheel drive,{HAVE 4 WHEEL NOW} little money. I looked for others on detecting forums interested in going camping with me for a week. Just go detecting rocks & do a little panning in this area. Most
  13. Pumped! Had some help from a nice member finding a sweet deal for me on a 5000 . So I'll be all set once my new detector arrives. Came back to nugget shooters after 10 years and Starting off great. Guys were great 10 years ago and still great people after 10 years. Great bunch.
  14. Ya I watched both videos on setup ,Ordering, use. If I ever get a detector. Im getting one. Might be able give me another year out their detecting. But don't think I'll ever give up detecting. I'll use my detector for a cane if I have to before giving up on detecting. I need a 5000 to really clean out my 20 years of detecting areas before a house gets put on these spots.
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