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  1. If the TDI is good is the GPX really $3000 better? Well not to knock the tdi or anything but i personally have used one and could tell you that i would take an old green 2100 over it any day. Too answer your question it is no doubt worth every cent , Good luck.
  2. Thanks guys, the dinks pay for it all anyway im just gettin itchy for a chunk I know ones just on the next ridge having fun finding babbies while looking for it though. hope all is well with everyone
  4. had some fun finding these but havent found anything with any weight in a couple months, Gotta get this big nugget skunk off my back .
  5. Frank my very old joey finally took a crap and i picked up an almost new commander 8 inch for dirt cheap. Im glad i did, it had alot to live up to in replacing the joeys spot on the coil rack ! it workes great, all but the bigger dink were found with the 8 inch , the other was found with the 11 inch commander mono
  6. Managed to find a couple more this week hard work and new hope from an old beatup patch ;) more nugets.bmp
  7. hey there Allen whats that white stuff ? ill be heading to billings in july for my sisters weding it will be my first trip up that way and im hopeing i can go out to some goldfields at least one day. hope all is well justin
  8. Sounds like you guys were kickin butt, NICE nugget too. thanks for gettin me excited for this weeks hunt
  9. if it was a gb2 it would be a harder choice but thats not the case so ill tell ya i found a nice bit of gold with the eureka that i got from Bill years back its like a baby gpx. it wont get the super tinny ( were talking dust ,like the gb2)stuff but it will handle hot ground and punch deep (for a vlf) like its big brothers.
  10. happy birthday Goldmaster ,thanks for everything Justin
  11. very nice nuggets , and always nice to pull them from a "worked out" spot
  12. nice nuggets , you have a nack for sniffin them out
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