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  1. Hi Bedrock Bob, I'm new to this forum stuff, I guess this is how to answer you, the info my friend that has a hunting cabin there in New Mexico said it is in the Jemez mountains and knows nothing about gold but said he thought there was several gold mines near the area. I'm getting all this info from him and hope I'm not wasting my time. I found in the old GPAA guide a place down in Lincoln county but know nothing about any of New Mexico. I'm just dying to use my new proline combo. I was hoping the Sandova county area had yellow metal. Anything you can suggest would be great, thanks a million, Jimbo
  2. I will be in the Santa Fe National Park area and would love to have any pros and cons from area prospectors, I have a highbanker/dredge and detector,any problems with Rangers?? Thanks, Jimbo
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