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    Looking forward to buying my first metal detector. Meteorite Men are driving me crazy. Otherwise, I like looking for river agates and petrified wood.

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  1. Nice space rocks and great pics, I have yet to make my first meteorite hunt, but still planning it in my head and researching dry lake beds. I do have a question. Does the geologic process of a dry lake bed bring the meteorites to the surface or is it safe to assume there are some just below the surface waiting to be found with a metal detector? Dale
  2. That's good info Digitrich. Is anyone aware of problems with other high end detectors regarding hot rock elimination? I've been considering the MXT300 since it was designed with relics, coins and jewelry, and gold prospecting abilities. Dale
  3. As I've been pondering which metal detector will be my first, I've come to a conclusion. I have no idea. I think in my first topic 'First Time Meteorite Hunter' I wasn't asking the right questions because I and a million other people don't know any better. Even with the helpful and informative professional advice about choosing the right metal detector for hunting meteorites, I would get lost in a market full of "the best metal detectors". There are 100+ good quality detectors to choose from, and trying to sort out all the features and what works best for what type of treasure turns my brain t
  4. Hey Fred, Sounds like one detector may not fit all needs even if you fork out the bills for a nice one. So I guess I'll ask you this...If a comparison chart shows X's on both gold and everything else for a particular model (some manufacturers claim everything), is it still likely to have problems searching for one or the other items because of the sensitivity of that model? Or maybe there are several factors that determine it's effectiveness. Your thoughts? Dale
  5. Thanks guys, I think you may have averted my disaster trying to get started. I noticed as I was doing a little research on the Whites GMT that on the comparison chart there were no X's checked on coin, jewelry, and I think relics. Can anyone think of a reason why that might be? One could assume that if it's good enough for gold and meteorites, it should be good enough for everything else. I also noticed that the higher end detectors utilize higher kHz (40 to 70) or "pulse" technology. Can someone explain the difference and the advantage of either one? You know, since Meteorite Men hit the Scie
  6. Currently I am saving up for my first metal detector. I've done a little research and have some very basic knowledge about meteorite hunting. My biggest decision at this time is selecting a metal detector that will find meteorites yet won't break the bank. I know there are varying opinions regarding which one is better. I've even seen different opinions about the same model in the same conditions, so it's kind of hard to sort out. I've been considering the Garret Ace 250 with the extra 9 x 12 search coil because it has several features and looks easy to operate, and it will only cost a bit und
  7. That's a great idea. I've had a similar thought before. Terrain permitting, take a couple 6" wheels on an axle (as wide as you like) and attach a hanging bar with your magnets (the stronger the better) so that the bar just touches the ground. Add a handle and your in business. I used to have a tool bar magnet and I would just tie a rope to it and drag it across my gravel driveway to remove debris. I couldn't believe how much junk I was driving over. Thinking up stuff is half the fun. Seeing it in action is the other half. Good job. Dale
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