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  1. Thanks Adam, It looks like there is a few 1ct size on the outside. how does one get them out without fracturing them?
  2. paridot (Olivine) Might have some big enough to make a ring
  3. Hey Allen I love doggie huntin. I shoot them here in az, not as many as you, but I just got me a couple of new guns, one savage/204ruger and a howa/22-250. I reload and im pushin 32gr bullit 4300fps. I can hardly wait. the tannerite and peanut butter sounds fun Ill try it too. Happyness is a fine red mist!
  4. Thanks Dakota Slim I Will look forward to meeting you. I think I can get you over a nugget better than my Bro. Ive been showin him all week on those nuggets he has gottin lately. See You in the gold fields.
  5. Russ n DS, good luck in the gold feilds guys, dont get stinky. I have to work.
  6. Hi Ron Arsell dosent like Jewery for some reason, maybe he will tell you why. So thanks but no thanks.
  7. Thanks guys and Yes we are havin a ball I had a real hard time goin to work today. I wanted to go beepin
  8. I cant read playboy without pictures too Good job Tom
  9. Thanks guys Tom its young Ironwood trees, just like catclaw
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