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  1. Exploding Bennutian sandstone originally from Mars! At the NASA facility I worked at they studied micrometeoroids. Those rascals rip through flight equipment easily. They put shields around important stuff to keep the micrometeoroids from damaging them. They fired rocks (and ice and chunks of steel) at cosmic speeds at hardware mounted in vacuum tanks. They would purge the tanks with hydrogen and then draw a deep vacuum on the tank. They shot the projectile through a light gas gun using a gunpowder explosion to compress the gas. It propelled the projectile at "near" cosmic speed into
  2. I have no idea. If it streaked blue green it is indicative of a copper mineral. So I am going to say it is a copper sulfide mineral with some quartz and some hematite in there in places. Not meteoritic in my opinion. Definitely an terrestrial rock.
  3. If those samples return to earth in the belly of Buck Rodger's spaceship would they be "meteoric"? How about if Buck Rodger's spaceship lost power, slipped from orbit and crashed on landing?
  4. It is difficult to tell with no other info than a picture. Is it heavy, light or just about right for the size? Does it scratch glass? Will a hard copper wire scratch it? We're there mines in the area? It looks like it could be sphalerite (zinc) crystals. But it could be a lot of other things too. Specific gravity, streak and hardness would help to identify. The trouble is your rock is a couple minerals (at least) and identification is going to be tough.
  5. Jimalito is back! We missed you man. How have you been? Found any good rocks lately?
  6. I feel a rumbling in the cobble pile.
  7. They verified the information? Really? What information did they verify? There does not seem to be anything at all to back up these claims. If it took so much time to verify then they must have been working on something. What was it? So far they just can't back the story up with anything at all. Just a Trump supporter who says he got the info off a laptop with a Biden sticker on it. That is weak sauce Slim. It didn't take months to "verify" any of this story because no elements of the story have been "verified". It is nothing but a tale for a fairy to help Trump's sinking
  8. Actually the dependence on oil is hurting oil producing States. We depend on it but we don't control the price. The net result has not been good. New mexico is rapidly diversifying and investing in renewables. It has paid off well this year because of low oil prices. It is great that Obama supported domestic production and we became the number one producer under his administration. But completely relying on that domestic production has not panned out so well. Royalties from metals mining would help offset the drain mining causes on the local economies and would help offset loss
  9. And I say they should pay royalties on the value of the minerals extracted like every other type of mining and extraction industry. Stopping abuse of our public lands isn't anti-mining at all. You can characterize it like that to put a political spin on it but that isn't reality. Reality is that profitable deposits belong to the people and mineral rights just give the owner the right to exploit them. Opinions may differ. But I support the idea of royalties being paid for valuable metals extracted from public land. Just like any other extraction industry. And just like they would hav
  10. They should "dig their own" on their own property. If they are digging on Public Lands they should pay royalties. Just like oil and gas, just like potash and coal. Metals mining should have to pay their fair share just like the rest of them.
  11. I wonder if the next president will support the Pebble Mine?
  12. Clay, Once again you miss the entire point. You don't need a beard to shave with a razor. But if you have a beard we can safely assume you haven't been shaving. If Occam has a beard we can't make any assumptions about his razor. Only if Occam is clean shaven can we assess the razor. It is an iron replacement of some darn thing. I call everything hematite that isn't magnetite. That's because I can't pronounce goethite or limonite and I probably couldnt tell the difference anyway. But Adam knows his $hit and I bet he is right. Those rocks that James Tate posted might be
  13. Plant it in the garden and keep looking.
  14. It's an exploding sandstone from Uranus. Occam has a beard and hasn't used a razor in a decade. It is some sort of terrestrial iron ore. Goethite after Pyrite is as good as hematite after a big plate of enchiladas.
  15. Looks like petrified wood to me. It is not valuable. Pretty common stuff. Unless they are really big and show branches or thorns it is pretty much worthless. Sometimes you will find stuff with brilliant colors and nice patterns that might be worth something. The biggest collection of petrified wood in the world is in Las Cruces New Mexico at the Zuhl Museum at New Mexico State University. They have polished chunks as big as Volkswagens and slabs polished as big as king sized beds. Some are bright red and blue phases that are pretty rare. https://zuhlmuseum.nmsu.edu/
  16. It's hematite. It's still just as tasty as a garnet ball if you field dress it properly and cool the meat within a couple hours of the kill.
  17. I think they have some calcification going on. The ones I've seen are pretty durable. No doubt they crumble pretty fast. I have seen them in fresh water and salt water. The ones in mountain streams are crunchy. The ones on the beach are more durable. Probably two different critters but the same sand tube idea. I guess with the right conditions they might calcify into something a lot more durable.
  18. Now you are teaching me stuff! I knew they were worms but I know nothing about them. I have seen the sand tubes before but that is the extent of it. Post a link to some info on them and we will all learn something new!
  19. Yes. They secrete slime and the sand sticks to it. Ants and wasps do a very similar structure with saliva. It really isn't a mineral or a fossil. It is a structure built from sand grains like building blocks
  20. Pseudomorphs are some of my favorite minerals.
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