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  1. Interesting article. Meteorites decay and terrestrialize and I suppose a tektite might do the same. It sounds reasonable that they could form the core of an concretion. Many things do. I have found a lot of concretions with some mighty peculiar shapes. Some that seem pretty impossible. Many that look like an art project. I have always wondered what bizarre force of nature shaped and colored them like that. I'm a bit skeptical that anything I have seen is a petrified tektite. But I have plenty of concretions that resemble petrified alien artifacts, some petrified snowmen and a f
  2. They aren't fossilized tektites but they are cool. I have a fairly large collection of sandstone concretions. I love 'em! Thanks for posting these. They are awesome.
  3. You look for free metallic iron. If the iron is mineral iron (sub metallic) it is terrestrial. If the iron is free metallic iron it is a suspect meteorite and warrants further investigation. Sand a window. If the cuttings are shades of red or grey you have an terrestrial stone. If it is metallic you should find someone to professionally evaluate it. You can tell right away if you have a suspect stone by grinding a little window and observing the interior.
  4. It's a cool rock. I would sure stick a magnet to it and do a window. Even if it is not a meteorite it is a keeper. How big is it? Is that a 4x6 post it is sitting on?
  5. FWIW I used to find new claim markers and new claims filed over mine every year for 15 years. I had a guy on the internet advertising my claim for sale as "Patented Mining Land". And twice fit was listed for sale as a mining claim. I know a guy that actually sold a man a "gold claim" on private property. He just drove four corners and handed him a quitclaim deed. When the guy started digging the owner showed up. No doubt some guys are filing in withdrawn areas just like they file over active claims. A withdrawn area with as much interest as Lynx Creek is probably bounded b
  6. Could it be the boundary of the Lynx Creek recreational prospecting area in your last post? If there is an area that is withdrawn from mineral entry but open to the public for recreational prospecting it would make sense to mark the corners of the claims in this fashion. Just guessing.
  7. Here is a photo of something with even greater anti viral properties than gold.
  8. You want to see pics of my golden muons? You internet prospectors are all the same aren't you? You could have asked to see a pic of my hairy Higgs boson. But you went straight for the golden muons instead. It's disgusting man.
  9. Im not a physics guy. I just can't keep up with it. I grasp the principles in discussion (kind of) but the math is way over my pay grade. My lady friend was a sharp cookie though. She interned for an old genius physicist that worked under a research grant at NMSU. They travelled to France and got time with the Hadron Collider. They zapped a piece of New Mexico placer gold in a big salt block. Studied the particles that came off from it as it went back to... Well... Wherever. So my experience with the principles of physics are largely second hand. My attempt to build a supercol
  10. Did something I say cause you distress? If you have no hair on your Higgs boson then I can see how my post may have seemed insensitive. I apologize for tainting your thread with my unappreciated witticisms. As a token of my sincere regrets I will gladly pay for your next Brazilian hot wax. Just enjoy yourself and have them charge it to my PayPal.
  11. The Chinavirus vaccine is made from Satan's ejaculate.
  12. The misinformation about the vaccine you read here is all a product of politics. Pointing that out is not political. It is simply a fact.
  13. That GOP flavored Kool Aid you have been drinking is making your teeth yellow. It is not doing your reasoning abilities any favors either. The coronavirus vaccine has none of the ingredients you mention nor is it injected into the bloodstream. Just in case you are interested in facts.
  14. The "Spanish Flu" got its name because Spain remained neutral in the first World War. They reported on the flu because it was not a strategic concern for them. But the reason it was dubbed the Spanish Flu was to implicate Spain who was regarded as cowards for their neutral position. Other countries involved in the war did not report the deaths or extent of the virus because it was taking more casualties than the battlefield. Reporting on the extent of the virus would be a strategic mistake. People called the 1918 flu the "Spanish Flu" for the exact same reasons that certain politica
  15. It is quartz on chalcedony. What the tan mineral is on it im not sure. I'm going to call the tan mineral barite. If I am wrong folks will come out of the woodwork to correct me. I am probably wrong. The crystals don't look right for barite. It does look like a soluble mineral that precipitated on the quartz after the formation of the silica. Whatever it is it is a neat specimen.
  16. We should call it the Freckled Flatlander Flu just to piss people off.
  17. It's the gringo gripe. The Caucasiavirus.
  18. I always wondered why guys that believe the virus was deliberate are also the ones who won't do anything to protect themselves from it. Seems like if I really believed the virus was an intentional attack on our country then I would be doing my darndest to fight it. Some folks just don't have the stomach for a fight though. Lots of people will stay in bed frozen with fear while an intruder steals their stuff. So it is predictable that some would refuse to fight a scary virus. Some folks are afraid of slimy monsters. Some are afraid of hairy monsters. Others are afraid of viruse
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