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  1. I'm not sure where you could drive all over a strewn field. It would be unethical at best to just drive around off road. Illegal in most places. And in the strewn fields I am familiar with it would be quite impossible to drive anywhere off the road. You would be stuck or otherwise immobile. Maybe out on a playa somewhere. In a 1974 Pinto covered in refrigerator magnets. Patiently gridding the entire area hoping a tiny fragment will jump up and stick. This idea has become my absolute favorite strewn field strategy!
  2. I got that Morlock. My point was that Nininger did not use the rake to recover meteorites. He used it to reveal the presence of a strewn field. And it did not work very well at doing that. I wasn't being critical of your post at all. Just trying to expand a bit on it. The takeaway here is that there is no "strewn field strategy" other than the tried and true method of visual searching and field testing suspect rocks.
  3. You can drag a magnet at Holbrook and small pieces will stick. But you can't put magnets on a vehicle and expect any results at all. First the impulse power of a magnet is only an inch or two. If you are farther away than that you can't expect it to attract anything. Secondly vehicles are only good on roads and on open areas. Even if meteorites could jump 2 feet to stick you couldn't drive a vehicle over them. A magnetic rake puts magnets in contact with the ground and might reveal some particles. If you found particles it could indicate the presence of a strewn field. Then you could search with a magnet or detector in the usual fashion. If you knew you were in a strewn field already you would be going backwards by dragging a magnet with a vehicle. You would not get the bigger pieces that were buried or stuck in hard pan. The idea that you could put magnets on the bed of a truck and attract anything at all is preposterous. The rake method might clue you in to a strewn field in the same way a gold pan might reveal a placer area. But once you get to that point the only way to find meteorites is by searching for them visually or possibly electronically. There are no shortcuts to finding them that I have ever heard of. We used a Pulse Star detector with a big 4x4 square coil on the back of an ATV. We did find meteorites but in my opinion probably missed more than we hit. It was not much faster or easier than just swinging the detector and the setup would only get the big ones. So it is debatable whether that strategy was better than good old fashioned searching. A magnet is great to do a field test on a suspect stone. It is nearly worthless to attract stones you have not already visually identified as suspect. This is true for all the obvious reasons and several more that might not be so obvious. The same is true of electronic location. Trying to add a motorized means of moving the coil or magnet just multiplies the problem. IMHO the best and only way to hunt meteorites is on foot, by eye and with the help of a magnet or coil on a hand held pole.
  4. A really low slung poodle in the "standing tail position" might locate a lost Spanish strewn field. Especially when hunting around burned areas where skilled masons collected diamonds from Venus. My dog rolls over and let's me check his belly for meteorites all the time. Maybe I should add some neodymium to his diet?
  5. I disagree Mike. All you need to do is snap some neo magnets on the bed of your truck and drive. Do donuts and stuff. Drive all over the strewn field. The meteorites will stick to the underside of the truck with other magnetic junk. Just park the truck over a tarp and take the magnets off the bed. The meteorites will fall off onto the tarp. It turns your F-150 into a meteorite harvesting machine! That is exactly how we hunted Glorieta. We just drove around the hills all day with magnets stuck to the fenders and cleaned the pallasites off the undercarriage when we stopped to get more gas. I swear it's true! .... "Feel free to share your favorite strategies when hunting a strewn field".
  6. No I don't. He told me he had sent it to be cut several weeks before the accident. That is the last we discussed it.
  7. Magnets on the underside of your truck bed? And just drive? And meteorites jump out of the ground to stick to the magnets? What a strewn field strategy! Might I ask what strewn field have you been successful in?
  8. Thanks Frank. Im doing really well. Already better than before the surgery. I'll be on light duty for a while but I feel great. I should have had this taken out years ago. The first surgery put me down for weeks and was just horrible. I didn't get it fixed for ten years because it was so bad. This time was a completely different experience in every way. I just can't believe the difference in the way the surgeon and the hospital handled it. The initial surgery was a horror show from start to finish and they screwed up the job. Afterward they stuck a pain pill in my mouth and wheeled me to the curb. Then it was nothing but denials and excuses. This time I was treated like royalty and they really took care of me before and after the surgery. They made sure I was OK before releasing me and gave me good instructions in case things got weird. They call and check up on me and answer any questions. The difference in the care and the outcome is like night and day. I'll probably have some lasting pain and discomfort but they honestly did the best they could given the circumstances. They really tried hard to insure I got the best care they could give me.
  9. It is just plain old refractory waste (in other words "slag"). Nothing special about it at all. There are millions of tons of material just like it produced every day. It is not gold. It has no regmaglypts. It is not brecciated. What you are seeing is waste metals from a refining process. Nothing more.
  10. That is refractory waste. The "gold" you are seeing is copper.
  11. Thanks! That helps a lot. I always wanted to try and find some gold but just didn't know where to start. This makes me want to learn more about it. Maybe someday I will find some too!
  12. That is all way above my head. What is "placers"?
  13. What you are seeing is not metallic. It is sub metallic. You have a chunk of common iron rich basalt. Nothing more.
  14. A classic meteorite look? It has a classic terrestrial basalt look. No way that is a meteorite. It has no flow lines. Neither is it brecciated. You seem to be confused about what those terms mean. No iron. No chondrules. No fusion crust. Obviously a terrestrial volcanic and a simple field test would prove that. Why don't you learn that test and perform it? We have explained it to you many times. You should take the first step toward being a meteorite hunter and learn that test! Or you could just keep on posting common rocks and pretending they are meteorites.
  15. Yup. Since we met I have had a deer antler sticking me in the belly every step. Attached to my nerves, abdominal muscles and other giblets. The top of it just under the belt line (thats why I wear suspenders and not a belt) and the point down near the goodies. The arthritis in the back was related to the foreign body in my belly too. I have that back problem for years and it got so bad the last year I almost got surgery. But when this mesh started swelling up the back got better. I think a lot of the inflammation in the back was related because I have zero back pain now. The first time in three years I have been able to stand or sit without pain in my back. It just went away about Thanksgiving when this mesh decided to swell up. The doctor said that the junk in my belly could have caused an immune reaction that could set off swelling in joints. So my tendonitis in the wrists and arthritis in the back could have been aggravated by the wad of mesh. As soon as I can muck again we need to go dig holes! And yeah...the kayak was like sitting with a pistol in my belt. It poked me in the belly on one end and in the groin on the other. So I have been working with that handicap since the day we met on this forum many moons ago.
  16. Great surgeons in New Mexico. IMHO I got one of the best there is. He did a hell of a good job. FYI Most private practice surgeons wont touch a meshoma no matter what state they practice in. Think about it. Why would a surgeon take a job someone else screwed up? They would be risking a lot of business on a job that may very well end badly. There are a very few surgeons who have ever done it. The mesh attaches to organs and creates a mess that can involve lots of stuff down there. So most of these procedures are experimental and done in big universities that are developing data and statistics. The rest are done by trauma surgeons on an emergency basis. Only the surgeon that placed it would consider removing it. In my case he retired 7 years ago. When I spoke to him he told me the same thing the rest of them did. "Go to UCLA or to MT. Sinai in New York. There is one guy in Las Vegas and a place in Hollywood. Good luck!" A trauma surgeon takes any mess that comes down the pike. They are paid by the hospital and their business does not rely on 100% reviews on social media. So they are willing to take the jobs the others are not. The guy that did my surgery cut his teeth in Chicago and is a super good guy. He is the head of the regional trauma unit here and is considered one of the best in the southwest. He was willing to do it and many others were not. My criteria for a "good" surgeon is one that is willing to help even if the risk of failure is high. You can contrast this with a guy who has a perfect success rate and wont accept risk if you want to. I didn't have that luxury though. I had a problem that was mighty risky but not an emergency. So I got stuck with the crappy no good surgeon who saves lives even if they have to risk their perfect reputation. I would kiss him on his fanny for taking the job. The alternative would have bankrupted me and sent me far from home to achieve the same outcome. So I am really happy with my shitty New Mexico surgeon!
  17. Interesting may be an understatement. The surgeon is a brother from Jamaica. A young squirt about my son's age. He has been cutting for only about 6 years. He took a shitload of photos and has them on his phone. So I have some photos of the incision with the meshoma in situ and as he was cutting it out. Also a glamor shot of it sitting on a plate. Ugly rascal. But my baby nevertheless. I invited him to go fishing with me on the condition he gut the fish. He jumped at the chance and told me he would love to. Then my son suggested we use my little giblet for catfish bait. We laughed and laughed. Then he said we could request it be returned to me. It would take 5 weeks. So... It looks like we have bait. Sometimes the truth is much better than any lie you could make up. IMHO this is one. So this little thread might end with fish pictures. Maybe a fish fry with my new Jamaican fishing buddy that cut the bait from my belly. It just don't get weirder. So stay tuned!
  18. I just gave birth to a big chunk of hernia mesh. I have had a wad of that stuff that got displaced and formed a big knot about ten years ago. This deer season it started giving me grief after packing my deer out. Mighty uncomfortable. I got imaging and it showed a big wad in the fold of my leg that looked just like the brow tine on that big buck. About an inch in diameter and a couple inches long. The point was just about in my scrotum and the butt end was over my femoral artery and vein. No surgeon would touch it. It got worse as the weeks went by and I was frantic. My only option was to go to UCLA and try and get into a research program to remove it. I finally found a cowboy with a sharp pocket knife to take it out today. He is an awesome trauma surgeon at the local hospital. He got (most) of it out and I am back home resting comfortably. He managed to save most of my nerves and muscle and didn't even kill me. I know I have been a bit of a prick in the past three months. That is probably not going to change much but at least you guys know why. Now I expect a lot of sympathy because I am laying here like a gutted trout. It will be six weeks before I can lift anything heavier than my big furry peaches. So if any of you guys have been entertaining fantasies of whipping my azz now is your chance. Your window of opportunity wont last long so make your travel plans now. Soon I will be up and around and as ornery as hell. The good news is I have nothing to do except gripe and preach for the next six weeks. So if any of you guys want to squabble I am your huckleberry.
  19. I have met him. He started as an arrowhead hunter in the blowouts. Dean Miera and I had plans to hunt with him. We were setting the date when Dean died. I never made the trip. One of these days im going to look him up again. ...one of these days...
  20. Hematite is usually non magnetic. In the window you made you described it as "sort of metallic". In our world that is called sub-metallic luster. You have identified the terrestrial iron ore hematite. Hematite streaks in red hues. When you ground the window it made a rusty red mess didn't it? Streak it again and refresh your memory. It will streak hues of red. Free metallic iron is what you are looking for in a meteorite. Just like knife steel. Sub metallic iron is mineral oxide. There is no oxygen in space so oxides don't exist. Only unoxidized elements. So with very simple observation we can be certain that this is not meteoritic. Sorry. Keep looking.
  21. Absolutely they hit at different speeds. No argument there at all. Their speed is reduced to terminal velocity or they explode. After that point their speed is determined by aerodynamics, weight, and time in dark flight. I see where orbital speed of the planet affects impact force. Good point. It probably makes the bolide more violent. So it stands to reason that large, durable pieces that withstood the explosion may make a bigger crater on impact than those going with the orbit of the planet. It also seems since the bolide would be more forceful that the "sweet spot" would be a smaller size window. It is a mighty complex calculation. If you say that the end result would be a bigger crater with all other things equal I certainly won't argue. But since it is such a complex calculation I suspect that your assertion might be over simplifying a bit. It is kind of like taking into account for coreolis when shooting long range. If you are comparing long shots in exactly the opposite directions east and west with all other factors equal the difference is real. But given the other variables in the solution coreolis may not even be a factor between 2 shots. The same with two meteorites. One may travel faster or slower and still make a larger crater. We just can't make the correlation between crater size and direction relative to orbit without the rest of the ballistic formula as well as a whole other set of factors related to the impact surface, size of impact or, angle, etc. It is a great conversation! Thanks for having it!
  22. What an awesome meteorite thread! It sure beats what has been happening here. Thank you guys!
  23. Exactly. Will Not one rock you have ever posted has any meteoritic characteristics at all. Except for the one piece of tramp iron for the reasons I tried to explain to you.
  24. I think we are on the same page. My point here was that the direction the object comes in in relation to the spin of the earth makes little to no difference in the size of the crater or the velocity upon impact. Speed decay (or retention) is certainly influenced by size. So larger objects do hit faster. They retain their speed longer and give it up more reluctantly. Those are the "sweet spot" I mentioned above. But too large or too fast results in complete destruction. Anything left after that explosion falls to earth at terminal velocity. And yes! The angle the objects hit are nearly vertical if not absolutely vertical. Things fall in a parabolic arc and the end of that arc is very steep. Objects don't hit the earth at much of an angle. That is a huge misconception and incorrect assumption that many meteorite guys make. It is a great point of discussion and I thank you for bringing it up. The angle of impact with the atmosphere is certainly a factor in the angle of impact With the surface but entry bends that steeply. Just as the speed of impact with the atmosphere is a factor but makes only a small difference in surface impact speed. The size and composition of the object makes as much or more difference than any other factor whether the object will fall or detonate or a little of both. Speed and angle are certainly factors in the ballistics but mass is the overwhelmingly biggest factor for sure. Bigger objects will retain both speed and direction better. But anything that hits the ground is slowed to at (or as near as possible to) terminal velocity. And anything that hits the ground falls at (or very nearly) vertically.
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