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  1. My son gave me this sweet little Glock 19 for Christmas. A nice Bianchi holster and a bucket full of mags too. I only had a few rounds for it and couldn't find any factory ammo on the shelves. So I ordered a few plated bullets and scavenged a bunch of brass. You cant buy small pistol primers but I have thousands of small rifle primers. They seem to work just peachy. I traded a buddy for a nice set of dies and found a pound of Red Dot that I have had laying around for 30 years. I worked up a load for it over the last week. After 150 rounds I got my load just right and my p
  2. You are correct Stillbilly. She is singing a song called "Snowflakes Waiting on a Storm". The song tells how the snowflakes waited in anticipation for the storm but when it finally came the fall to the ground was not what they expected. They were so sad they melted and became beautiful butter cups in the spring.
  3. Nice Fish! We're you trolling or bottom fishing?
  4. The National Weather Service issued an advisory saying the entire country will be -45 tomorrow. Bundle up. There could be snowflakes!
  5. You are just grumpy because you didn't get that automatic duck plucker for your birthday.
  6. That is like boneless buffalo wings. Boneless buffalo are no fun to hunt because they just lay there on the prairie. You just walk up and kick them a couple times and that's it. There is no sport in it. I bet they use hot wax to get the feathers off a buffalo wing.
  7. You are some sort of a hot wax freak aren't you Stillbilly? A turkey hunt in my neck of the woods does not involve any cauldrons of boiling water nor a hunk of wax. It may work well. But a flap of turkey skin is not worth packing your candle making equipment over the continental divide. I'll let you wax the turkeys. I'm just blasting them and peeling them like a bull frog. I will admit the skin sure makes them cook up nice and gives them some fat. That is why I plucked the ones I did. But instead of trying to give a gobbler a Brazilian hot wax I use a plastic baking bag and bri
  8. Went out a couple days ago and shot a big boar. He was a whopper! Roasted him over mesquite today. This is what he looks like now. The meat just falls off the bone. It is delicious man! Seared over the fire and then wrapped up with some bacon on top to provide some fat. About 7 hours over the coals. Then I pour off the juice and make the sauce. I "pull" the meat and then pour the sauce back over the meat and let it all cool overnight. I use a little Claude's BBQ sauce and rub the meat with black pepper and red Chile before cooking. The sauce is the juices with
  9. I was talking about the first video. Field dressing the ducks. Not those hillbillys plucking their bird on the internet. That's just sick. And wrong. When is the last time you plucked a wild turkey Stillbilly? I have plucked a couple and im not doing it again. Not for a mouth full of bumpy birdskin. Maybe if you had a big pot of boiling water and/or some freaky silicone thing strapped to a weed eater. Jerking those big feathers out is rough and it is a gruesome job man. Not to mention big ground birds have all sorts of mites and bugs in those feathers. By the time you pluck a tu
  10. That was a thumb skinning technique. You break the skin and peel 'em. Not pluck em'. I'm not sure you could improve upon the process. I do wear gloves when field dressing dove but I generally don't bother with quail. From the looks of that video a duck peels quick and clean. Turkeys are not so easy. You might have to cut the skin up the breast rather than just grab it and split it. But I bet you could peel a turkey in a few seconds if his jacket had a zipper in the front.
  11. Hey happy birthday Slim! We couldn't afford that automatic duck plucker but have a great day anyway!
  12. I won't hunt with guys like these. It is always the same story. First they talk about plucking their duck all the time. Then they want you to watch them pluck their duck. Before long they are showing you pictures of guys plucking their ducks. Pretty soon they are wanting you to pluck their duck for them. I'm happy skinning the bird in the privacy of my own duckboat. Call me old fashioned I guess. Not to judge guys who are into that sort of thing. Im open minded and all. I just would rather hunt with my own crowd.
  13. There are a hand full of places here that specialize in bird waxing. I haven't had my bird waxed at any of them but I hear they do a fantastic job.
  14. It looks like something you would see in an adult bookstore. I think I will just keep "skinning the bird" the old fashioned way.
  15. What a hoot man! That is a lot of birds!
  16. That is exactly how I was taught to do dove and quail. I just clip the wings at the joint. I don't start the pull in the center of the breast though. I pull from the bottom of the breast up. Like pulling off a tee shirt. I do turkey just like that too. They never peel as easy though. The next time I'm going to try to do it from the center of the breast just like the video. I bet a turkey will almost jump out of his skin if you did it that way.
  17. No, I don't think so. It was a Thai dish that used the one duck for about 6 different dishes. It took all night to eat it. They cooked it and served the skin in one dish (musta been duck pluckers), the breast in a few ways and the legs and the rest in a soup. They even used some of the innards and a duck egg to make a sauce. It was some traditional Thai holiday feast. It had a name about a mile long.
  18. To me it tastes more like quail or turkey. And it often has a shellfish taste from the stuff they eat. I have eaten it at an oriental restaraunt and it was fantastic. It was probably a domestic duck. It was completely different than any wild duck I have ever eaten. So I guess the taste depends on the duck as well as the cook.
  19. Sounds like a great birthday gift for Slim. We should take up a collection to get him a duck plucker so he isn't sitting in his RV skinning his bird all day.
  20. Brined. Yep. I just learned that trick. It sure makes a difference in how moist things are. So do you pluck your duck Mac? I bet you are a duck plucker. A bird brining duck plucker.
  21. So do you pluck your duck or skin your bird?
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