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  1. Keen and Vasque are the best value in boots now days. Both offer metal free or mostly metal free construction. They are the same company. 2 different brands. I have been using them for about 5 years now and have not been disappointed. You can get them at Sportsman's Warehouse and Dicks.
  2. Sweet! I can see how thst works on the points really well! Thanks Tom! It looks like your process is a lot faster than hers. I'm interested in the differences in the solution, the heat and the voltage. I guess with more acid and heat the more copper is held in suspension so the article gets plated faster? I see a lot of agitation in the tank too. Your finish looks really good. Bright and level. There are obviously a lot of differences in the processes.
  3. She did two. Side by side in her tank. The other one is wild. I like it a lot though. The knobby metal creates an awesome texture. A buddy of mine just got his tank set up. So any tips you might have are appreciated. Im fascinated with it. I have a bunch of vinegaroons and scorpions that I want to mount and plate sooner or later.
  4. Get that rascal fixed Dave! The operation sucks but it is worth it. I had three operations on the same side so far. The first was a screw up by the surgeon. The second 11 years later to remove the mesh that was wadded up. Then I got a hernia above the surgical scar from the removal. The last time was laparoscopic from the inside. It has been ten days and i feel pretty good. Im restricted to 35 lbs. But that is unconstitutional so I am already wrestling cobbles as big as volkswagens. Honestly im just kidding. I'm taking it really easy. I'm walking good and just have a little pain down there. Im not lifting anything heavier than my 8.5lb. Air rifle. I will be on 35 lb. Restriction for another month. If the hernia is round it can get trapped. That is bad news. I had a buddy that got an entrapped hernia while on a mule trip in the wilderness and he almost died. So it is no joke. Especially if you are a bit adventuresome. Everyone has a hernia sooner or later. And the surgeons are good at it. I am going to have another one down low on the right side soon. I can feel it. As soon as it gets a lump im going back to my Jamaican cowboy and have him do some more cuttin'. I was scared as hell after that first horror show 11 years ago. But I have confidence now and won't hesitate to get it fixed when it starts popping out. So my advice is to go and get it done. I spent a while deciding and talked to a few surgeons before I did it. But I'm glad that I did. The guy that I went to digs bullets out of gangbangers and puts people back together after car wrecks so he has the right no BS attitude. So that helps the confidence level a lot for me.
  5. Here is one of the scorpions completed.
  6. An impact wrench or an air chisel makes a great pulveriser too.
  7. What kind of power supply do you use Tom? What voltage? It looks really good! My friend puts them in for days. I didn't know you could do one so fast....
  8. A prosecutor magnet will pick up anything in an election year. Then they drop all charges before it goes to court.
  9. Gold is a soft yellow metal. There is nothing else like it. If you get a good magnifier and look at what you have and play with it a bit you can tell. It looks like little blobs, flakes and shapes of metal. If you crush and pan it out you will see if you have gold right away. It is much heavier and looks completely different than anything else you may have. It will separate itself from other minerals when you use the panning action. It is soft and malleable. You can dent it and flatten it without it breaking and crushing. If you put a tiny speck in between your teeth you will flatten it out. A tiny speck of anything else will crush and leave you with grit in your teeth. The best way to tell if you have gold is to do the basic mineral tests. Weight, hardness, and visual inspection. If you are interested in this game it is the first lesson you are going to have to learn. Just whack off a piece with a hammer and crush it up man. Put some water in a pan and identify it by determining the basic physical characteristics.
  10. This is not correct. Gold, mica and "pyrite" are all non-magnetic.
  11. For a guy that has a lot invested in gold the strategy might be different. But for a guy that finds it, it is a great time to sell. You aren't going to get much more for raw gold than you can get right now. I think that cash is going to be the best investment this fall. Loaves of bread and bacon are going go be the hot commodity. A jar of placer gold is going to be hard to spend.
  12. Just beat it down into walnut sized rubble with a hammer. Then pulverize it the best you can using a piece of steel and a hammer. Then pan it out. It is really not that hard to crush a few pounds of rock to pan and you can tell a lot more about what you have. There are lots of clever ways to beat the small pieces into powder. You can use a mortar and pestle made from an old axle and a hub. Or turn it in a cement mixer with a bunch of nuts and bolts. If you do a bit of research you can find a way that is cheap and "easy". There might be someone in your area that has a crusher and is willing to pulverize some for you. But you are better off just hammering it down by hand unless you have a half pickup load or more of rock to run. Either way you are going to have to beat it down into small pieces with a hammer first before you feed it to a crusher.
  13. If a hunter shoots a cow he is negligent and liable for the damages. Plain and simple. BLM land is multiple use. The rancher has no more right to use the land as a miner or a recreationalist. As a prospector, hunter or fisherman I don't need to ask permission or notify anyone of my intentions to use public land. If a rancher wants to know who I am and what I am up to he can ask me. Just like I can ask a rancher what he knows about gold on his lease. A rancher leases the grass. As long as the public does not eat any of the grass a rancher has little to gripe about. Just as a miner has little to gripe about unless a rancher is taking claimed minerals. On BLM land there is a big problem with some ranchers believing they have more rights than other users. The same problem exists with some claim owners. They often feel that other public land users are not welcome. In some cases they actually try to run people off. There is no reason that anyone should notify a claim owner or lease holder of their intentions to enjoy public lands. This is entirely up to the individual. No one is going to "accidentally" shoot livestock. That is just preposterous. If it happens the shooter is negligent and responsible for the damages. If it happens on purpose the shooter is a criminal and faces severe penalties. Stealing private property is a criminal act whether it is cattle or equipment. It does not matter if the land status is private or public. If the rancher wants to know who is on his public land lease it is his duty to patrol it and ask people who are there. They have no duty to provide him with any information at all. Just like a claim holder. They have no right to interfere with the public use in any way. All public users have a vested interest in their activities. Ranchers have private property (cattle) that no one has the right to interfere with. Miners have private rights to the minerals. Hunters and fishermen have equipment and game. But the land and the access is public. No user has the rights to demand anything of another. And users do not have any responsibility to notify, ask permission or otherwise beg to utilize public land. Asking ranchers about gold (or game, fish, locations) is often a very counterproductive folly. In some cases it may work. In other cases it just causes trouble. It all depends on individual personalities and these can be all over the map. You are just as likely to get wrong information as good information these days. My advice is to know the land status and any leaseholders in the area and get your information from the official records. Take anything that you hear from ranchers, miners or other users with suspicion. It is more often than not incorrect.
  14. That is going to be the hard part for me. As soon as I feel good I start working hard. That is what caused the hernia after the last surgery. I'm taking it easy for at least six months this time. I'm going to have to. After this much trouble down there I dont have too many chances left. Those prayers worked Tom. Thanks.
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