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  1. Sounds political to me MM. And you were doing so well trying to follow the rules. I guess the temptation was just too much for you to bear.
  2. If you want to dance you need to remember the tune you were singing yesterday. I know it is difficult when you try to sing so many tunes.
  3. Who needs ISIS? We are so busy destroying ourselves our adversaries are laughing. Our adversaries are busy spreading lies about the virus and whipping up violence at the riots. They don't need to do anything else to bring this country to its knees. We will willingly do the rest in the name of "freedom". We are one dirty bomb or a sabotaged dam away from being defeated right now. We have no enemy to blame but ourselves.
  4. Well it is 8:00 and all law abiding citizens must be safely inside their Holiday Ramblers. Anyone outside wearing black clothing will be protected and served. If we had listened to the kneeling football player we might not be dealing with the fallout from the kneeling police officer. But here we are. Stay safe indoors and the National Guard will tell you when you can put on your face mask and start making America great again. Curfew tomorrow is 8:00 so plan your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness accordingly.
  5. Not to worry. The stone poodles are standing guard.
  6. Black clothing can mean only one thing. They must be an ANTIFA sleeper cell. A coven of far left terrorists hell bent on the destruction of everything our soldiers fought and died for. They were probably drunk on human blood and target practicing on puppies right before the cops rolled up. The cops should have keeled on their necks for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.
  7. Only about an hour and a half until curfew in Arizona. I hope the National Guard has plenty of pepper rounds to keep ANTIFA inside their RV's. I hear it is a hotbed of terrorist activity over there. It is a rough deal but it is the price we must pay to keep America great. These criminals must be dealt with harshly!
  8. So how is Kapaernick unpatriotic? You have done another beautiful Fandango but have not really touched upon the statement that started you dancing. You called him unpatriotic. That was the genesis of your discussion with Luke. You have not supported that statement at all. Rather you have refuted it after trying to act wise and fatherly and invoke your service history. I don't get how he is unpatriotic over a contractual obligation to the NFL. Nor do I regard his form of peaceful protest unpatriotic. Quite the opposite. He is showing his respect in a unique way to bring attention to an obviously "burning" issue that desperately needs to be addressed. Care to dance?
  9. I don't think you have to worry about your life being in danger Grubstake. But if you and your wife decide to go to the protest with a gun and you are threatened you should definitely take the shot. You were suggesting the police use real bullets in a riot situation and that is what I was commenting on. It was a very unwise idea. Probably something that is best not voiced publicly for a whole lot of good reasons.
  10. It is a violation of your rights MM. They can't force you to stay inside your RV because a bunch of idiots are rioting in the big city. All of these problems created by others are impacting your world negatively. Something should be done about it! You are the one being oppressed! If I were you I would organize a protest against the oppression that the protests of the oppressed have foisted upon you. Just get it all out of your system by 8:00 because the Arizona National Guard is going to roll up into the RV park and make sure everyone is inside.
  11. Do you need me to explain something again? Clarify? Pick apart some detail?
  12. So simple yet so genius. Just shoot a few and they would stop protesting being killed. You have captured the spirit of America in your post Grubby! You are a true American Patriot.
  13. We are sick, divided, our economy is wrecked. Foreign players are working on our heads and we are gobbling it up like hungry puppies. There is rioting across the nation and our leader is pitting us against each other. Several domestic groups as well as organized criminal groups are taking advantage of our weakness. And this will make the sickness grow exponentially. Exactly how long will it take for us to accept what is happening and do the things we need to do to make it better? We are facing devastating sickness and economic problems. This election will not turn out well no matter which way it goes. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Grow a garden. Gather your family close to you and conserve your resources. Be kind to each other. This isn't Disneyland boys. We are going to have to get our hands dirty with this one.
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