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  1. Evidently longer than you have. One man's ceiling is another aliens floor. I guess it all depends on what planet you are from huh? I think we need to see your proof of terrestriality. You talk like an illegal alien.
  2. Im thinking a bubble over the whole thing. Maybe put a big beautiful door in it somewhere.
  3. Just an observation... The last time I checked 22.1 is greater than 21.4. I think the unwritten rules were "guess the weight without going over". It appears that your guess went over.
  4. Slim, if you would stop your ridiculous sniping at me I would stop making you look like a fool. Why can't you just drop it? You are doing nothing except trolling for trouble. Leave me alone and we will get along fine!
  5. Why don't you try a little mercury? Mercury will not amalgamate with platinum nor iron. It will readily coat any other metal. Native platinum is also magnetic. It always is alloyed with iron. So if it is not magnetic it is probably not platinum.
  6. It is definitely sockets left from crinoid segments. I wasn't looking that close. My phone screen is tiny and my eyes are bad. Still the larger piece has symmetry that is just not mineral. It is something encrusted in crinoid stems. Or it was laying on crinoids when it fossilized and that is the side we see with the crinoids. In my neck of the woods there are tons of crinoid in limestone. Lots of calcite and flourite are in layers below. There are other fossils in the limestone above the crinoid layer. So you could find a fossil with a bit of crinoid rich material stuck to it I suppose. I think it is fossil (or a casting of something) encrusted in fossils. I'm pretty sure you have found a petrified turducken.
  7. That's a strange specimen for sure. It's not a skull. But it does look like the shell of some sort of crustacean. A crab shell or a lobster or something.
  8. I think a ducket is about five average frogskins. Maybe six if the frogs were small. Samoleans are a volatile currency that roughly equate to about three frogskins and a hand full of pretty rocks. Im not sure they are still fungible outside of Swaziland. But I will gladly pay you in Samoleans on Thursday for a hamburger today.
  9. Cypress is all over the place. It is a variation of cedar and juniper. I think it is bald cypress or black cypress that makes the "knees". They grow up from the roots and form strange knobs sticking up out of the water. Back in the days that your rock was a tree there was probably a lot of swampy stuff going on. I don't know but I imagine there were cypress like trees growing lots of places. I'm sure lots has changed since then. We have fungus on juniper trees here that make wierd knobs like that at the ends of branches. It looks really similar. Burls are wierd irregular growth that often form goofy shapes too. I bet that your rock was a strange looking wood growth before it was petrified and petrification just made it weirder. You may have found a petrified ugly stick. It could be worth a pile of frogskins.
  10. Looks a bit like a cypress knee. Maybe some similar nub that grew up from a root system. Or maybe some type of growth influenced by fungi. Its cool. It's certainly not your average chunk of pet wood.
  11. Excellent topic Suelo! I'm a big fan of good old fashioned water. But milk or juice is great as long as it is not your primary source of liquids. I like a beer once in a while but I never use it as a quench. I always quench before I drink a beer and then make sure to quench after. And when drinking any alcoholic beverage I quench with pure water and not something sugary. Some of the new quenches have a sugar substitute that does not sit well with me. I tried a popular flavored water thinking that because it was clear it would make a good quench. I liked the taste and used it for quenching on a long hike one summer. My stomach tightened up like an anaconda and I began crapping pellets as dense as pallasites. I haven't quenched with that crap since. So quenches are very important. Especially for outdoorsmen who are working hard. My opinion is you should quench with water and limit any other liquid to small amounts. And natural liquids such as milk, juice or vegetable drinks are much better quenches than any prepared drink. Horchata is a great drink for quenching. It is basically ground rice steeped in water and flavored with nutmeg and a shot of canned milk. You can add some brown sugar or molasses if you like. It is the only recipe I would consider a good quench. Horchata is a Mexican quench using rice. But a buddy of mine from Tobago makes a quench out of seaweed called "Irish Moss". It is almost like horchata flavored with a little peanut butter. Both are excellent quenches that are delicious and nutritious. So quench early and quench often. It is very important for every prospector!
  12. Absolutely not. We need a ceiling. It is a matter of national security. Alpha Centauri is not sending their best aliens. Some could be criminals or have diseases. Others may be good life forms. We just don't know. You guys that don't support the ceiling just want to give extraterrestrials free housing and benefits. You support open skies and the destruction of our great planet by these invaders. You just want to destroy what our brave men and women in uniform fought and died for.
  13. It seems a much more likely explanation than flying spaghetti monsters from Alpha Centauri. But that is just my opinion. It certainly could be an invasion of aliens. Maybe we should build a ceiling to keep them out?
  14. If we see lights we don't understand in our refrigerator we generally dont believe it originated in the oven. Likewise when we see lights we don't understand on earth we are fairly safe in the assumption that it did not originate on another planet. We don't really know if the strange things we see in the refrigerator originated in the oven. But experience tells us that the most likely explanation lies in the refrigerator. The same goes for things we don't understand on earth. No one has indicated that life on other planets is impossible or even unlikely. Quite the opposite. We have all agreed that is not only likely but is almost certain. They have only expressed their doubt in the popular beliefs that the UFO phenomenon is the result of Gods, witchcraft, aliens or demons. Believing that things we don't understand on this planet come from another planet is a huge stretch. There are many things that we don't understand and cannot explain. Yes, they all could be from another planet. Or the oven. We just don't know. But imagining they are from another planet (or the oven) is just that... Imagination. Unexplained phenomenon? Well, it is all pure conjecture. There is no evidence at all to indicate what these phenomenon are or where they originate. All we can do is imagine. Some like to imagine they are demons. Some think it is witchcraft. Some think they are God's. Still others believe they are space aliens. This is all just beliefs that are filling up space where knowledge is lacking. Visitors from another galaxy? Maybe. But until there is one shred of evidence that this is the explanation we are just playing with our imagination. As far as life on other planets is concerned I have never heard anyone here say it would be impossible. Neither have you. That is simply a false statement designed to misrepresent what was actually said. The only point of contention has been that the unexplained phenomenon comes from intelligent visitors from another planet. That is a belief that you are certainly free to entertain if you would like to. But until there is one shred of evidence to back that up I simply prefer to accept the fact that we really have no idea what or who is responsible, and that little green men from Mars are one of the least likely explanations.
  15. Wouldn't it be a hoot if aliens were just billionaires from another planet? I think the consensus among all the experts is that life does exist out there somewhere. It just about has to. It would be ridiculous to think life is unique to our planet given the vastness of space and all the possibilities out there. Believing UFOs come from outer space is quite different than believing there is life out there on a distant planet. Wouldn't you agree Slim?
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