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  1. I think in this case "flock immunity" is a better description. They are selecting certain people to get that Pfizer vaccine. Those are the ones they want to reprogram or eliminate. They collect data on every person and send it to China. They use artificial intelligence to select the individuals for each vaccine. The poor men who got the Pfizer vaccine in mid Feburary were exposed to some powerful mutagens and some crazy nanotechnology. Who knows what it might do to their bodies and minds. There is solid evidence that this group was selected for their antisocial tendencies
  2. There are lots of fungi farmers out there these days. And a bunch of fungi hunters. A fellow at the farmers market raises four kinds of mushrooms for sale. He says he has been expanding for the past five years. I hunted rocky mountain puffers in the Pecos wilderness a couple seasons. Once you get the hang of locating them you can do really well.
  3. Yes, but it is so much fun just pretending that all these lies are actually true. These guys are convinced what they believe is reality. Why fight it? I hope our government opens up all the national forests that they closed. It's a travesty what they have done. Unconstitutional I tell you.
  4. We have a different administration now. I don't think "our government" will shut down the national forests again like they did last year.
  5. Slim, the only charged particle trying to cause an upper level disturbance is you. My guess is they thawed your vaccine too rapidly and you are experiencing some side effects.
  6. The Pfizer vaccine is mind control. The few that are lucky enough to get immunity without serious side effects are going to have problems in the future. There is solid evidence it causes genetic mutations. Those that survive the erectile dysfunction, diarrhea and brain damage may have even more problems with genetic damage later on.
  7. Deaths from the vaccine are not being counted. Hospitals are being paid to list vaccine deaths as something else. When someone dies of Pfizer vaccine they list it as a heart attack.
  8. Slim, Just keep repeating those lies the fake news has led you to believe as they inject you with that potentially lethal second dose. Why risk being poisoned or even killed by an experimental biologic agent when the chance of serious disease is so low? It sounds a lot like a flock mentality to me. Sheep being led to slaughter. They are using your uncontrollable fear of the disease to manipulate your behavior. It is just a test of your willingness to conform. It is proof you will willingly obey your master regardles of the risks.
  9. if your bootee has an oder you might wash up a bit before you stuff your gold in there. Should have sold when gold was high. It will never be that high for many years to come. And it will only be more difficult to sell placer gold for a good price as time goes by. Oil is headed up and gold is headed down. At least for the foreseeable future.
  10. The Moderna is much better at preventing disease. And no dangerous side effects at all. That Pfizer vaccine is racking up fatalities like fentanyl. Three people died yesterday a few seconds after the second shot. It is becoming a pattern with the Pfizer vaccine. That second shot is a widowmaker.
  11. The faulty Pfizer vaccine is a perfect example of trying to do too much too fast. Sometimes things developed in socialist countries at warp speed are just not the quality that real, red-blooded Americans demand. This vaccine when used properly is very safe and effective just as the clinical studies have shown. The problems lie in how the vaccine is stored, prepared and administered. Vaccines must be stored at a very low temperature and then slowly thawed. Then diluted with the exact amount of ultra-pure water and gently mixed by tipping the vial. If the vaccine is thawed too qui
  12. You are a braver man than me Slim. I would not get a shot of the Pfizer vaccine if they paid me to do it. So many people are having terrible reactions to it. A lot of people just stop breathing after that second shot. I hear they are taking it off the market as soon as Pfizer gets the new, modified formula out next week. You should have waited a few days longer rather than let them inject you with that dangerous stuff. What were you thinking? Keep us posted and keep an epi pen handy. And may God be with you.
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