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  1. I have an old set of Rex Beech Books. Eight books in all. The Yukon Edition printed in 1914. These are all old gold mining and western adventure stories. The set is nice. They are super old but the covers look good. The spines are a little brittle but as far as I can tell no loose pages. I am asking $60 for the set plus the shipping costs. If you are interested PM me. This would be a nice addition to any gold library.
  2. Point your finger at whomever you like Clay. This crap is not my doing. Nor am I the reason it is allowed to go on and on. Your solution seems to be to stick your fingers in your ears and ignore it for as long as it takes for this guy to swing himself out. Not my style Clay. So the next time you have some sage advice on how I should respond (r not) I suggest you heed it yourself.
  3. Not only do they post wrong info but they undermine the science and processes. It is like viral ignorance. Not to mention they make a circus out of a forum with so much knowledge and experience to offer. Allowing this to go on to keep from offending the offensive is diminishing this forum. We invite this crap by allowing any crackpot to monopolize this place. You can post any type of made up nonsense you want to as much as you want. It pervades the place. All to keep from offending a few jet propelled wackos that need a stage to perform on. We can't keep on being a place for fairy tales and cranks. We readily embrace these personalities and they seem to flourish in this environment where anti-science and ignorance is protected speech. IMHO anyone that suggests using a respected organization or this forum to fraudulently peddle fake meteorites needs to be weeded out. We cant continue to overlook this crap just to keep from offending someone who refuses to accept the laws of physics while ignoring any ethical boundaries.
  4. It is mineral iron. You are misinterpreting the information for magnetite. It is not always magnetic nor does it always show magnetism. You are also mistaking sub-metallic luster for metallic luster. What you have is simply not metallic. It is sub metallic terrestrial iron mineral. A proper streak test will reveal a light grey or pink streak. The window will show a sub metallic luster. This indicates a terrestrial iron mineral either magnetite or hematite. Learn the basic field tests and how to interpret them correctly. You will never mistake mineral for free metallic iron again.
  5. Exactly how tolerant are we willing to be with this BS? Are we really so afraid to call this out for what it is? Yup. We are. So it will continue.
  6. Im going to try corn cob from my rifle case tumbler and see how it works. I generally re-use the Silicon Carbide grit a couple times before I throw it away. I just sink the grit and float the beads. The grit dries quick and I use it again. That would be rough to do with corn cob slurry. But it might be worth a try on the last run when I am going to throw the grit out the door anyway. The Aluminium Oxide is not much good after a few days tumbling. I toss it. The corn cob might be perfect for that and give a thicker, more cushioned action in the final stages. I use the same beads for the grinding and sanding stages. I have another bag of beads for prepolish and polish. Since I burnish between each step it seems to get the grit off them. I have not had any trouble with contamination. I use Silicon Carbide for grinding and sanding. It makes the beads dark grey and they never come white again. I use other beads for the Aluminum Oxide polish and prepolish. The Aluminum Oxide seems to come off the beads better. I am thinking the coarse Silicon Carbide scratches up the beads a little and embeds more than the Aluminum Oxide. At any rate I manage to keep it down to two bags of plastic beads. I just make sure to wash them good and then run them in the burnish stage with lots of soap before changing grits. I do the same with the barrels. I have one set of barrels for grinding and sanding. Another set for prepolish and polish. You can see the tiny Silicon Dioxide particles imbedded in the neoprene clearly on the grinding drums. I have a rubber gasket in my big tumbler that has lots of pores and texture and it gets in there pretty bad too. So I change barrels and beads when I shift from Silicon Carbide to Aluminum Oxide. I do a lot of broken glass. Like cultured sea glass. I am not looking for a polish on it. I leave it frosted and a little pitted. I intentionally use the grinding barrels for the third pre-polish stage. It leaves a texture but gives the highlights a worn, burnished look. A little cross contamination from using the grinding barrels gives it a neat effect. And after a week tumbling with pre-polish in the barrel it removes all of the grit. So when I use the big tumbler to polish I always finish a load of glass before I use it for rocks I want a nice polish on.
  7. wseems.was that in a vibrator or a tumbler? I know the corn cob works great in a vibrator. I never thought about using it in the tumbler...
  8. I use as much plastic beads as stones in the final polish. And lots of soap. I re use my slurry sometimes to thicken the mix. They get damaged in the final polish the easiest. And that is where seperating your stones by hardness really makes a difference. I generally rinse well and burnish for a few hours between each grit. The final burnish can beat things up if you leave them too long. I use a lot of plastic beads and powdered soap. Obsidian and quartz really beat up around the edges easy. I get really good results in just a few hours but sometimes if I leave them too long they get hammered. The thicker the slurry and the more plastic beads I use the less this happens. I also try to keep the drum above half full. The closer it gets to half the more trouble I have with scuffing the edges. Also my big 15lb. Tumbler will beat them up quicker than my little 3 and 4 lb. Barrels. Maybe because it handles bigger rocks. Maybe because they have farther to fall in the big barrel. Whatever the reason the big drum will scuff them up easier it seems.
  9. Looking good! It is amazing how beautiful rocks will polish up. It is tough to tell jasper from agate from other silicate sometimes. Do you thicken your slurry with something when you tumble? Do you burnish for a few hours between stages to get all the grit off the stones? It looks like you are getting good results doing what you are doing, however you are doing it.
  10. That is sandstone Wahib. A good rock to carve. Definitely not a meteorite. But you are noticing shapes and features that are probably formed in a very similar fashion to ablation. We are not giving you a hard time. It is an inside joke around here. These guys like to give wet/dry washer a hard time about his "aerolites" he found. It has nothing to do with your post.
  11. Pulse Star detector. Skip the carbon fiber. Schedule 40 PVC works just fine. If you just can't live with that get Schedule 80. They won't find meteors though. Only meteorites. So if you are after meteors you will need something with a lot faster pulse and a really long shovel handle.
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