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  1. I bought the 24k so my wife could hsve sa simple machine. This weekend I tried it out and found 2 Native Arizona copper nuggets.
  2. On the 800 turn your sensitivity down to 15-17, turn the iron bias up to 5-6, speed to 3-4, and learn the signal for gold.
  3. This guy says click it on your teeth.
  4. I worked for a toyota/susuki/suburau/Gmc/saab (You get the idea), when they first came out. (Collision shop) I want to tell you those fenders screws, (not bolts) were a bitc* to get out after being in that Florida weather for 6 months.
  5. after thinking about this , I bet you can find him on Ebay, have someone you trust ask sellers for the serial#, if you find him prosecute.
  6. Amazing how this works, I found your bullet and casing , both in different locations (70) miles apart. 50-70 cartridge
  7. Remember the Jetsons, this may be in the near future
  8. Nice finds there Terry, sorry I missed the event, my wife has to have Surgery, she came first.
  9. WTG Jim, I road a 250 Elsinore in the Barstow race, a great bike.
  10. Frank. if you are not a speed demon, or care about climbing steep hills, his ranger will be just fine. Now that I am retired, I restore and sell garden tractors,(Made and put buckets on all of them) I can assure you that an 18hp cub cadet, may have a lot of power, but the 1962 7hp Allis-Chalmers that I can't see to part with will do more, it may not be as fast, but it is unstoppable.
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