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  1. bc5391


    I put my thumb in the sky and took a wild guess, isn't that what you asked? You think people have time to run into the garage and pull out a telescope, set it up, take measurements of the angle of the dangle when a rock falls from the sky. Spend some time outside on a clear night , they fall all the time in every direction. On 10/7/2018 at 3:42 PM, Bedrock Bob said: How far do you think the stones travelled after it exploded? One mile? Ten miles? A hundred miles? As a meteorite hunter isn't that the burning question? .
  2. bc5391


    Rotary engine, much like the wankel. When they run, they run great, its when they do not run.
  3. bc5391

    cool find at an old homestead

    That is a nice find indeed
  4. bc5391


    It was headed east from where I live, I doubt if it made a U-turn for the ocean.
  5. bc5391


    Just a guess, but I would say it landed somewhere over the Rincon mts, perhaps close to Safford
  6. Twink the meteorite lady here in Tucson told me the easy way to identify a meteorite. you need to polish it and look for the nickel spots. several youtube videos can show you how to polish a rock without lapindary equip.
  7. bc5391


    I'm in Tucson, I did not see the one on Thursday night, but did see one on 9/29/2018 at approx 5am quite the site as it exploded
  8. I knew today would be nice, but more storms arriving tomorrow, so we headed to Arivaca. No yellow today but did find some cool stuff. This is the 2nd Spanish musket ball I ave found in the area, maybe Edge can tell me what type of critter this tiny horseshoe came off, I'm thinking a miners burro. I also found about a dozen shotgun shells (without the plastic/paper) and what may be a meteorite (but the meteorite was not in my bag when I got home)
  9. bc5391

    Todays Hunt

    nice pieces.
  10. bc5391

    Lets hope this holds....

    Tried horses as a kid, seems like I spent more time chasing them down, than riding(have no idea how they got loose) after my stay in the Army I bought a motorcycle, and never looked back. as long as you remove the key, they stay where you leave them, and they do not eat as much fuel as a horse. Now that I grew old, I use 4 wheels (RZR)
  11. bc5391

    New Guy

    Type in google: " meterite.kml" download and install in google earth.
  12. bc5391

    Attention Military Veterans!

    Thanks Terry, they also will mail you surveys from time to time.
  13. bc5391

    Tailgate meets?

    I don't know too many people here in Tucson that have hunted Meteorites, except one lady in a local club who mapped out the gold basin meteorites for the UofA, she has a great story to tell and had plenty of pictures and of course a large collection.
  14. bc5391

    My John McCain Story

    R.I.P. John McCain, you will be missed.