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  1. I read that you have the Whites GoldMaster 24K! How do you like the 24k?

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    2. bc5391


      I did not like it, sold it and bought an XP ORX


      Have you tried googling for information on the 24k? If so how much did you find? Have you tried youtube for information on how to use it? I'll tell you what I found "Very Little" except for the people selling it there is nothing on youtube, even what you find the videos can be counted on one hand. You can find a book on the 24k written by ? McCullic (I think his first name is Jim) but Jib spends all but the last page  talking about himself.(yes I bought his book, it went with the 24k)

      A few months after I sold it the Whites rep came to town, he goes by Spud Digger on youtube, his real name is Rob Johnson. Rob is a nice guy and came to Tucson a few months late. I can be seen at the end of his video in Greaterville.If he had come sooner I may have kept it.

      Now google the ORX, what did you find? Look on youtube. Hundreds of videos, some of the best are frm Pascodes prospecting in Australia.

      bottom line after using the ORX I find it very useful to have more than one frequency, its like having several coils rolled into one .If I think there is deeper/larger gold I use a lower freq, if I know there is smaller gold I use  the higher freq 71khz, it finds fly poop with the epilipcial coil.

      And I also use it for water hunting and sometimes parks. here is a picture of Novembers  jewelry finds (Findmallforum) 20201125_155347-jpg.9586


      so yes I like the ORX much more than the whites 24k

    3. mstreasureseeker


       I love Whites products and the 24k I thought with the extra voltage to the coil might deliver smaller pickers!  I did find a man that uses the 24k up in Canada for the Ringfinders! He finds small necklaces and bracelets with the 24k! My thoughts were originally with the XP DEUS with the HF coils for the span of frequencies it delivers! I think I will still purchase the XP DEUS with the HF coil and use both! I was watching the spud diggers videos and many other videos of people using the 24k but I don't think Spud digger delivered the 24k well! I was seeking out info on the XP ORX all over but didn't find much and concluded both the 24k and the XP ORX were being use but just not represented! ie secret ie quiet... I think the XP ORX or the XP DEUS for the frequencies are the best way to go! I love my Gold Bug 2 with 71 freq. and wanted a more current up to date high frequency detector,  so that higher frequencies of the XP product are PERFECT! Cool! Thanks for responding back to me! Hey! If you will please keep in touch with me on how you like the XP ORX could you? Thanks again...


    4. bc5391


      on you tube type in XP ORX, there are hundreds of videos, vs only a few for the 24k. Watch this guy


      then watch as much as Gary, he explains everything very well. Only buy the Deus if you are patient and have lots of experience with detectors. The ORX is a simplified Deus, a turn on and go machine that requires little adjustment. What it boils down to is $1500 on a machine you will be frustrated with or $799 on a machine you will like.




  2. FYI https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/who-owns-the-minerals-under-your-property.html
  3. The level of tinnitus is different for everybody, mine sounds like Big Ben going off, and the ringing never stops. Hearing aids simply magnify the ringing and every other sound, can't wear them to restaurants, baby's making noise tables away drive me up a wall, without the hearing aids I enjoy my meal, but also cannot hear my wife, makes a great night out. as far as using them with headphones, same thing applies, the humming of the threshold will give me a migraine within the hour. I now use earbuds and am able to control what I hear. By the way if you developed your tinnitus because of t
  4. If I find as much gold as lowpoint, I guess there will be no more walking in my future, I will get one of these.
  5. Believe it or not, put them on top of an ice cube, real silver for some reason will melt the cube rather fast.
  6. Side of the hill with rhodonite boulders the size of an F150 and some of the smaller dykes of rhodonite that I brought home, the last picture shows relationship to where Mexico is. (the mountains in the background) about 15 miles
  7. I made it back to this area today, and yes it was caliche, we were just to tired to do any digging a few weeks ago. And I did bring back roughly 100 lbs of rhodonite . I went inside to drift mine about 30 feet today, whoever dug it must have been the size of a 9 year old, I scanned the walls for signals, but Nada. After a few hours we went riding and I found another shaft someone dug in dirt, this one is about 40 feet above a wash and goes down about 40 feet. I do not even think BLM knows where it is because there is no fence, and whoever dug it did not hit bedrock, sorry for my finger being i
  8. I brought back about 1 pound next trip we will probably bring back 100 pounds.
  9. We went out to one of my new favorite spots today looking for rhodonite ,and Arizona Jade and yes we found plenty, a whole mountain of rhodonite but no jade. This is a lost area of Arizona, only listed in a few prospecting books, and usually only has 1 line of details. but what you find here is Amazing. I will put a few picture on so you can get an idea of what I am saying, but what I want to know is what king of material, dirt or rock this drift mine is composed of. It is at eyeball level to a wash and if we had not been looking for more hand stacked rocks today we never would have found
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